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I was sold at the lowest price C221

I was sold at the lowest price C221: Between Battles


The battle for the fortified city of Mospilay was in the favor of the Tripartite Alliance, thanks in part to the swordsmen. Five hours after the start of the battle, the Elysian Empire withdrew its entire army to its own territory.

“It looks like we won the first round.”

Dad replied to Kiyone’s words.

“It was a victory, no doubt, but still too little response. Scarfi, has there been any word from the command center in Tamihar since then?”

“It seems that the command center is also working to catch the movements of the three greats, but so far they have not learned anything.”

“It seems that the only thing we can do as mercenaries is to defend this place.”

The group of swordsmen moved into the fortified city of Mospilay to rest. It is important to rest and prepare for the next battle.

“Yuta! I just broke my highest score!”

Tris says happily in Musashi’s large bathroom.

“Well, how many are we talking about?”

“Fifteen! How did it go, Yuta? I know you couldn’t fight as well as you wanted in Namakra.”

“Tris, you’re not ready to care about how many you’ve destroyed. Tell me how you defeated those 15 magicrafts.”

Tris thought for a moment and replied,

“I’m sorry, Grand Master. I can’t remember.”

“You can’t remember because you’re fighting randomly. No matter who you are fighting, put your soul into every swing of your sword. Don’t let your battles be in vain.”

“Ha, yes! Thank you for your guidance!”

Tris seemed to be touched by dad’s words.

“What about you, Yuta? Aren’t you getting tired of Namakra?”

“No, fighting in Namakra is a good workout. I’m realizing how much I’ve been fighting with brute force.”

“Well, I was going to buy a new magicraft if Yuta wanted me to, but it looks like the current one is fine.”

“If you’re going to fight a stronger opponent than Teppei, it’s going to be tough with Namakra.”

“If the Three Greats or the Triple Highlanders show up, you can leave it to me or Kiyone.”

“I will. It’s going to be tough against a triple Highlander.”

Tris was listening enviously to the conversation between Dad and me. I was curious, so I broached the subject.

“What’s the matter, Tris, with such a serious look on your face?”

“To be honest, I envy you.”

When I said that, dad said something outrageous.

“Hahahaha. Then why don’t you take a bath with Kiyone? It’s good to be naked together.”

“Yes, with Master Kiyone! No, Grand Master……that’s not really………”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind showing some skin to her apprentice. I forgive you.”

“No, I don’t think Kiyone would like it even if dad liked it.”

“What’s this, Yuta? Do you want to have naked relations with your sister and brother? If so, I’ll allow that too! Hahahaha…”

He’s a reckless old man…….As I was thinking that, he said something even more reckless.

“I’ll go and bring her over here.”

After saying that, he headed straight for the women’s bath. Tris and I were waiting nervously to see if he was really going to bring her in, but all that came back was the old man with blood pouring from his chest.

“No~ I thought I was going to die. I’ve never received such a killing blow from Kiyone before.”

It seems that he had received a hard blow from an angry Kiyone. The old man spoke with a hearty laugh.

“My daughter is too cautious to even bring a sword into the bathroom. You’ll be risking your life just to take a peek. Boys, I’ll allow you to peek into the women’s bath, but I can’t guarantee your lives.”

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