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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C46

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C46: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (9)



“Your Majesty, only Rhonav and Beygen are standing between us and the capital.”

“It’s right in front of us!”

The king of Bridget, Bautor, nodded at the steady progress.

“Have the Lunan reinforcements arrived in the capital?”

Isenbahan, Bridget’s chief of staff, answered Bautor’s question.

“Yes, sir!”

Bautor stroked his chin briefly and called Errante the heavy sword of the three swordsmen.

“I’m going to occupy Rhonav and Beygen and then head for King’s Landing. You must bypass them and go to the capital first. No siege is allowed until I arrive.”

“Very well, Your Majesty!”

When Errante replied, Bautor shifted his gaze to the soldiers with a satisfied look on his face.

Lunan’s reinforcements were only 30,000. After all, Lunan had no power left. Confident that this war would be won, Boutros shouted.

“Don’t worry soldiers! In the remaining two territories, you can kill and rape as much as you like. Whether they resist or surrender, it doesn’t matter. Enjoy yourself to the fullest in preparation for the decisive battle in King’s Landing!”

* * *

In front of the capital yellow military uniforms began to appear. It was much earlier than I expected. The preparations were not complete and the morale was as bad as usual. It was only natural since I had only been in the capital for a day.

[Bridget Kingdom Army]

[Strength: 20,000]

[Morale: 90]

[Training level: 80]

The number of enemy troops that showed up was 20,000. From the looks of it, it seemed to be a spearhead force. It must mean that the main force was still occupying other territories.

The problem was our morale, which was only eight. Perhaps that was all, but the mere appearance of the spearhead force had thrown the soldiers of Roserun into chaos. They just couldn’t break out of the camp because all the castle gates were closed.

If this confusion was the aim of sending the spearhead team ahead, the strategy was working well enough. Furthermore, the enemy seemed to have no intention of launching a siege. Instead of attacking the castle, they just wanted to pass the time by pressuring us.

“The enemy, the enemy is coming!”

In the meantime, startling news came in from the top of the city walls.

“Oh, that’s……They’re citizens of Roserun!”

Yurasia shouted in surprise. It was the captive people of Roserun who were coming in as she had said.

Bridget had released the people and was killing them as they drove them from behind. This meant that if anyone who lagged behind would die. People rushed to the citadel in a desperate attempt to stay alive. While those around them were falling, being trampled to death, they ran, looking only ahead.

“Oh, my God, help me!”

“Please help me!”

“Open the gates!”

They managed to reach the front of the castle gate, but the gate did not open. If we opened the gate in this condition, the cavalry would come inside. So, I couldn’t open the gate. However, if I did not do anything, I would just have to watch the people being killed by the enemy army right in front of me.

It was a despicable method, but it was quite effective in tormenting Roserun. Whether they opened the gates or not, Roserun would collapse like this. The princess, who had been watching the scene, gritted her teeth and ran down to the castle gate.

“Open the gates now! Can’t you see your own people screaming for help?”

Yurasia shouted to the gatekeepers. However, Bellac blocked her way. He kicked the gatekeeper and stood in front of the castle gate.

“You must never open the gates. Are you willing to put King’s Landing in danger for the sake of a few insignificant lives?”

Yurasia immediately kicked Bellac and shouted with a furious look on her face.

“Shut up! What’s the point of trying to scream desperately for us to fight for our family and country while leaving our people to die in front of us! They are Roserun family and citizens too!”

Yurasia drew her sword.

“Open the gate now!”

The gatekeepers opened the gates in a panic, and at the same time, people came pouring in from outside. The people were surprised by the speed of the horse and stepped aside as Yurasia rode up in front of them.

“Follow Her Highness! Come on, soldiers!”

Kaiten, the chief of staff of the Royal Army shouted, ignoring the glaring Bellac.


I called for Earl Fihatri, the vice-captain of the reinforcements, he was also a vassal of the Duke of Ronen, but for now I had to trust him. Anyway, I knew that he and Duke Ronen would share the same fate, so at least I could trust him more than Bellac.

“I’m on my way to the princess. Reinforcements are to stay in the capital. When the cavalry approaches the city gates, close them!”

The number of soldiers in King’s Landing is far smaller than the number of reinforcements. This means that the reinforcements are in control of the royal capital. In other words, as long as the reinforcements were in the royal capital, Bellac could not close the gates on his own.

“General! To face a trap like this alone would be to invite your own death! I won’t let that happen!”

Fihatri stopped me with a surprised look on his face. He doesn’t know anything about my strength; he only knows that I use strategy well. But I didn’t have time to explain that to him.

“Fihatri! That’s an order!”

When I ordered him Fihatri stepped back as if he had no choice.

“Keep in mind what I just told you! As long as no enemy approaches within 200 meters, keep the gates open! Don’t let Bellac have his way!”

“Yes, sir. However, the reinforcements will retreat immediately if anything should happen to the general.”

If I died, there would be no point in helping Roserun. I had no intention of dying, so I nodded and ran outside the castle with Zint.

