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I was sold at the lowest price C226

I was sold at the lowest price C226: Crimson Magicraft

Chapter 5/6 sponsored by Cresis.

As a result, the Swordsmen had to split into two groups to fight. I don’t think it’s a good idea to divide your forces against a strong opponent, but I guess it can’t be helped in that situation.

I would be working with Kiyone’s clan. Then, the old man who had said he would babysit me was here too.

“Yuta. When Yuto and Rosetta come out, you stay back.”

I didn’t know how strong Yuto was, but I thought to myself that I could fight him with Namakra if it came down to it.

“Well, I don’t want to actively fight, but I’m interested in a battle between dad and the strongest man on the continent.”

“Watching your master fight is also a form of training, but don’t mess with me if I have a hard time.”

“I know. I’m not that uncivilized.”

No matter what kind of opponent it was, I didn’t worry about that because I didn’t think for a second that dad would lose.

“‘Just in case you’re wondering, you don’t have to help me fight either.”

Kiyone says this with a cool expression on her face. She was concerned about the safety of her friends, but she didn’t seem to be concerned about her own fight.

“I know, I know. I won’t lend a hand.”

The Kiyone clan, fighting alongside the Barmihal army, headed for the army base in the north of the royal capital. The base was attacked by about 20 magicrafts of the Elysian army and was on the verge of destruction.

“The Swordsmen have come to reinforce us!”

A cheer went up from the soldiers at the base over the shared communications of the Tripartite Alliance. The Elysian army that had been attacking noticed the approaching Swordsmen and began to move.

“Okay, all magicrafts depart!”

At dad’s command, the riders sailed out of the hangar at once. The magicrafts of the Elysian army deployed to surround the Swordsmen. We set out from the rear exit and split up to form a left-right formation to protect the ride carrier.

“That’s Rosetta’s Agnia, isn’t it?”

What the old man pointed out was a crimson magicraft, a machine that reminded me of a demon god of fire, who looked at us with a sense of intimidation.

“Father. I’ll deal with Agnia.”

“Yes……that would be good. Yuta, I’m going to say this with parental stupidity, but it’s going to be a match worth watching, so watch it.”

Kiyone vs Rosetta – suddenly we see a battle between the Twelve Heavenly Masters. Rosetta also seemed to have noticed Kiyone’s presence and came straight for her.

“You’ve come out, Emperor Kiyone! Let’s see how good you are!”

It is rare to talk to an enemy with external output sound during battle. I’ve heard that it’s because people don’t want to give unnecessary information to their opponents, but Rosetta seems to have absolute confidence and doesn’t mind it.

“Flame Emperor Rosetta. Your small fire cannot burn my magicraft.”

“You call it a small fire. I’ll give you a flame hotter than scorching magma!”

Rosetta said and waved the ring-shaped weapon in her right hand. A gurgle sounded like the earth shaking, and flames blew up from the ground.

Kiyone avoided the pillar of flames that blew out and quickly closed the distance between her and Rosetta. She then aimed at Agnia’s neck with her sword but Agnia blocked it with her ring shaped weapon. Agnia catches it with her ring-shaped weapon.

It seems that the Twelve Heavenly Masters have extraordinary reaction speeds after all. It’s very difficult for even the most skilled person to take on Kiyone’s swift sword at first sight.

Kiyone launched more attacks but Agnia blocked all of them with the ring-shaped weapons she held in both hands. It’s not to be underestimated that she can take those attacks without difficulty. I knew she couldn’t be underestimated since she could block Kiyone attacks so easily.

The circle of flame gradually decreases in size and closes in on the two magicrafts.

“Agnia has a strong flame resistance, so unfortunately, you’re the only one who’s going to get burned!”

As she said this, the flames gathered at once in the center and became a large pillar of flame. Kiyone’s Kiku Ichimonji was caught in the flames. However, it was only for a moment that it was caught in the flames, and soon the flames were drowned out by a strong wind like a tornado.

“I’m telling you, you can’t burn me with such a small flame!”

Kiyone’s Kiku Ichimonji emerged from the tornado with her sword held in a lower position. The tornado gathered around the blade of Kiyone’s sword, she then uttered a few spirited words and swung her sword upwards.

“Whirlwind Sword!”

A gust of wind hit Agnia’s fuselage at the same time. As expected, Rosetta could not prevent all of them, and cracks appeared on Agnia’s body.

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