I was sold at the lowest price C229

I was sold at the lowest price C229

I was sold at the lowest price C229: Top Level Battle

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The Scarfi clan immediately launched their magicrafts, as if they had been preparing for an enemy attack. The two sides clashed violently around Bokuden and Kagehisa.

The Scarfi clan has about 40 magicrafts, while the Elysian Imperial Army has twice as many. The individual power of the Scarfi clan may be higher, but due to their numerical disadvantage, the Scarfi clan seems to be the one losing.

To help the outnumbered Scarfi clan, Musashi’s magicraft squad led by dad joins the fray. I’m struggling to keep up with them in my slow-moving Namakra, but I’m left behind by the members of the Sword Clan.

The battle situation changed when dad and the others entered the fray. The Elysian army’s advantage changed, and the Swordsmen began to push. After all, dad and Kiyone were strong. They cut down the elite of the Elysian Empire one after another.

Although dad was cutting down the enemy with overwhelming strength, his momentum was halted when he was confronted by a magicraft with a conspicuous black and red coloring.

“Yuta! That’s not good! The battle between GrandMaster and the strongest person on the continent, Yuto, is about to begin!”

So that’s Yuto’s magicraft, Adjura, which is said to be the strongest on the continent…….

Not only the Sword Clan members, but also the riders of the Elysian Imperial Army were interested in this battle, and the fighting temporarily stopped.

The first to move was Yuto’s Adjura. He approached Excalibur while holding a shield in his left hand in front of him. The old man swung his two-handed sword sharply and smashed Adjura’s shield. The air between Ajura and Excalibur shook as the sound of an explosion resounded.

If it had been an ordinary magicraft, dad would have been blown off its shield by the blow, but Adjura withstood the blow. Without losing it’s balance, he took another step forward and thrust out his right hand sword to attack Excalibur.

The old man avoided the attack with minimal movement, turned his body and swung his two-handed sword to deliver a second blow. Adjura tried to block the attack with his shield. However, unlike before, the trajectory of his sword changed right before the shield. The two-handed sword slashed at Adjura’s feet as if writing the letter “O”.

Yuto quickly dodged the attack with a small jump, but he was forced into an impossible position and lost his balance. Losing your balance in front of father is fatal. Without pausing, he swung his two-handed sword and chased after Adjura.

The battle was decided. That was what I thought, but Yuto was not the strongest on the continent for nothing. A strong wind like a tornado was blowing around Adjura. In the wind, there seemed to be countless small objects that attacked Excalibur’s body. It was not a fatal attack, but it bought him enough time to regain his lost balance.

After regaining his stance, Adjura positioned his sword vertically across his chest and launched a powerful sword strike at Excalibur. Yuto’s continuous sword strikes were terribly fast. The old man with the two-handed sword managed to move his sword to prevent the attacks. However, a sharp swing grazed Excalibur’s neck. Dad took advantage of the small opening to counterattack with his sword, but all of his attacks were blocked by the shield.

That old man is being pushed…..and I am once again astonished by Yuto’s power. At this rate, father would lose. For some reason, the thought gave me an unpleasant sensation as if my heart had been clutched.

“Yuta! Take a good look at this. I’ll show you something special.”

As if sensing my uneasiness, father said over the communication. He seemed to be about to perform some kind of technique. I concentrated so as not to miss it.

In the midst of the fierce attack and defense, a strange phenomenon occurred. For a moment, or perhaps a pause so long that even that expression seems long. The two magicrafts, Adjura and Excalibur, froze as if time had stopped and in the next moment, Excalibur’s sword pierced the lower part of Adjura’s neck.

I don’t know what happened. Excalibur didn’t even make a swinging motion with his sword…….

“Immovable sword. It’s my special move.”

The old man pulled his sword out of Adjura as he said this.

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