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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C47

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C47: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (10)


“Oh, come on. I thought you’d entertain me a little. Is that all you got?”

Errante holds up his heavy sword towards Yurasia with a disappointed tone in his voice.

Yurasia was covered in scratches from rolling around on the ground but she got up. Rossade is a treasure that embodies mana with skills. It can release blue mana even if the user is not a class A mana user, but the mana that is released is only the mana that the user has accumulated.

In order to unite the soldiers of Roserun, her struggle was essential. So I just watched from the sidelines as bloodshed was unavoidable. Still, I wasn’t going to let her die. She seemed to be at her limit, so I shouted at the Roserun soldiers.

“Soldiers of Roserun! Don’t you feel anything when you see the princess like that!?”

Now everyone had Yurasia image in their eyes, it was the trigger that I was waiting for. If no one reacted to that horrific sight, Roserun was truly helpless. It would be better to give up and go back to Aintorian if that happened. I pulled the trigger and rushed to Yurasia side. Then a change happened!

“Shit, I’m coming with you!”

“Me, too!”

“Her Highness always took care of us, didn’t she? She was the only one who helped us when we were attacked by the nobles!”

“That’s right! Besides, I remember that Her Highness even took care of a strange old lady who collapsed while passing by. Damn it Bridget people!”

Eventually, one or two of the soldiers of the kingdom army drew their swords. Their eyes, which had been dead with no intention to fight, began to change color.

“Save Her Highness!”

“Protect Her Highness!”

Roserun soldiers jumped out ahead of me. As their numbers gradually increased, their motivation became contagious. Yes, this is crowd mentality. Once this kind of mentality is born, it spreads in an instant! The soldiers rushed in unison.

“Protect Her Highness!”

They began to throw themselves in front of Yurasia with such force that it was hard to believe they were the same dead-eyed soldiers that couldn’t do anything.

[Royal Army of Roserun]

[Strength: 5700]

[Morale: 90]

[Training level: 20]

At that moment the morale that was only 3 jumped up to 90. Thanks to this, Errante’s blow that was heading for Yurasia landed on dozens of Roserun soldiers and she was safe.

Of course, there was no change in the training level, just an increase in morale. I gritted my teeth and fought but the enemies were elite soldiers. If we fought on the plains without any strategy we would only be defeated.

If they can maintain this morale, I can use any strategy. This means that it is possible to carry out operations across the castle walls. For this reason, morale was essential, and now we have it! She has awakened the soldiers.

Zint led me to the princess, wiping out the enemies in front of me with his impressive attack power. I was going to use my skills to help her but that was no longer necessary. The soldiers of Roserun did not hesitate to shield Yurasia.

“Your Highness, that’s enough. Let’s get out of here!”

I put her on the horse first and rode in front of her. I didn’t think she could ride alone.

“What? You’re running away?”

Zint asked with a puzzled look on his face. I told Yurasia to follow me meekly, using him as a springboard.

“Fortunately, while your highness was stalling for time, most of the captured citizens entered the capital!”

We have achieved our goal of boosting morale. That is why we must now escape.


Yurasia took out a few items and threw them at the enemy. At that moment, a powerful light diffused forward. The effect was like a flashbang.

“Everyone, let’s retreat to King’s Landing while we still can!”

As soon as Yurasia shouted, the soldiers began to retreat. Apparently, she had some treasures in her possession. Thanks to this, we were able to pull away a bit, but of course the enemy would chase after us as soon as the flash disappeared.

“……Damn, the light is too bright! Get after them now! Call the iron cavalry in the rear! We’re going to push right through the city gates!”

I could also hear Errante giving orders.

“Did you know that man? He was a rough guy.”

The system knew his name and abilities, but not much more. So I asked her and got an answer right away.

“That one is Errante the Heavy Sword. He is one of the three swordsmen of Bridget.”

“Three swordsmen? Is he the strongest of them?”

“No. Rumor has it that the strongest is the one called Kaiken……”

This is the reality of Roserun, where there is not a single warlord with a military strength over 90, but Errante is not a problem. The king of Bridget must have sent him here only to use the captives to drop our morale.

Not to mention Roserun, Bridget would not have assumed that there would be a warlord stronger than him in this royal city. This situation was created by his ego. Therefore, he absolutely could not miss this opportunity.

“But more importantly, are you okay? We were able to leave them behind, but…….If we don’t, they might break through the castle gate…….”

