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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C50

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C50: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (13)



[Earned Experience List]

[Strategy Grade B x2]

[Defeat an A-grade opponent with D-grade power x4]

[You are now level 21]

Having defeated Errante, my level jumped twice, from 19 to 21. From 19 to 20, I got 300 points and from 20 to 21, I gained another 300 points. Combined with the remaining 100 points, I now have 700 points.

The higher my level, the more experience I need to reach the next level. Even with the x4 multiplier I only leveled twice. Well, it’s still important that I’ve leveled up. Since I had 700 points, I decided to improve my martial force.

[Martial force is now 65]

I was left with 400 points so I decided to buy one more skill. Since I had used flashy skills to boost morale in this war, I decided to get one defensive skill this time. There seemed to be a lot of enemies with high martial force, and I needed a defensive skill that would allow me to escape if my strategy failed.

The problem is that I can’t buy the skills I want. The system automatically generates skills when I purchase them. This way all the generated skills are equally powerful. By using them over and over again my proficiency will increase and the skills will become stronger.

Anyway, what I needed now was a defensive skill. So, I spent 200 points to buy it.

[Gained invincibility for 30 seconds]

I obtained a skill necessary for escape, but I felt that the time it lasted was not enough. It would have been nice if it had a longer duration.

* * *

“What did you say!? Have you lost your mind?”

Bautor glared sharply at him and asked again.

“I’ve checked over and over, and it appears to be true!”

The look in his eyes frightened the thousand-man captain into answering.

“20,000 troops wiped out and even Errante dead? That’s bullshit!”

Bautor kicked the thousand-man captain. He fell to the ground and hurriedly knelt down again to adjust his stance. But the fact remained unchanged, and he continued to bow his head.

“I told him that sieges are forbidden. How can 20,000 troops be annihilated!?”

“Your Majesty, I’m not that far from…….”

Bautor swung the sword he had drawn. Then, after receiving Rhonav surrender and killing all the nobles he returned to the castle and started killing the maids.

“Oh, my God, please help me!”


Screams echoed in the lord’s castle for a while. After the carnage was over, Bautor muttered to himself under his breath.


He was one of the three swordsmen who had been most loyal to him and who would play an active role in the war to come. Errante was not the kind of person who would die in vain like this.

How dare they kill one of my most important men?

“Is Errante really dead?”

Isenbahan, who had been working to find out as much as he could about the situation, rushed in and knelt before Bautor, who was shaking with anger.

“It appears to be true, Your Majesty……”

“What are the details?”

“Well, we don’t know yet, Your Majesty. But I’ll do everything I can to make it clear!”

Bautor shook his head at Isenbahan’s words.

“That won’t be necessary. I will march towards King’s Landing immediately. I must kill the entire royal family of Roserun to comfort Errante’s soul!”

Bautor’s eyes were bloodshot as he shouted.

* * *

The first thing I did after the battle was to get rid of the food around the royal capital. There are large fields surrounding the city, fortunately, the rice and wheat were not yet harvested. I used my 30,000 troops, harvested everything nearby, and burned the fields farther away. I had no choice because if I left them as they were, they would become food for the enemy.

Soon after, we received a scout’s report from Rhonav that the enemy had started to advance; this was good news for me. The death of Errante and the annihilation of 20,000 troops stirred their anger and the more they hurried, the better it would be for my army.

My thoughts were right since the enemy army hurriedly marched to the capital and set up a garrison in front of the city walls.

[Bridget’s Royal Army]

[Troops: 35,500]

[Morale: 90]

[Training level: 80]

The well-trained troops were the only ones who could keep up with the rapid advance, so the first to arrive was the enemy’s iron cavalry. However, when it came to a siege, the iron cavalry would be of no use. That is, at least until the gates are opened. Because once the gates are opened, the iron cavalry will be the main attack force.

After organizing the garrison, the Bridget Kingdom’s army immediately began their siege on the royal capital.

The fact that they had marched from Rhonav to King’s Landing without rest was a major blunder on their side. There was no way the supply troops could match the speed of their advance. In other words, they left their rations at Rhonav, and only the main force marched forward. The infantry troops marched with only enough food on their backs to eat immediately. So if this becomes a long-term battle, they would probably plan to receive supplies through Rhonav, but that idea was just deadly poison.

* * *

“Your Majesty, that is the royal capital of Roserun.”

Bautor clenched his teeth as he looked at the royal city. He still couldn’t get over his anger.

“I think it would be best to figure out how the enemy defeated Errante before we charge in.”

Isenbahan, the chief of staff, urged the hastening Bautor to be cautious once more, but Ganev, who was known as the Good Sword, glared at Isenbahan and raised his voice.

