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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C48

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C48: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (11)


Yurasia and the Roserun soldiers joined me in the central square. The iron cavalry that had taken control of the south gate was still nowhere to be seen, perhaps waiting for Errante. They would probably follow us here as soon as he arrived.

“I’ve been expecting you, Your Highness.”

“Why in the world are you in the central square? If we let the enemy in, they’ll take the capital!”

I shook my head at the princess’ words.

“Your Highness, that won’t reduce the number of the enemies. Even if we hold the south gate, once the gates are closed, the enemy will retreat for the time being, they won’t suffer any major losses.”

“Isn’t that the best we can do? What the hell are you talking about?”

Yurasia raised her voice with a look of disapproval on her face.

“Your Highness did a fine job outside the castle. Please watch over the rest. I’ll take it from here!”

“How can I rest under such circumstances? You really are a piece of work!”

Yurasia’s doubts remained unanswered and it was the same for Fihatri and his soldiers. They would think it crazy to leave the city gates open and draw the enemy into the city.

In the meantime, the iron cavalry led by Errante appeared. Interestingly, there was a separate horse dedicated to carrying his heavy sword, as if it was impossible to ride a horse while holding it.

Was the reason why Errante, unlike the other commanders, didn’t attack while riding because his sword was too heavy for the horse to bear?

“Kukkuk, are you a bunch of idiots? Pfft! I didn’t expect you to give way to the central square instead of waging an all-out battle at the castle gate!”

Errante shouted and dismounted. The three men from the iron cavalry carried the heavy sword to him. Errante grabbed the heavy sword with both hands and held it up towards us.

Troops were pouring in from behind us as well. According to the system, there were 10,000 of them; those 10,000 troops were encircling the central square. Except for the iron cavalry, the rest were infantry. The remaining 10,000 were probably still passing through the city gates. At this point, I headed for Errante alone.

“Hey, you! Stop!”

Yurasia shouted, but I ignored her. Fihatri and the reinforcements who saw his mana from the top of the citadel also looked astonished. They were completely intimidated by a mere 92 martial force warlord. That’s why I needed to show the Royal Army of Roserun and my soldiers the reality. There was no need to be afraid of a warlord of that level.

“All right, let’s start with the Iron Cavalry.”

That’s what I said.

[Do you wish to use Earth Resonance?]

I launched my skill at the Iron Cavalry.

Dum dum dum dum dum!

Immediately, the ground shook and numerous cracks appeared. It was like a dry riverbed after a long day of sunshine! Then, a red light leaked out from the bottom of the cracked ground, it was lava.



Before long, the place was engulfed in red flames and turned into a burning hell.

“Huh, what the hell!”

Errante snickered and stabbed his heavy sword into the ground and then a yellow light appeared in front of him. He had used his defensive skill. Using the defense skill instantly raised his martial force from 92 to 94, but it was meaningless.

I had 200 points left, which meant I could use the skill 2 more times. I brought the surviving Iron Cavalry and Errante into range and used Earth Resonance again.



Unless it was a special treasure like Rossade, only warlords with A-class or higher martial force could use skills to release the mana collected in their bodies through weapons.

The skill I used caused the ground to crack and an explosion of flames to occur. With that one blow, the battle line of the Iron Cavalry was broken. The battle line is the most important thing in war, when it collapses, a gap is created.

“Oh, that’s……!”

Yurasia blinked her eyes in surprise.

I heard that he was a genius at strategy, but I had never imagined that he was a class A mana user. 

It was something she had never dreamed of.

“You don’t think the general is……!”

It was the same for Fihatri. No, almost everyone there was astonished.

“You can’t do this alone!”

Yurasia said, and picked up Rossade. Maybe if the two of us fought together! That was what she thought. But at that moment Erhin used the same skill again. Errante trusted his heavy sword into the ground, sneering.

“Enemy general, do you know the difference between confidence and arrogance? Knowing your enemy and knowing yourself is confidence.”

Erhin said and threw away the sword he was holding. He then extended his hand, a white light was generated and another sword was summoned in his hand. Immediately, he threw the summoned sword at Errante. The earth-shaking effect disappeared; Errante wrinkled his brow as he pulled the heavy sword out of the ground.

“Screw you ……You’re wasting your breath!”

Surprised by how fast it was, Errante tried to block [Crush] with his heavy sword. His martial force was 92 and even if he used his skill it would only be 94. The enemy’s carelessness and ego allowed me to lure him here.

And the result was that Daitouren shattered the heavy sword and pierced Errante’s chest.


Errante’s heart was pierced and he collapsed while screaming. The army of the Bridget Kingdom, which had been advancing vigorously, had their mouths open in astonishment. That’s how famous Errante was in Bridget. Erhin walked over as if it was no big deal and pulled out from the ground.

