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I was sold at the lowest price C218

I was sold at the lowest price C218 – The Three Kingdoms Alliance

Chapter 1/6 sponsored by Creris, thank you for your generosity. There will be 2 chapters everyday until I finish all the chapters.

The countries bordering the vast territory of the Elysian Empire have always been afraid of the invasion of the mighty empire. Three kingdoms are located in the east of Elysia, Tamihar, Barmihal, and Emihal.

The three countries had long been allied against the Elysian Empire and had fought a fierce battle against it for a long time. In recent years, the three countries have been supported behind the scenes by a group called the Swordsmen, who have been preventing the invasion of the Elysian Empire.

The Swordsmen arrived at the royal capital of Tamihar and were treated as guests. Dad, Kiyone, and Scarfi went to the military headquarters for a meeting with the army of Tamihar. It seems that the Sword Clan is now seen as one of the allies, and the meeting is important to the Tamihar side.

“For a country who summoned us in such a hurry the capital seems too quiet.”

The cafeteria at Musashi. Apart from the ones who had gone out to military meetings, we were leisurely waiting while we ate. Tris, who has been hovering around me since the mock battle with Teppei, said that he was concerned since the situation was different from what he had imagined.

“I heard that they got some kind of information. It’s true that the capital is quiet, but it seems that the military is in a great hurry.”

Brunnhilde, who has been assigned by Kiyone to take care of me, says to Tris as she eats a strange dish next to me.

“I’d say it’s an invasion of the Elysian Empire that has the military in a panic, but this time it’s on a different level than the previous ones.”

“In the last invasion, there were 5,000 magicrafts attacking, but they were calmer than this time. If you think about it, we can expect more forces than that to attack.”

“If there will be more than 5000 magicrafts, it’s going to be a pretty big war.”

I was surprised at the number of forces that I had never heard of before. The Elysian Empire must be exceptional.

“What is your highest score, Yuta?”

Suddenly, Tris asked me.

“Highest score?”

“The highest number of magicrafts shot down in a single battle, mine is 12.”

The highest number of planes shot down in a single battle…….If that’s the case, it’s probably the time I used Viktor Nova. I think it was about 1,000 magicrafts.

“I don’t know exactly, but I’d say about a thousand.”

When I said that, both Tris and Brunnhilde were greatly surprised. Brunnhilde even spat out the drink she had been drinking.

“You’re kidding, right?”

Brunnhilde asked.

“No, it’s true. Well, I cheated a little.”

Viktor is a bit out of the ordinary, so I’d say that was already cheating.

“I see. There’s something behind it.”

The two of them somehow managed to agree with a phony expression.

Just like that, the swordsmen were having a relaxing time. But that was until the three masters returned from the meeting.

“Sword Clan, tell all members to gather at Musashi’s hangar.”

The three of them returned from the meeting with grim expressions on their faces. I could tell that the situation was quite serious. Brunnhilde was also surprised to see this.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen the masters this nervous. It seems like there’s more to it than we expected…..”

All the members of the Swordsmen were gathered in Musashi’s hangar, and dad explained the situation to everyone. When the members heard what he said, they all froze in tension and surprise.

“The size of the Elysian Empire’s invasion force this time is a massive force of 10,000 magicrafts.”

The number of 10,000 magicrafts did not surprise anyone, but the next words from the old man caused an uproar.

“In addition, it has been confirmed that the three greats of Elysia, Yuto, Rosetta, and Emesis, will be participating in this invasion. This means that the Elysian Empire is seriously planning to invade the Tripartite Alliance.”

The place was buzzing with activity. I had heard the names of those three people before. I’m pretty sure all three of them are among the Twelve Heavenly Masters, aren’t they?

“It’s amazing that half of the Twelve Heavenly Masters are participating in this battle……”

“This is going to be a major historical event, a battle between the three greats of Elysia versus the three greats of the Sword Clan, no, I’m getting a little nervous.”

Oh right, my dad and Kiyone are also among the Twelve Heavenly Masters. I don’t think they’re scared, though they’re surprised. I’m sure they don’t think they’re going to lose because of dad and Kiyone.

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  1. Easykiln

    Does he think no one around him in this political maelstrom has a direct line to the allies of the Iron Knights? The Iron Knights themselves may not be well known, but it’s not actually that hard to pass a simple message with the accidental credibility he’s acquired.

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