“You’ll know that when you fight!”

Bautor nodded at Ganev’s words.

“That’s right. Isenbahan, don’t make me say the same thing over and over again.”

“……I’m sorry!”

When Bautor glared at him, Isenbahan stepped back in panic.

“Ganev, you will lead the assault, don’t be careless! Soldiers, it’s time to conquer the capital of Roserun! A bloodbath awaits us!”

At the king’s command, Bridget’s infantry began to charge at once.

* * *

I greeted the enemy troops on the battlements.

The morale of the Roserun Kingdom’s army was 92, but thanks to the bracelet found in the treasury, Yurasia’s command increased to 97, and the morale of the Kingdom’s army was raised by 2. The princess was leading the Royal Army again this time, commanding the troops at the front.

“Release the arrows! Shoot as many arrows as you can and don’t forget the stones!”

Each commander shouted according to Yurasia’s orders, and the arrows were fired at once. Lunan’s reinforcements followed suit and the situation was in our favor.

The training level of both the Royal Army of Roserun and Lunan’s reinforcements was at a terrible level. However, the siege battle was a great weapon that offset the low level of training. With the large shield of the castle walls and high morale, we have a good chance to win.

The battle between the [29,443 Allied Forces] and [Bridget 35,500 army] began. A battle in which my army had an overwhelming advantage! The enemy was met with a rain of arrows, their screams spreading across the land.

[Allied Forces – 29,443]

[Bridget’s Royal Army – 34,230]

Bridget lost about 1,000 soldiers in that attack. The enemy used their sacrifice as a springboard to build ladders on the city walls. The more they did so, the more we kept firing arrows and showered the enemy troops coming up the ladder with stones.

[Allied forces – 29,300]

[Bridget’s Royal Army – 32,110]

By the time the arrows had run out, the numbers of the enemy soldiers dwindled even further. But as soon as the support of the arrows disappeared, the number of enemy troops coming up the ladder increased.

Meanwhile, the allied forces also desperately tried to stop the enemy soldiers. They threw down stones and pushed them down with spears and swords to prevent them from advancing on the castle walls. This battle continued for more than two hours.

I, Yurasia, and Zint mercilessly cut down any enemy that came up the ladder with a single blow.

From the top of the castle, I could see at a glance the situation of the Bridget garrison. There was the King of Bridget in his fancy armor, with the flag of the Bridget Kingdom fluttering in the air. I only needed him to be in my field of vision to check his abilities. But when I tried to use [Crush], I got a message saying that I couldn’t use it because he was too far away.

[Bautor Bridget]

[Age: 54]

[Martial force: 93]

[Intelligence: 69]

[Command: 98]

98 command, consisting of strong charisma and a domineering leadership. He’s the opposite of Yurasia, who uses charm and friendliness to keep her soldiers in line. He also has a high martial force, however, I’ve raised my martial force again and I’m fully capable of fighting him. The problem was the man next to him.


[Age: 29]

[Martial force: 95]

[Intelligence: 4]

[Command: 5]

He was bigger than Errante and had red hair like a beast. His intelligence and command were worse than a child’s. If I had to guess from the ability values, that’s why they are using him as the king’s bodyguard. So, the only one left was the skinny guy approaching the castle. He was probably the reason why the Bridget king regained his composure.

[Katekin Ganev]

[Age: 45]

[Martial force: 98]

[Intelligence: 40]

[Command: 74]

As he had the title “Good Sword”, his martial force was unusually high. Yurasia considered him the strongest of the three swordsmen. With 98 martial force he was the most problematic existence in this siege.

Ganev started to climb up the ladder. Boutor’s plan would be for him to go up to the castle walls and create chaos to make it easier for the soldiers to advance. It was obvious, but it was a tricky strategy if the person who would carry it out was this strong.

“Pour the boiling oil and throw the stones!”

Fihatri gave orders to the soldiers as I looked at him.

“Erhin! That’s the one they call the ‘Good Sword’, Ganev!”

Yurasia shouted and tightened the grip on Rossade. After all, this battle would be decided by whether or not we could stop Ganev. I was not sure about this at all, because when I checked his ability, he was much stronger than I expected. Still, I couldn’t stop fighting; it was a mountain we had to cross!

Not intending to be bathed in the boiling hot oil, Ganev thrust his sword into a gap in the castle wall and released mana through it, creating a strong reaction force that sent him soaring into the sky. However, in that state, he would be defeated by gravity and fall to the ground. Since humans were not birds, it was impossible for him to land where he wanted. Then, Ganev swung his sword in the air and released his mana. Using the powerful blast of mana from his sword as a propulsion force, he adjusted his direction and landed on top of the castle wall.

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