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I was sold at the lowest price C222: Urgent News

Chapter 3/6 sponsored by Creris.

The next day, as soon as the sun rose, the Elysian army began to attack again. The armies of the Tripartite Alliance intercepted them.

The battle was fought by luring the Elysian’s army deep into the city to take advantage of the ballista gun ports on the castle walls. Unlike the first day, the Swordsmen did not hold back the enemy in the center, but attacked the Elysian army from the flanks, aiming for the enemy’s main camp.

Dad and Kiyone cut in and disrupted the enemy formation. The members of the Swordsmen are sure to finish off the enemy magicrafts that have fallen apart. The Elysian army is said to be strong, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the Swordsmen. They overwhelm the enemy in one-on-one combat.

The Elysian army also seemed to be in a panic, as they didn’t expect the Swordsmen to come after their main camp. They were confused and their response was lagging behind.

“Good! The defenses to the main camp are thin! We’ll hit the enemy camp at once!”

If we hit the main camp, the Elysian invasion force will probably retreat. In the current situation where we don’t know the movements of the three greats, it is good to eliminate the visible enemy forces.

However, no matter the absence of the three major players, they were indeed the regular army of the Elysian Empire. They were temporarily confused by the Swordsmen’s assault, but they quickly recovered and formed a strong defense line.

“Father, it seems that a heavy magicraft group has come up from the rear. In addition, the left flank task force was also deployed to surround us.”

“Hmm……looks like I underestimated them a bit too much, it can’t be helped. It’s also foolish to overreach and cause damage to the group members. I’ll cover the retreat, get everyone to the rear.”

“All right, Father. Take care of yourself.”

The Swordsmen retreated to the front of the city wall while dad and a few of the higher ranking members held off the enemy in the rear.

In front of the castle walls, a fierce battle was going on between the defending Tripartite Alliance forces and the Elysian attackers who were trying to destroy the walls. The Swordsmen were waiting for dad to return while assisting the Three Kingdoms Alliance forces.

“I don’t know what’s going on, he’s not even communicating with me…….It’s not like Father is stranded, so what’s he doing?”

Kiyone said as she slayed the enemy, perhaps worried about her father who had not yet returned.

“He’s father, so I’m sure he’s fine. More importantly, the number of enemy magicrafts closing in on the castle walls is increasing. I think we should reestablish our formation and return fire.”

“You’re right Scarfi. Bokuden’s squad and Kagehisa’s squad should be reassembled.”

“Kiyone. There’s a problem. I received an urgent message from the command center in Tamihar. The royal city of Barmihal is being attacked by the Elysian army.”

I knew that Kiyone was surprised by Scarfi’s words, even though I could not see her expression.

“No way! Barmihal is the only nation in the Tripartite Alliance that isn’t adjacent to the Elysian Empire! How could they have been invaded?”

“It looks like they were invaded from the south via Habarro and Gastar.”

“Both Habarro and Gastar are anti-Elysian states! There’s no way they’ll let the Elysian army through that easily!”

“……That would explain it, considering that both Habarro and Gastar have already fallen.”

“No matter what, if a neighboring country fell, we’d have information! How can we not even have information about an invasion……?”

“What if the capital fell within a day or two of the invasion? In that case they could proceed with the invasion before the information gets to us.”

“No way! Both Habarro and Gastar are not big countries, but they should have the military power to own about 1000 magicrafts. How could they fall in a day or two…..?”

It was not Scarfi who admonished Kiyone, who was not convinced. The serious words of the old man echoed in the common communication.

“I’ve always told you, Kiyone. Don’t look at things only within the scope of your own common sense.”

“Father, I trust you are well…”

“Sorry, I’m late. I saw a large magicraft that looked troublesome, so I was cleaning it up.”

“More importantly, what should we do about Tamihar emergency call?”

“Scarfi, what does the Commandant want me to do?”

“The Sword Clan has been requested to head to Barmihal for assistance.”

“I see, the three greats have appeared in Barmihal.”

“Yes, sir. I’ve been told that the three greats are in command of the Elysian army that is attacking Barmihal.”

“If Barmihal falls, the entire Tripartite Pact will be in danger…Can the Tripartite Pact’s strength manage to defend this place……? Alright, the Sword Clan will hurry to Barmihal!”


Determining that the citadel would not fall easily even without them, the Swordsmen decided to head for Barmihal. Finally, it looks like it will be a battle between the Twelve Heavenly Masters.

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  1. LOTRfreak101

    Why are they not buying him a better magicraft. it’s completely illogical in a war to use a crappy old one instead of a newer one where he could be of significant more help. it’s a completely unnecessary and avoidable risk that will undoubtedly be the downfall of at least one main member of the guild.

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