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I was sold at the lowest price C231

I was sold at the lowest price C231 – Ranelle’s Thoughts / Nagisa


The Amurian Union was rapidly expanding its power. Ranelle, the first head of state, has gained a reputation for her ability to focus on diplomacy and domestic politics in a peaceful manner. Neighboring countries that had initially shown hostile intentions began to take a closer look at the country, and it was now recognized as a major power on par with the Valkyria Empire and the Kingdom of Lubel.

“Nagisa, have you heard from the Iron Knights?”

The office of the chief executive of the Amurian headquarters in the Kingdom of Emou. During a brief moment of rest, Ranelle asked me with concern.

“No, it’s still……since we got the call that Yuta is missing.”

A month ago, I received a call from the Iron Knights that Yuta had gone missing during a battle. I was worried when I lost contact with him after we used to talk every day, but I didn’t realize he was missing…….

“So they haven’t found him yet…….”

“But it hasn’t been determined that he’s dead, and it seems that none of the Iron Knights have given up.”

“You really want to fly out there and look for him right away, don’t you?”

“I am worried, but I believe that Yuta will not die so easily.”

Ranelle must have sensed something in my words, because she said to me with a serious expression on her face.

“Nagisa……I’m sorry. There’s one thing I want to tell you…….I know you like Yuta-san. However, I also love Yuta so much that I can’t give up on him.”

I was somewhat aware of Ranelle’s feelings. So I wasn’t too surprised when she confessed, but I wondered why she said it at this time.

“Ranelle, I knew about your feelings, but Yuta and I are just childhood friends. I have no right to stop you from liking him.”

“If Nagisa and Yuta were lovers, I think I could have given up, but if you aren’t…Maybe you think…….I’m a lowly woman…….”

Ranelle’s words pierce my heart…I guess that’s because I feel the same way. Yuta and Shirayuki are not lovers yet. I’m thinking that maybe I have a chance. So, I don’t think I have the right to say anything to Ranelle.

“Ranelle is not despicable. You confessed your feelings in a fair and honest way…….”

Ranelle just looked at me and smiled.

“So……I have a favor to ask you.”

“A favor? What does that have to do with what we just talked about?”

“Nagisa…I’d like you to go and search for Yuta.”

“Search for Yuta…….”

“It’s frustrating, but Nagisa and Yuta-san have a bond that goes back a long way. That’s why I think you can find him. I actually thought so a long time ago, but I was afraid that Nagisa and Yuta would get closer because of it…….But my worry still got the better of me.”

“All right. I want to find Yuta too.”

“I will contact them as an official request from the Amurian Union. I know it’s a bit of a mix-up between public and private, but I hope you’ll forgive me for this.”

“Thank you Ranelle.”

“I really want to come too, but it’s difficult in my current position. I’m counting on you.”

I can go find Yuta. The thought of that made my heart leap.

Ranelle had done her best to prepare for the search. A state of the art ride hover, enough money for the search and a companion……

“Yukiha what are you doing here?”

“Ranelle told me about the search and I’m going with you.”

“Will the Kingdom of Amuria be okay without you?”

“The kingdom is now part of the Amurian Union, and father will be able to govern it on his own.”

Knowing Majni, I’m a little worried about, but I’m sure he’ll be fine under the circumstances.

“Jihad and Delphine wanted to come too, but they’re officially part of the Amurian federal army, so they couldn’t make it.”

“I see.”

For a while, I thought that I would be traveling alone with Yukiha…but another companion was quietly approaching.

“Himari! I thought I told you not to do that!”

“Why not? I’m an adult!”

“What do you mean adult? Just stay at home!”

“No! I want to go on adventures too! It’s not fair that you guys are the only ones going!”

It seemed that Himari had persisted. Reluctantly, she was allowed to accompany us. However, this means that all three sisters will be leaving Majni’s……home, and I was a little worried about what that lonely father would think.

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