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I was sold at the lowest price C224

I was sold at the lowest price C224: Nitro Squad / Yuki

Chapter 4/6 sponsored by Creris.

Mary and I received the process of amplifying the Ludia value from Rafishal. The process, titled the Nitro Project, was not only for us, but also for Enrique and the riders of the Messiah clan.

I was told that my dimension class was 3. Rafishal was excited because it seemed to be much better than he had imagined. Mary was class 5, which was not bad either. It seemed that the good ones, Mary and I, had been treated carefully, but the ones with dimension class 8 and other results had disappeared before we knew what had been done to them.

It is a price that Rafishal called the deterioration of the soul, but it seems to vary greatly from person to person. I was hardly affected at all, but Mary confided in me that her personality had changed, that she was a little more depressed, but even Mary’s deterioration was minor. Enrique, for example, was cruel. He started wandering around with a strange voice, saying “Ahhhhhhh” on a regular basis, and I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. At times, he would make strange noises and behave like an animal.

For me and Mary, the deterioration of our souls was minor, but another significant change was created in our bodies. A red gem buried below the neck……connected to the heart, a restraining chain that can stop the heart at any time at Rafishal’s will. In exchange for the mighty power of the riders who participated in the Nitro Project, a wedge was driven into them that would not allow betrayal.

“As long as this red gem is here, I guess I’m at Rafishal’s mercy.”

Mary said with a sigh.

“There must be some way to get rid of it, some scientist better than Rafishal…….”

“Rafishal is the legendary Great Sage. There is no one better than him.”

Mary has completely given up. But I was convinced, though I had no proof, that there was such a being out there somewhere.

Riders whose Ludia value had been strengthened through the Nitro Project were gathered into a single unit. This unit, called the Nitro Squad, was using a magicraft that had been excavated under Rafishal’s direction, and a newly developed magicraft, the Terror Mail, was introduced.

Terror Mail is a powerful magicraft, but I wanted to ride Elvira, which I was familiar with, so a special machine was prepared for me, with the Ludia core of the Terror Mail transplanted into Elvira’s outline. The name was changed to “Elvira Kai”.

Rafishal told me that when he prepared the Elvira Kai for me, I still feel sick when I remember the look on his face.

The Nitro Corps’ first battle was against a force known as the O’Brian Grand Alliance. They seemed to be a large force that also possessed many Highlanders, but the power of the Nitro Corps was unimaginable.

Terror Mail overwhelmed the enemy’s magicrafts. With a single swing of its weapon, it shattered them into pieces. The enemy’s attacks could not penetrate the armor of Terror Mail, and it was a one-sided slaughter.

In addition, my Elvira Kai was equipped with a special attack called the “Dark Ash”. It was a powerful beam weapon-like attack, with the power to destroy dozens of magicrafts with a single blow. Although there were some limitations, such as not being able to use it continuously, many enemies were buried by Dark Ash.

I was always accompanied by Valiente, a powerful Guardian. He would unleash a relentless attack on anyone who had hostile intentions toward me, even if I didn’t command it. A Highlander would be no match for Valiente. Most of them were killed instantly by his fangs.

After defeating the O’Brian Grand Alliance, the next step was to take control of the small group of countries to the south. We moved as if we were taking a stroll, destroying the countries as we went. It must have felt like a man-made disaster of the worst kind to them.

For the Nitro Corps, the feeling of being at war was already gone. For me and Mary, who have a normal mind, it was difficult to endure the feeling of going into the flower beds and trampling down the flowers…….However, many Nitro Corps members took pride in their actions and carried out their duties with vigor.

Even though I am bound to the red jewel, I am still involved in the act of crushing the flowers. When I think about it, I feel an intense sense of guilt. I can’t help but think that maybe my soul is deteriorating too…….

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