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I was sold at the lowest price C223

I was sold at the lowest price C223: Continent’s Strongest / Yuto


“How is it possible that the newly established forces of the Nitro Project alone could bring down the O’brian Grand Alliance in less than a month……?”

“Yes. The results are unbelievable. With results like this, I can’t help but approve the Nitro Project.”

Eo, the Minister of Military Affairs, who is the main opponent of Rafishal’s Nitro project, says so with a pained expression.

“We don’t have to give up yet. If I and Rosetta, who are not involved in the Nitro project, can make a significant contribution to the war, we can force it to stop.”

“It would take a very big battle for everyone to be satisfied with the results…….”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why I’m so excited about this. The Tripartite Alliance would be easier to control than the Kingdom of Rhesia, which has many friendly countries and would be troublesome to fight…….”

“However, the Three Kingdoms Alliance has close ties with the Sword Clan.”

“No, if we can defeat not only the Three Kingdoms Alliance, but also the Sword Clan, it will be an accomplishment that no one can complain about.”

“It is indeed a huge accomplishment, but as you know, the Sword Clan is a formidable opponent. So you will need to be well prepared.”

“I don’t think I can take on the Swordsmen by myself. I’ll have to enlist Rosetta and Emesis to help me.”

“Don’t be so modest, Master Yuto, you are the strongest rider on the continent and you will be more than a match for the Swordsmen.”

“The Sword Saint is strong. I’m sure I have a higher Ludia value than him but I don’t know if I could beat him one on one. And the name of the strongest rider on the continent does not suit me anymore.”

“Yuki-sama and the rest of the newly-established unit of Exlanders……plus dozens of super-class high riders.”

“What the heck is the Nitro Project? What is the power of the sudden increase in the Ludia value……and that strange magicraft……that looks like a demon?”

“The only thing I can say for sure now is that they have lost something in return for their great power. The smile has disappeared from Yuki-sama’s face…….We must stop the Nitro Project from targeting all the riders of the Empire.”

“I know. I’ve heard that some of the people who participated in the Nitro Project can no longer be called people. Even if you gain power, it is meaningless if you are no longer a person. I’ll definitely stop them.”

The new emperor and many of the empire’s heavyweights were in favor of the mysterious Rafishal. I and Io were in the minority, and we were losing our influence day by day. This is where we need to make a move that will bring us back to life.

The invasion of the Triple Alliance was immediately approved. Eo, the Minister of War, prepared the maximum number of troops for us.

“You did a great job preparing 10,000 magicrafts.”

“No, we were actually planning to prepare 20,000, but due to the influence of the Nitro Project’s supporters, this was our limit.”

“I’ll be waiting for good news.”

“I’m going to win. If we don’t, the empire will cease to be a nation of people.”

Eo nodded deeply with a serious expression on his face, as if he had something in mind.

The Tripartite Alliance is a powerful enemy that has been competing with the Elysian Empire for a long time. It is not an existence to be underestimated.

“So, Yuto. What are you planning to do? If we attack directly, we might have to deal with the forces of the Three Kingdoms Alliance and the Sword Clan at the same time.”

Rosetta asks me this in the conference room of the ride carrier “Kurobe” on the way to invade the Tripartite Alliance.

“I would really like to fight with the Sword Clan head on but strategically it’s not a good option.”

At my words, Emesis makes a suggestion.

“Then we’ll have to get a little creative. I’ve got a plan for you. You want in?”

“What kind of plan? You’re not going to do anything crazy again, are you?”

“Using most of this invasion force as bait, we’re going to raid Barmihal in the rear. If the three greats suddenly appeared in an unexpected place, they would panic and call for help from the Sword Clan. Once we’ve defeated the Swordsmen, we can surround them from the front and rear with 10,000 invading troops and clear out the Three Kingdoms alliance, and the rest will be easy.”

“There is one problem with that idea, how are we going to raid Barmihal, a country that doesn’t share a border with Elysia?”

“We’ll just bypass the south.”

“That’s even more problematic. Habarro and Gastar are not going to let us through that easily.”

“Don’t worry about Habarro and Gastar, they’ll be gone by tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because they’re the next target of the newly established Nitro Squad. The whole country’s probably on fire right now.”

“How do you know about the movements of the secret Nitro Corps, information that even the Minister of War, Eo, could not have known?”

“I want to live well, you know. I’m getting close to Rafishal’s faction as well.”

I’m sure there’s more to his participation in this mission than meets the eye, but right now I definitely need his help. I swallowed my words.

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