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I was sold at the lowest price C220

I was sold at the lowest price C220 – The Sword Saint

Chapter 2/6 sponsored by Creris, thank you for the support. Sorry for the late release I didn’t feel well today.

Father’s strength is demonstrated without exception when he rides his magicraft, Excalibur. He was able to destroy most of the enemy riders who were rushing to take credit for the head of one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, with a single blow.

The great thing about dad is that he is able to follow up perfectly with the rest of the team. While cutting down the enemies that come at him, he also makes sure that his allies are not isolated. He helps out when he is fighting against multiple people. However, he does not seem to be involved in one-on-one fights, as if there is a line somewhere.

The other members of the Swordsmen’s group were just as active as I had imagined. In particular, Kiyone’s Kiku Ichimonji attacks were a disaster. She moves around with the momentum and speed of a bolt of lightning, and knocks down her enemies with a sword of divine speed. In addition, it has the sword power to cut down even a large magicraft with a single sword.

Furthermore, Scarfi’s Arondite was fighting with the air of a sword king. With his lean movements and imposing demeanor, he was slaying his enemies. He didn’t move around as much as Kiyone, but he was slowly and surely destroying his enemies.

The one that was playing a surprisingly active role was the magicraft “Toratetsu” that Tris is riding. I’ve heard that it’s a Highlander, but the way it handles a sword is clearly different from the Highlanders I’ve seen so far, showing the high quality of the Swordsmen. He must have been taught well by Kiyone.

Brunnhilde was not actively attacking because she was protecting me but she was instantly killing any enemy that came near her.

I can’t afford to lose as well…I thought to myself as I readied my sword and moved forward.

Seeing Namakra, who looked like a small fish from the outside, several enemies came at me. They must have thought it would be easier to defeat me compared to the strong-looking magicrafts of the surrounding Swordsmen. There are three enemies that are approaching. They seemed to be general-purpose magicrafts of the Elysian army, and all of them had the same appearance. I don’t know how powerful the riders are, but they seem weak compared to Teppei’s Claymore.

First, I slash the enemy magicraft in front of me with my sword. A high-pitched sound echoed, and the sword was flicked away. After all, the basic performance of the Namakra is weak, I can’t slash it just by attacking it normally. I entered Ludia concentration…

Perhaps seeing my concentration as an opening, two enemies attacked me from both sides, poking me with their spears. I avoided the attack, and this time I swung my sword with a sharp feeling. With a crisp motion, I slashed at the enemy machine on the right. The enemy on the left, who had attacked me with a spear, was probably caught off guard because he had seen that my first attack had been a weak one, but he started to panic when his comrade was cut down. I swung my sword down from above and cut down both of them.

The remaining one was knocked down by Kunitsuna Onimaru of Brunnhilde, who approached from behind and blew his head off.

“Strange……I can’t see Yuto’s Ajura.”

Dad blurted this out over the shared communications of the Sword Clan.

“I don’t see Rosetta’s Agnia and Nemesis’ Gaiatea either, so maybe the participation of the three greats was gossip?”

Kiyone replied to her father’s words.

“I hope so, because if it’s a deliberate false alarm, we might be in a bit of trouble.”

“Are you suggesting that this 10,000-magicraft battalion is a decoy?”

“I don’t see any of the elite troops led by Yuto or Rosetta. Kiyone, who do you think is more threatening, 10000 enemy magicrafts or an elite force led by Yuto and Rosetta?”

“Scarfi, contact the military command in Tamihar immediately. Tell them to be on the lookout for possible movements of other Elysian forces.”

“I understand. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

The old man may have sensed some suspicious signs in the enemy’s movements, and gave the order. It’s true that I hadn’t felt any hint of strength or intimidation from the Elysian army, only a sense of sheer numbers.

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