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I was sold at the lowest price C215

I was sold at the lowest price C215: Flash


Thinking that a sideways swing of the sword would not work, Teppei took an upper stance. He took a breath, took a sharp step, and swung his sword down with a force that seemed to crush Namakra.

It’s a pretty strong blow, but it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t hit. I shifted Namakra’s standing position diagonally and dodged Teppei’s swinging sword with just a little effort.

However, as if my movement had been read, Teppei’s sword, which had gouged out the ground, changed its trajectory and came towards Namakra, who had avoided it. Namakra’s movements were not enough to avoid this attack. I turned my blade downward and slid it upward to block Teppei’s swinging sword.

The gallery around me sighed and shouted in disappointment as Teppei lost the chance to win twice. The frustration born from the disappointment soon turned into yelling.

“Hey, Teppei! What are you doing? What’s taking you so long to deal with that clunker?”

“Namakra has no power to harm Claymore! You need to be more aggressive!”

“You idiot! I bet that you would finish him off in seconds! What are you going to do with my allowance this month?”

“Don’t keep dodging, Namakra, attack!”

The noise was deafening, but it didn’t bother me at all. This must have been another result of my intensive training with father. Teppei, however, seemed to be bothered by the jeering, and his movements clearly changed. He did as he was told and launched a forceful attack.

He swung his two-handed sword erratically. He seemed to be wielding the swords with reckless abandon, but the trouble was that each blow was a solid attack. Namakra didn’t have the power to repel these blows so I retreated to avoid the attacks.

“Yuta! Don’t retreat!”

When father saw this, he gave me a notice. His words made me realize something. Backing away and temporarily avoiding them would not solve the problem. I stopped retreating and concentrated on the fierce attacks coming towards me.

This was the first time I recognized the strength of father’s style. Teppei’s swordsmanship was head and shoulders above most of the opponents I had fought. I avoided most of his attacks, but I was willing to take the risk of taking the ones I couldn’t avoid. Namakra’s fuselage creaked when he took a serious hit. A part of the attack that should have been avoided grazed the fuselage and damaged the armor.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to last long…….What should I do……?

That’s when I remembered what my old man had said at the end of my training in the cave,

“Yuta, what’s Ludia value?”

“I’ve never thought about it.”

“I think Ludia is the strength of the mind. You could say it’s the strength of your feelings. When I’m riding a magicraft, I sometimes feel it. When you put your mind to it, thinking of more power and more speed, it actually becomes stronger and faster. I don’t know what the true nature of the Ludia value is, but that’s what I’ve come to the conclusion of after riding a magicraft for so long. Listen, Yuta. The Veft Style shows its strength even when riding a magicraft. That’s because the Veft Style places importance on the heart. Improve your technique and put your heart into it, that’s what makes you strong.”

I now know why my dad wanted me to ride Namakra when I had over a million ──── Ludia value.

I can be stronger…

I remember my training and focus my consciousness on……my sword. Combining the sense of rudimentary concentration with the imagination developed through practice I dive into my consciousness but it’s not enough, I have to create……Create a new power.

“What the hell is that……light?”

“It’s like an aura is emanating from Namakra!”

“Aura visualization……No way…… How can he use that in a magicraft with 1000 Ludia activation value?”

Kiyone’s voice seemed to be close to me as she spoke.

Slowly, I held my sword at the upper level. The creation was already in place. Namakra’s sword is a deadly sword that can cut down everything.


The sword I swung became light and sliced diagonally through Claymore, which had quickly defended itself with its two-handed sword.

Claymore’s fuselage slowly shifted from his neck to his right side. Then it collapsed to the ground.

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