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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C40

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C40: End of the Examination

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What are they going to do with me now that I’m in a group with just girls? Or will they try to take advantage of my weakness by saying that I was injured in the fight……? I was unable to move, even though the signal was given to start the match.

Claire, seeing that I didn’t move, unexpectedly opened her mouth.

“Are you guessing something bad, Viscount Dreschord?”

“Are you sure it’s a bad guess?”

“Because my goal is to fight you!”

As soon as she said it, Claire slashed her sword at me. It’s fast! I sat down on my haunches, planted my left knee on the ground as a fulcrum, and pulled back both elbows to catch Claire’s sword in front of my chin with my own.

“How dare you say such embarrassing things to me? I’ve waited a long time for the day when I could beat the crap out of you!”

Ugh. You’ve got that much of a grudge against me…….

“About that……”

“Shut up! Don’t say a word!”

Claire blushed and pushed my sword in with her sword. Damn, she’s putting in a lot of effort.

“You never told me you were this strong…….”

“Please don’t think this is the extent of my abilities.”

When I said that, Claire pushed further into me. Where does a girl get this kind of power? My sword touched my chin as she pushed me in. I’ll lose at this rate!

I put all my energy into my right knee and twisted my waist to catch Claire’s sword, then backstepped to avoid her swift cut. However, there was no way that I could easily get away from her and regain my stance, and she immediately closed the distance between us.

I faked a light jump to the right against the oncoming Claire, jumped forward to the left, and Claire swung her sword at my imaginary jump to the right, the sword cut through the air, and the two of us swapped positions.


Claire missed her chance to win and looks disappointed. It’s a shame. If she had gone on like that, I might have been pushed over the edge…….Perhaps Claire is more skilled with a sword than I am.

Even now that I’m in position, I can’t attack her because I can’t find an opening. I can’t help but resent the fact that I’m in a different world where girls are so strong at times like this. As I was thinking about this, Claire suddenly opened her mouth and said

“Damn it! You’re messing with me!”

“No, I’m not!”

Huh? Where did she get that idea? I’m in a delicate situation here.

“Why aren’t you attacking me?”

I didn’t have a chance to attack until now. And even now, there are no openings, so I’m afraid of a counterattack if I attack like this. Could it be that this circumstance is favorable? I have to take advantage of this opportunity!

“That’s because you’re so beautiful!”


“Yes! Your style makes even this test armor look fashionable! And beautiful black hair that absorbs and sublimates all the colors! Your eyelashes are long and your eyes are clear, even if they are a bit glazed. Her nose and mouth are clean and smooth. I’m afraid of hurting you, who is such a treasure all over! Your nose and mouth are smooth. I’m afraid of hurting you, who is such a treasure all over!”

“Idiot! What is the purpose of telling such lies?”

Of course, I was stalling. I’m glad to see that she’s confused enough to not understand that. The instructor and the two girls who are watching the match are looking at me coldly, as if they can see through my intentions.

Stop it! Don’t look at me like that!

I don’t want any rumors to spread, so I’ll keep my mouth shut later. No, it’s not because I’m angry that they looked at me coldly, okay?

“I’m not lying! Look at my eyes! Are these the eyes of a liar?”

“Stop it! I’m too embarrassed to look you in the eye, so I can’t possibly know!”

“No, you have to look at them! Come on!”

Claire blushes and glances at me. I glance at the hourglass. Okay, it’s almost time, keep going!

“Enough! I don’t care! I’m going to beat the shit out of you anyway!”

Claire screams and slashes at me. Damn it! I was so close! I continue to fend off Claire’s attacks, just barely. Then, in my field of vision, I saw the indentation I had just made when I was using my left knee as a support point. The chances of it working are close to zero, but it’s better than doing nothing!

I continued to deal with Claire’s attack near the depression I had just left. Just as Claire was about to thrust at me, she caught her foot in the dent and the thrust went off in the opposite direction. Good!

Just as I was about to swing my sword down at the defenseless Claire.

“That’s it! We’ll call it a draw!”

The examiner signaled the end and the result of the match. I stopped swinging my sword down and held out my hand to Claire.

“Thank you for your time.”


After pondering something, Claire grabbed my hand and walked away without saying a word. I was expecting her to be more angry or depressed. I had a plan in mind for those reactions, but what is this situation? It’s scary.…..

After that, I finished the entrance exam with a quick draw against two girls, and my eventful day was over.

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