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I was sold at the lowest price C227

I was sold at the lowest price C227: Victory and Defeat


Rosetta’s Agnia staggered back as she was struck by Kiyone’s Whirlwind Sword.

Kiyone chased after Rosetta.

“Don’t underestimate……Emperor Kiyone!”

When Agnia waved her hands crosswise, swirling flames radiated toward Kiku Ichimonji, who tried to follow up, Kiyone flew to the side to avoid them.

Once she had avoided the spot, Kiku Ichimonji kneeled down and held her sword in a low position. When she saw more flames being released from Agnia she assessed their trajectory and avoided them, then accelerated and bombarded Agnia with quick sword attacks.

Rosetta, who was slowed down by the released flames, couldn’t avoid Kiyone sword and was struck in the shoulder. Agnia retreated unsteadily from the damage.

As expected from you….I’ve been saving my best for use against the Sword Saint, but it looks like I’ll have to use it now…

When she said that, Rosetta put her hands up…However, as Agnia was about to unleash something, one of the Elysian army’s magicrafts called out for help and came staggering up to cling to her. The machine collapsed in front of Agnia and stopped moving.

I didn’t notice it because I was concentrating on Kiyone and Rosetta’s battle, but the war was already in progress. As for the Elysia army, all the magicrafts except for Agnia had already been destroyed by Dad and the others. One of the last machines seemed to have asked Rosetta for help.

All the enemies around him fell, and dad Excalibur also appeared in front of Agnia. When Rosetta saw this, she understood her situation.

“It looks like we’ve lost this battle. Unfortunately, we’ll have to finish our battle another day.”

She said, and tried to run away.

“I won’t let you go!”

Kiyone shouted as she accelerated and was about to swing her sword, but a wall of flames appeared in front of her and stopped her. The wall of flames engulfed the fallen Elysian army’s magicraft, melting its armor to mush. It seemed to be quite hot, and Kiyone gave up on jumping into the flames.

Rosetta was able to escape, but the battle seemed to be a complete victory for the Sword Clan.

“I’m sorry, sir. The Flame Emperor has escaped.”

“No, I think that’s enough. It’s not good to be greedy. I think we should be satisfied with that for now.”

Tris told me later that Dad had taken out most of the 20 enemy magicrafts we had killed. He said that it was an amazing sight to see him kill Elysia’s elite riders in the blink of an eye, and I regretted missing it.

Kiyone clan had won their first battle, but the Scarfi clan did not fare as well. It seems that the Elysian army that the Scarfi clan fought against had two of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, Yuto and Emesis. They were outnumbered and beaten to a pulp.

“So what does Scarfi have to say about it? Doesn’t he want to join us?”

The old man said this with concern for the Scarfi clan, but Kiyone, who had spoken to him over the transmission, shook her head.

“They don’t have any intention of backing down from this, it seems that the Scarfi clan is determined to clear their name alone.”

“What an idiot. What is he so stubborn……?”

The old man’s face looked somewhat sad as he muttered this.

Kiyone’s group entered Barmihal’s base and received supplies. As it was, they stationed the Musashi at the base and prepared for the next battle.

I came on the deck of Musashi for a change of scenery, but there was a guest there before me.

“What are you doing sitting around like that, Kiyone?”

Kiyone was sitting upright on the hard deck, looking at the sky. She remained motionless and replied.

“I’m looking at clouds.”

“Clouds? What’s the fun in that?”

“I’m not looking at them for pleasure.”

“Then why do you do it?”

“Clouds make me calm. When I need to calm down and think about something, I look at them like this.”

“What’s troubling you?”

“I’ve been concerned for some time now, but if this continues, the Sword Clan will split up. Scarfi and I think too differently……and I’m wondering what to do about it.”

“If that’s the only way then I think you should split up. There’s no need to work together forcefully. Dad said he doesn’t have anything to teach Scarfi anymore, so he can just go independent.”

“I admire your talent in the field of martial arts, but you still have a long way to go to see into people’s hearts. Listen to me. No matter how much your father thinks he has nothing to teach him, Scarfi still wants to learn from father. He will not give up his father’s teachings until he feels that he has truly surpassed him.”

“Does that mean you don’t feel like you’re growing?”

“Yes……that can be very sad.”

Kiyone, who had been looking at the sky, turned her eyes to her hand. I didn’t know what she meant by that, as I was not yet capable of seeing the heart.

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