Yurasia put her arms around my waist, grabbed me tightly and asked. She has defeated 1,000 Iron Cavalry, but there are still 19,000 men left. It’s natural to be worried.

“First to the city gates!”

I passed through the gates of the royal city with her.

* * *

“That’s Errante the Heavy Sword! Look at how that confident man is running away! Hahahahahaha! I love it!”

On top of the castle wall, Bellac starts laughing but Fihatri thought it was the right choice. There was no need to fight an opponent you knew you would lose to. The fact that he had used mana meant that he was a class A warlord. If that’s the case, then the princess and the general don’t stand a chance, Fihatri decided.

“Archers, aim at the enemy to buy time!”

Fihatri prepared his archers to cover Erhin.

“Kiki, yes. Roserun deserves to die.”

Bellac muttered to himself with a wicked smile on his face.

* * *

As soon as we entered the castle gate, I set Yurasia down. She was limping a bit, but still seemed to be able to walk; she had a little bit of mana left in her.

“Close the gate as soon as all the soldiers return!”

From the top of the castle, Fihatri archers were covering them but the problem was the iron cavalry.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!”

The men who appeared with Errante were all infantry, and there were two units of iron cavalry among the 20,000 troops. One of them had been wiped out by Yurasia, but the other unit in the rear was advancing at a very fast pace. Those iron cavalrymen are the problem; they were faster than our infantry.


I called out to him on the battlements.

“I don’t need backup, just hand over 2000 archers and 3000 cavalry to Zint immediately. Zint, you are to lead them out of the West Gate, not the South Gate. The west gate will be closed immediately. Follow the plan I told you about. Fihatri! You lead the rest of the 25,000 reinforcements and follow me. We’re heading for the central square!”

After giving orders to Fihatri and Zint, I talked with Yurasia.

“Your Highness, here’s the thing. The iron cavalry is not afraid of arrows. At that speed, they’ll probably break through the city gates before our infantry who hasn’t returned yet. If the incoming iron cavalry defends the city gates, the rest of the enemy’s army will be able to enter the capital without difficulty. The only way to stop them is to close the city gates now!


Yurasia couldn’t answer right away and slurred her words. However, she quickly shook her head.

“These are the soldiers who took a stand against Errante on my behalf! It would be impossible to move their hearts again after abandoning them because they couldn’t make it in time. The morale of the Roserun is at stake here!”

It was the right thing to do, for the sake of morale.

“I’m still all right. I’ll deal with the iron cavalry in front of the city gate. I’ll hold on even if I die!”

“That won’t be necessary. With all due respect, it’s impossible for Your Highness to take on a thousand iron cavalrymen with the little mana you have left. Do you have other treasures?”

Yes, it would take time for her mana to recover. Right now, she was in a state where she could only fight like a soldier. Every time she moved, her wounds would hurt. She was still bleeding even now.

“No, not at the moment.”

The princess bit her lip and shook her head.

“We will go to the central square. Leave the gate open for the soldiers who haven’t returned yet, and Your Highness, please lead the returned soldiers and the south gate guards to the central square!”

I said that much and turned away. Honestly, the calm and advantageous decision would be to close the gates and let the rest of the soldiers go. However, the most important thing right now is morale. Abandoning the soldiers who didn’t make it here in time would not have a good effect on morale.

I could have killed Errante outside the castle as many times as I wanted but then I would only be able to kill Errante. Even though they would be upset about losing their commander, they were well-trained soldiers. If we pursued them, there was a greater chance that they would counterattack. A pursuit battle on the plains would be disadvantageous for our poorly trained troops. Furthermore, it would mean leaving the castle empty. If there were other enemy troops, it would be the worst possible choice.

* * *

It is true that he used a superior strategy in the battle against Narja. However, I don’t understand his strategy this time. I can’t blame him for running away from the strength of the enemy general, but to open the gates and run away?

Yurasia thought that with the help of reinforcements, she could struggle at the south gate even if the iron cavalry came in. She thought that if she gave it her all, she would be able to get all of her soldiers back.

This turned out to be the worst possible choice. Was I overestimating my chances?

Eurasia clenched her teeth as she thought about this.

It would be worse to be destroyed individually in this situation. That’s why she needed to get Roserun soldiers to join up with the reinforcements.

As he said, I’m now in a state where I can’t release mana. I also ran out of treasures.

The iron cavalry didn’t care about the soldiers who were returning to the city, they were running only with the determination to break through the south gate.

“It can’t be helped. We’re heading for the central square!”

She had no choice but to give the order.

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