The princess had run off. It was the worst thing she could have done, but it was also an opportunity. If only she could move the soldiers of Roserun with her actions to protect the people! I just had to believe in her struggle because she was the only one who could raise the morale of Roserun.

* * *

She was a hero who fought with her soldiers in the territories before King’s Landing. She was always the first to swing her sword.

However, the situation was a little different now that it was not a game. Because she visited the Lunan Kingdom to ask for reinforcements, Roserun front line could not hold on at all and was pushed all the way to the royal capital.

The reality was completely different from the game. However, her existence has not changed. She should be able to convince the soldiers!

To buy time for her people to enter the castle, Yurasia rode her horse up to the cavalry. Actually, this cavalry was special among the soldiers of Bridget. There are many iron mines in Bridget. Therefore, Bridget’s cavalry was the Iron Cavalry, armed with steel armor. An assault force with overwhelming strength in plain combat!  They fell to the king of Narja in the game’s history, but that was just because they were fighting the wrong guy. If they had attacked other countries first, they might have played a bigger role in the history of the game.

The only one who could stop the Iron Cavalry was Yurasia!

“The city gates are open. Advance!”

When the captain of the iron cavalry shouted this, the assault formation was set up. The soldiers of Roserun, who had no choice but to follow her, were all frightened at once.


Instead of stopping the soldiers began to move backwards. In addition, some soldiers took advantage of the fact that they were outside the closed gates to run away. Those who didn’t run away stood there trembling.

Kaiten, who was following behind, fell off his horse without putting up a good fight. He was the chief of staff. His strength figures were infinitely low. So, as it turned out, Yurasia was the only one to fight.

Five thousand soldiers went out of the castle in the confusion, but they only ran away or stood back to watch. No one wanted to fight.

But Yurasia didn’t say a word. Alone, she took her sword and charged toward the iron cavalry. As she swung her sword, blue mana pierced the chest of an Iron Cavalry soldier she passed. Ten Iron Cavalrymen attacked at the same time, but every single one of them was pierced through the chest by the whirlwind of dark blue mana released from her sword.

Blue mana!


[A treasure sword handed down from generation to generation in the royal family of Roserun.]

[The higher the martial force, the stronger the effect]

[Martial Force +3]

I thought the scabbard was an unusual piece of work, but it was a treasure. After releasing the blue mana from the Rossade, Yurasia defeated the iron cavalry armed with steel armor one after another.

Every time she did, the blood of the iron cavalry would wet her body. Even though her entire body was stained with blood, Yurasia continued to slay her enemies. The captain of the iron cavalry, who had been looking down on her, shouted as he had finally come to his senses after about 20 soldiers had died

“What are you doing? You’re only dealing with one person!”

The Iron Cavalry charged at Yurasia in unison. The more she advanced, the more enemies there were, but she still managed to defeat them with her mana. Everywhere Yurasia passed, there were only the corpses of the iron cavalry and the rampaging horses that had lost their masters.

“Attack her horse!”

The captain of the iron cavalry that was charging towards Yurasia shouted, and before she knew it, the iron cavalry that surrounded her. And soon….


Her horse was pierced by an enemy spear. The soldier who wielded the spear was cut down by Yurasia, but she fell from her horse immediately after.

The princess rolled on the ground. However, she wobbled but quickly stood up and held her sword towards the iron cavalry. Blood was flowing from her forehead, like she had been hurt by the fall.

She swung her sword at the iron cavalry again, not caring about her own body. But the problem was that she was surrounded. The iron cavalry in front of her fell by the dozens with each swing of her Rossade, but she also had enemies behind her.

Blood spurted from her back, and her face contorted in pain but that didn’t stop her from sitting up. She stabbed Rossade into the ground, removed the pendant from her neck and closed her eyes. Then, a huge mana formation appeared on the ground. The formation glowed white and created a huge explosion around her.


Explosion called explosion, and the chain of white light explosions swallowed the entire Iron Cavalry. After the huge explosion, she was the only one left. The iron cavalry that had surrounded her had all disappeared.

The white mana formation was the power of the treasure tool. The same thing happened when I fought Fran.

When Yurasia managed to support herself with Rossade, as she had used up all her strength, Bridget’s infantry, who had been watching from the sidelines, came rushing in. A huge man holding a large sword as tall as he was leading them.

“Excellent. Brilliant. I didn’t know there was such a woman in Roserun. Now I’ll deal with you myself!”

[Modideh Errante]

[Age: 41]

[Martial force: 92]

[Intelligence: 31]

[Command: 71]

The man who showed up had a martial force of 92. When he appeared, Yurasia’s expression suddenly darkened.  It is a fact that he is strong. However, it wasn’t enough to change her expression like this.

Errante quickly swung his heavy sword at Yurasia. Yurasia pulled out her Rossade and hurriedly blocked, but the blue mana was no match for the heavy sword.

She was flung backwards by the powerful mana sword pressure generated by the swinging heavy sword. Her martial force was just 90 with the bonus from Rossade while Errante’s martial force rose to 94 with the skill he just used. It was only natural that she would lose.

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