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I was sold at the lowest price C228

I was sold at the lowest price C228 – The Missing Enemy

Sorry for the late release I was busy yesterday and didn’t had time to translate anything.

The Elysian army that invaded Barmihal had disappeared after the first battle with the Swordsmen. The scouts of the Barmihal army searched frantically for them, but they couldn’t even find a trace of them.

“Father, what should we do? Do we stay here at the base or do we look for the Elysian army as well……?”

“There’s no point in looking for them, we can just stand there and wait. This is where the disappeared enemy is aiming. They’re looking to exhaust us and time their attacks. There’s no need to dance in the enemy’s hands.”

“‘But it seems that Scarfi and the others are desperately trying to track down the enemy. They are wasting their time with that nonsense, can we leave them alone?”

”I’ll talk to Scarfi about it.  Get some rest, everyone should just be ready to fight at any time.”

It seems to me that dad made the right decision. The enemy won the battle against the Scarfi clan, but lost the battle against the Kiyone clan. They are just trying to figure out our overall strength and time their attack. If we wait for them, they will surely attack. There is no need for us to go out of our way to find them.

However, dad’s attempts to persuade Scarfi to join us have failed. He didn’t even listen and continued his search for the enemy alone. After failing to persuade him, dad wandered off with a despondent look on his face. When Kiyone and I saw him, we looked at each other. Then we both started to move at the same time and chased after him.

Dad was out on the deck of the Musashi. He acted in a similar manner to his daughter, making me realize that they are blood related.

“It seems I’m not a good parent.”

He blurted out, looking at Kiyone and me.

“What a pathetic thing to say in front of your daughter and son.”

“Yes, father, Scarfi is a man with a lot of pride. It’s not your fault that you couldn’t admonish him for his behavior.”

“Any man is my son from the moment I accept him as my apprentice. I am responsible for his every action. If I don’t stop him now, I’ll never be able to undo what he’s done. But I couldn’t do it.”

The old man said in a thoughtful manner.

“We can’t see the enemy, but they can see our movements. Without a doubt, Scarfi and the others will be targeted and attacked when they are isolated. No matter how strong Scarfi is, he has no chance of winning against the three greats of Elysia at the same time. He involved not only himself but also his disciples in such a reckless battle. It’s a shame that I can’t even stop my idiot son when I know that.”

I heard my dad’s line and thought of a few things and said them.

“If you know so much, why don’t you go help him?”

The old man looked up and responded to my words.

“The enemy is going to move on Scarfi and the others, right? If that’s the case, we should take advantage of it. Even if we can’t see the enemy, we know where they are, so we can deal with them.”

“There you go! Yuta, you come up with some really clever stuff once in a while.”

I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but I’m glad that my dad seems to have figured something out.

“It would never occur to me or father to use Scarfi and the others as bait. Thank you, Yuta.”

Kiyone also thanked me and I was confused. Well, now we can deal with the disappeared enemy and help Scarfi and the others. Two birds with one stone is the expression to use in this situation.

Musashi immediately grasped the position of the Scarfi clan and started to move. There was a possibility that the enemy might be watching our movements as well, so we had to remain vigilant and covert.

“Father, should we inform the Scarfi of our movements?”

“No, it would be troublesome if Scarfi and the others changed their behavior and the enemy found out. They won’t listen to us anyway, so let them be.”

I can’t predict what they will do if we tell them we are here to help. I guess we’ll just have to keep our mouths shut and come to their aid. I approached until I could see Bokuden and Kagehisa of the Scarfi clan. There was a possibility that the enemy was already moving, so Musashi hid behind a rock and kept a wary eye on his surroundings.

“It’s like asking the enemy to attack them.”

Dad muttered as he looked at Bokuden and Kagehisa.

“Maybe that’s what Scarfi wants.”

The old man’s expression became harsher at Kiyone’s words.

“That idiot……is using himself as bait to lure the enemy out…….All of you, prepare to launch, there will be movement soon.”

The old man’s prediction was right on target. The Elysian army appeared to surround Bokuden and Kagehisa.

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