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I was sold at the lowest price C225

I was sold at the lowest price C225 – Splitting Up


The Swordsmen arrived in Barmihal and immediately began to gather information. Fortunately, the army of Barmihal was still present and was engaged in a fierce battle with the Elysian army in the royal capital.

“The Elysian army that has invaded Barmihal is made up of around 100 magicrafts, all of which are skilled elite troops, making them a formidable opponent for anyone other than the three greats. On the other hand, the allied Barmihal army has 800 magicrafts and about 18 ride carriers defending it.”

Dad gives everyone the information provided by the Barmihal army before the battle.

“‘Honestly, if we’re going to take on Yuto and the others, Barmihal’s army is going to be a hindrance. Master Veft. Let’s have the Barmihal army fall back and we’ll deal with them on our own.”

Modred, his apprentice, agreed with Scarfi’s words.

“I agree with you, Master. I don’t need the weak to fight the strong.”

Kiyone countered.

“The Elysian army that has invaded is around 100 magicrafts. If you look at the number of enemies and the state of the war, it is better to think that they have twice the strength of the Sword Clan. If that’s the case, Barmihal’s strength will become important.”

“I think you should have more confidence in your own school. Too much caution can be seen as cowardice.”

Modred replied to Kiyone as if he was mocking her. Brunnhilde, Kiyone’s disciple, responded to his words.

“These are the elite troops of Yuto’s entourage! They’re nothing like the regular Elysian army!”

“They may be a part of the Yuto entourage, but we’re the most powerful mercenary group, the Swordsmen! How can we be afraid of an enemy army twice our size!”

“I’m not saying that we’re afraid of our enemies!”

Kiyone’s idea is probably the right one. Those who have people under their command have a duty to protect them. There is no need to take unnecessary risks. However, I don’t know what the old man was thinking, but he didn’t want to intervene in the argument between Kiyone and Scarfi’s clan. I had no choice but to say something to him.

“Kiyone is right this time. No matter how strong the Sword Clan is, there are other strong people out there. And this time, they’re the strongest on the continent, right? Since we have allies, why don’t we just fight with them?”

“Shut up you outsider!”

Teppei didn’t like my comment and yelled at me in an intimidating manner.

“It’s true that I’m not an official member of the Sword Clan, but I am a disciple of the Sword Saint Veft. I can at least speak up.”

“We’re talking about our own pride! You, an outsider, have no right to deny the mindset of the Sword Clan!”

“What pride! That’s worth nothing compared to the lives of our friends! What Kiyone is saying is that she doesn’t want to put her friends in danger for nothing. Think about that for a second and you’ll understand!”

Modred didn’t like what I said, so he came at me.

“I’m not going to let you deny the pride of the Swordsmen.”

“That awesome technique of Yuta’s is the real deal! And it’s not like Yuta-san is denying the pride of the Sword Clan!”

I’m sure Tris said that for me, but the timing led to a full-blown argument between the Kiyone and Scarfi clans. Both sides were arguing their own points, and things got out of hand.

“That’s enough! The point is that everyone cares about the Sword Clan, right? That’s fine, it’s both important to cherish your pride and to think of your friends. Scarfi, you guys go fight alone to your heart’s content! Kiyone, you guys form a joint front with the Barmihal army! Sometimes it’s good to fight separately and fight each other as hard as you can to prove that you’re right!”

With a single word from the old man, the bleak atmosphere of the place subsided. He was indeed the head of the Sword Clan. However, there was one man who was not convinced by father’s words.

“Master Veft, who will you go with, me or Kiyone…”

Scarfi said this, his expression was so serious that I could feel his determination.

“Oh, I’m Yuta’s good luck charm. I have nothing to teach you or Kiyone.”

The old man replied cheerfully, in contrast to Scarfi.


After saying that, Scarfi took his disciples and went back to Bokuden. I felt a subtle sense of sadness from him.

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