“Your commander is dead. If you still want to fight, come at me. I’ll take you!”

Erhin said and jumped into the middle of the enemy. Not more than 200 of the 1,000 iron cavalrymen were left standing. Their numbers began to dwindle rapidly as Erhin launched a barrage of 94 martial force attacks.

“Fihatri, what are you doing!? The enemy is in chaos, now!”

Fihatri, who was just watching the scene in amazement, came to his senses at Erhin’s shout and gave the order to his soldiers.

“Attack immediately. The enemy is in disarray, we have the advantage. All units, charge!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Confident in Erhin’s martial force, the Lunan soldiers rushed toward the enemy.

“……we should go too. This is our capital. We can’t just leave it to the reinforcements!”

Although her body was exhausted, Yurasia joined the battle. The approximately 10,000 soldiers who had marched into the royal capital were panicked and confused.

“Fall back. Damn it, the captain’s dead. We have to retreat!”

Bridget, deputy commander, remembering the basic military law of retreating in such a chaotic situation, shouted. However, this sent word of Errante’s death to the soldiers in the rear, and the Royal Army of Bridget became even more confused.


Zint led the archers and cavalry out of the west gate and moved to the south gate. He then asked Viscount Joren, a subordinate of Fihatri, who had come with him.

“What the hell is the Crane Wing Formation?”

“Crane and wing formation? It means to form a semi-circular formation with wings spread out against the south gate!”

All he knew about Zint was that he was Erhin’s vassal, so he couldn’t help but reply that way.

“I don’t know what’s going on here. Just set up that formation!”

“It’s not difficult. It’s one of the easiest formation methods.”

Viscount Joren replied and gave orders to the soldiers.

“Good. We will now shower the enemy army with arrows as they attempt to leave the city!”

“What? Will an enemy with the power to bring down King’s Landing come out soon?”

Joren’s question was answered by Zint, who showed a slight pretense of thinking.

“Well, you know. I just do what I’m told.”

Even if it is an order to die, Zint held his sword in hand with that thought. After a while, surprisingly enough, the Bridget Kingdom army really started to leave the capital. It was for this very reason that Erhin had sent every last archer in his reinforcements here.

“The enemy is really coming out!”

Viscount Joren exclaimed with a look of disbelief.

“Then we must fire the arrows.”

At the same time as Zint’s signal, a large number of arrows rained down on the Bridget Kingdom army coming out of the castle gate.

“I’m not sure what to do. Arrows!”

The Royal Army of Bridget could not turn back at the sight of the arrows. It would have been better for them to fight inside the castle but the officers, confused by the loss of their commander, ordered them to retreat at once. They were urging people to retreat quickly but when they came out there was a storm of arrows waiting for them.

“When you’re done shooting arrows, stay in formation. Cut down the enemies running towards you. Don’t let them escape!”

Zint took the lead and drew his sword as he said this, the war demon appeared.


King’s Landing has turned into a sea of blood. I had no choice; this war would drag on endlessly if I let the 20,000 remaining soldiers leave. I needed to take advantage of this opportunity to shorten the war. Although my troops were undertrained, if I could throw the enemy into chaos and then block their way out, I would have an advantage.

In the central square, we were able to block their retreat by using the castle walls. But if I would’ve killed Errante outside the castle, the enemy army would have fled to the vast plains, the difference was huge.

Besides, the most important thing in this battle was Roserun’s morale, which was still 90. The princess who had thrown herself in front of the soldiers to fight, as long as she was alive, this morale would be maintained.

Letting Yurasia fight the enemy alone was a painful measure but her sacrifice was priceless because it resulted in the destruction of the enemy.

“This is indeed another country’s war. But if Roserun loses, then the next battlefield will be the southern territory of Lunan. What kind of place is the southern territory of Lunan? Yes, that’s where your homes are. If you win here, the battlefield will not be extended to Lunan, so this war is also your war. If you do as I say, you will have great glory with few casualties! And the day we win the war and march into the land of Bridget His Majesty will reward you greatly. You’ll have so much money that you won’t have to farm and live in great hardship!”

Reinforcements that are coming to another country’s war need something, and that’s motivation. That’s why this moment, when I showed my power and won a great victory, was the perfect opportunity to raise the morale of the reinforcements.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

As I finished, the call of reinforcements rang out.

[Morale is now 80]

Some enemy generals are probably even stronger. If there are two or more A-class generals [Crush] alone will not be enough to win. This is where the strategic battle will come into play. Fortunately, Yurasia’s struggles gave the soldiers enough morale and now I can put my strategy to use.

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