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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C52

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C52: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (15)


The reason for the surprise attack on Bridget’s army in front of Rhonav Castle was quite simple. I wanted to infiltrate the enemy forces while they were confused by the attack. We wore the enemy’s uniforms, blended in naturally and entered Rhonav Castle. No one paid any attention to us.

In any case, even in the same Royal Army, soldiers only knew the faces of their ten-man squad, or at most the hundred-man squad, the kingdom army is made up of soldiers from each territory.

“There is a stockpile of provisions in the warehouse next to the barracks. Everyone, let’s go to the barracks!”

The soldiers were so hungry that they rushed towards the barracks as soon as they entered the castle. Naturally, there was no way that Bautor would stand idly by and watch.

“His Majesty has given me strict orders! Be patient for a moment, food will be distributed soon. Each unit is to stand by at its assigned location. If you cause any confusion, you will be beheaded immediately. All troops, with the exception of the supply troops, leave the warehouse area!”

When the commanders shouted out Bautor’s instructions, the soldiers began to retreat, while showing their discontent. Thanks to this, we were able to check the situation at the supply depot. Soldiers, presumably belonging to the supply unit, were carrying rations out of the warehouse and piling them up.

“Move your ass! We have orders to leave for King’s Landing again tomorrow!”

It seemed that Bautor was planning to take all of his provisions and move again tomorrow as soon as possible. But I won’t let that happen.

“Hey! Get your ass back to your unit! Do you want to get your head chopped off?”

The commander shouted at Zint and me, who were looking at the warehouse the whole time. I patted his shoulder and gave him a look, he nodded and ran to the commander. In the blink of an eye he cut him down. At the same time, I used [Earth Resonance] to hit the food and supply troops piled up in front of the warehouse. The ground cracked, flames started spewing from below burning the supplies and the enemy soldiers

“Zint, secure the warehouse entrance!”

I left Zint to block the entrance while I went inside to burn the remaining supplies.

* * *

Isenbahan came running out of the lord’s castle when he saw the flames.

“What’s going on here?”

“They’re wearing our uniforms, but we think they’re spies. They’ve broken into the warehouse!”

“What? Why don’t you just kill them?”

“It’s …….”

Of course, the commander who was questioned was thinking the same thing. However, the one standing in front of the building was none other than Zint. They attacked from all sides, but the hungry soldiers could not do anything to him.

“What the hell is going on?”

Soon Bautor arrived at the scene with an angry look on his face. He was accompanied by Pohorizen.

“What do you mean our rations are on fire and we can’t even get rid of two enemies? Pohorizen tore him to pieces!”

At Bautor’s order, the soldiers split up and made way.

“I’m starving! I’m hungry! I’m hungry!”

Pohorizen screamed.

“Kill him, and I’ll feed you until you’re full.”

“Him? If I kill him, you’ll give me food? Really?


“I’m going to kill him!”

At the word “food,” Pohorizen ran toward Zint. As the two swords crossed, a loud frictional sound covered the surroundings.

“Ahh! Die! I’m hungry! So die!”

Howling furiously, Pohorizen swung his sword. However, he was evenly matched with Zint. Zint’s actual martial force was 93, and now it had risen to 95 with the +2 bonus from the [Unnamed Sword]. Seeing his attacks blocked, Pohorizen roared at Zint.

“Geez, why don’t you die? You’re troublesome. Die. You can’t stop this. [Flame wave]!”

With that, he swung the sword he held in both hands downward from above. When the sword touched the ground, a tremendous explosion occurred around Zint. Bautor nodded in satisfaction as the skill hit Zint.

“He won’t be able to withstand Pohorizen’s [Flame Wave]. Start extinguishing the fire in the warehouse immediately!”

Bautor ordered, but the soldiers came out screaming as they rushed into the warehouse through the smoke from the explosions created by the [Flame Wave]. When the smoke subsided, Zint revealed himself. Although he had minor burns all over his body, Zint released the maximum amount of mana with his sword and survived the [Flame Wave].

Zint looked sideways at the [Unnamed Sword]. He thought it was a mysterious sword, but there was no time to check it right now. He picked up the sword and aimed it at Pohorizen.

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