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I was sold at the lowest price C233

I was sold at the lowest price C233: The Sword of the Parent and Child


The battle with the Elysian Empire had been won, but the distance between the Scarfi clan and the Kiyone clan seemed to have widened even further. Dad didn’t seem too concerned about it, but Kiyone was wary of a complete split in the Sword Clan.

“Father, why don’t you communicate with Scarfi a little more?”

Even though Kiyone called out to him, he didn’t stop his hand from cleaning his sword.


At the second call, the old man answered in a cumbersome tone. “Communication? He’s not a child anymore, and I don’t need to tell him what to do. He can act as he sees fit.”

“So you think it’s okay for the Scarfi clan to leave the Sword Clan?”

If that’s what he wants, then there’s no need to force him to stay with us just because we’re master and apprentice.”


When Kiyone was not convinced, the old man said with a sharp look on his face.

“Kiyone. I’ll give you a little lesson. Bring me the wooden sword.”

“……I understand.”

As well as being father and daughter, Dad and Kiyone had a long relationship as master and disciple. Kiyone accepted the sudden instruction to practice without feeling uncomfortable.

“Yuta, you take the wooden sword, too.”

I was just observing, but father suddenly said to me,

“Me too?”

“Yeah. I feel like I’m in good shape today. I’ll train you both at the same time.”

“Don’t regret it, old man.”

Father began to talk to Kiyone and me before we started practicing.

“As a master, there is only so much I can teach my disciples in words. I have taught Kiyone, Scarfi, and even Yuta almost everything I can. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing left for you to learn from me. There are more things that can’t be taught. Figuring out how to learn that is also a discipline. The only thing I can do for you now is to show you through my actions. Look at me, think, feel, and learn.”

It is true that there is only so much that can be taught by words. He’s trying to tell me to grow up by watching his actions.

“I will learn then.”

Kiyone said with a serious expression. I nodded and held up my wooden sword.

Father’s words that he was in good shape were not a lie. He easily handled Kiyone’s divine speed attacks as well as my poorly executed sword strikes.

“What’s the matter? Is this the level of the Sword Emperor, Kiyone! Yuta! You’re even dragging Kiyone down!”

I still have a long way to go with my sword skills, as dad said, I feel like I’m dragging Kiyone down.

We’ve been practicing for about half an hour, but I still haven’t been able to hit my dad with a single blow. Kiyone’s attacks were close, but still avoided by a narrow margin.

“Kiyone, I’ll stop the old man’s movements and you can take advantage of that!”

“Do it if you can.”

Then let’s do it. I threw the wooden sword at my father with all my might. It was easily flicked away, but that’s not what I’m after. After I threw the sword, I immediately got into a low stance and tackled him. He hit me with the wooden sword twice, but I managed to hold on to him. If he had used a real sword, I would have ended up getting slashed, but with a wooden sword, I could endure the pain and force him to stay close to me.

“Kiyone, come on!”

As I held on to dad, Kiyone unleashed her divine speed sword, aiming for the gap where he stopped moving. In this situation she had a 100% chance to hit dad but he was one step ahead of us. Dad lifted me up and used my body as a shield as I clung to him. Kiyone’s sword hits me in the back.


The pain was so unexpected that I couldn’t help but scream.

“Hahahahaha! That was a good attack, Yuta!”

“Even so, we failed.”

“No, the mistake was not Yuta’s fault. The one who is at fault is Kiyone, who believed Yuta’s words and failed to put her whole heart and soul into the final blow. If it had been Kiyone’s best blow, she would have been able to prevent what just happened.”

“But, Father. I didn’t think Yuta would take that approach…….”

“That’s why I’m saying it’s your mistake. Yuta said he would create an opening but you didn’t believe him.”

“……Yes. You are right.”

Kiyone admitted that she was wrong. The old man nodded his head in agreement.

“Okay, that’s enough practice for now. Yuta, I’m going to take a bath.”

I was definitely sweaty and sticky and needed to freshen up. I agreed with his suggestion, but father’s words continued.

“Kiyone, you’re coming in with us. I’m punishing you for that unintentional blow.”

“Damn it, Father! No matter what, that punishment is too heavy!”

“What are you talking about? Yuta is in pain because of you. You can at least take a bath with him.”

Kiyone was unable to say anything back, probably because she felt guilty about what had just happened. Then she imagined something, and her face turned red.

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