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I was sold at the lowest price C219

I was sold at the lowest price C219 – To the Border

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The Sword Clan, mercenaries but the main force, was entrusted with the defense of an important base on the border.

The fortress city of Mospilay, it is the most important base of operations where the three countries of Tamihar, the enemy Elysia Empire, and one of the allied countries, Emihal, are located. Geographically, if this city were to be destroyed, the defense lines of both Tamihar and Emihal would collapse, and many forces from the Tripartite Alliance were gathered there.

“The Elysian Empire was able to put in 10,000 magicrafts, as well as the three of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, that’s a lot of power for just the Three Kingdoms Alliance!”

In between arriving at the fortified city of Mospilay and preparing for the invading Elysian army, Brunnhilde asked Kiyone about something she didn’t understand.

“This is unconfirmed information, so I’ve been keeping it from everyone. The Obrian Grand Alliance in the west has collapsed.”

“No way! The Western Grand Coalition, the largest Anti-Elysian Empire in terms of strength, has collapsed?”

“I told you it was unconfirmed information. I’ve heard that a large army of tens of thousands of magicrafts was deployed against a fleet of about 100 Elysian Empire magicrafts was defeated in less than a month, a bizarre story that I believe is a bit of a false alarm.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand, but if the Grand Alliance collapsed, how come the Elysian Empire was able to deploy its forces here?”

So I asked, and my sister explained it to her ignorant brother for him to learn.

“The Elysian Empire, with its vast territory, has borders with many countries. It is always looking for opportunities to expand its territory, so the countries on its borders are faced with two choices: obey or fight. The Elysian Empire is powerful, it is not an opponent that a small country can defeat in a fight. It was only because many countries chose to fight that we were able to prevent its invasion. Among the many nations, there were three major powers that prevented the Elysian Empire from invading. The League of Three Kingdoms in the east, the Obrian Grand Union in the west, and the Kingdom of Rhesia in the south. The Elysian Empire, which had to constantly disperse its forces against these three powers, was unable to unite their mighty power. However, if one of those three forces collapsed……”

Even a fool like me could understand that much and I’m sure it’s related to the resurrected brother of Rafishal.

The next day after the Swordsmen arrived at the fortified city of Mospilay, countless armies of magicrafts appeared in the direction of the Elysian Empire. Their number is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and even I’m a little scared to think that they’re all enemies.

“Yuta-san, an army of 10,000 magicrafts it’s very impressive.”

I can’t speak for others either, but this guy has a bit of a nohow attitude.

“You must always stay by my side, Yuta-san. No matter how strong the rider is, your magicraft is still Namakra.”

If Brunnhilde, the triple highlander, is with me, I feel safe. It’s certainly helpful because I’m not sure if I’d be able to handle the enemy with Namakra.

The forces on the side of the Tripartite Alliance consist of 5,000 magicrafts, 80 ride carriers, and 200 long-range ballistae installed on the walls of the citadel. Although they were inferior to the Elysian army that had attacked, they had the advantage of ground and seemed to have the ability to fight somehow depending on the situation.

“The Swordsmen will hold off the enemy in the center. Musashi’s troop in the center, Bokuden’s troop on the right, and Kagehisa’s troop on the left. Don’t forget to support the armies of the Three Kingdoms! If our friends are wiped out, we won’t make it out alive either!”

On father’s orders, the Swordsmen began to move. They were a small group, but their presence made a difference. When the Swordsmen jumped into the center, the rest of the troops split off to the left and right to make way for them.

“Yuta, watch me fight, I’ll show you how to fight with a magicraft.”

The old man said this as he stepped forward to take the lead against the oncoming enemy army. I knew his dignity was different. Just looking at his back, I felt a sense of security. I wondered if the other members of the group felt the same way, and the morale of the Swordsmen was rising.

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