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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C1

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C1: Prologue


My name is Seiji Aizawa, I’m 28 years old, single, and I’m a high school teacher. I’m currently in the “audience room” of a castle in a certain kingdom with 30 of my students. Of course, there was no way I would come to a castle in a kingdom for an extracurricular activity. This is what is known as a “summoned to another world”.

Aren’t young, brave, 16-18 year old boys and girls called for in this kind of story? Why am I here too?

In this audience room, there was a crowd of people who looked like the sorcerers who had summoned us. I don’t know if they were happy that the summoning was successful or for some other reason. They didn’t talk to us very much.

The reactions of my 30 students were varied. Some were happy, some were confused, some were giggling, some were hugging each other, some were teary eyed…….There was a great divide between those who knew what they were doing and those who didn’t. As for me, I said nothing and just sat there.

I’ve read about this type of summoning on the Internet. In this kind of situation, there should be a leader in the class who tries to bring everyone together.

“Everybody calm down! Let’s check the current situation first!”

The one who drew everyone’s attention with his loud voice was the class president and the center of the class, Nakatsugawa Shosei. He’s tall, has a great figure, and even works part-time as a model.

“First, let’s talk about where we are and what happened to……us.”

I’m a teacher and I haven’t done anything. I can’t tell them to rely on adults in this situation. But I’m also a teacher, and some of my students are cocky and annoying, while others are sarcastic but adore me. I’m the adult here, I have to go.

“Wait, Nakatsugawa, let me…….”

“Mr. Aizawa……”

I held Nakatsugawa back as he tried to get in front of what appeared to be a sorcerer, and stepped forward. I don’t know if they can understand me, but I have to speak in Japanese. I gulped down some spit and spoke so that the entire group of about ten sorcerers could hear me.

“Oh, uh……what the hell is this place? And what are you guys doing……?”

Oh no, my legs are shaking a little.

The hooded sorcerer stepped forward and removed the hood he was wearing.


She was an incredibly beautiful girl. She had long, shiny silver hair, clear blue eyes, and a perfect figure that looked like a sculpture. She looked like a princess of some kind.


The silver-haired girl then folded her hands and knelt down. The sorceresses around her also knelt in the exact same motion, and the girl in front said.

“Please save us, brave……!”

This was a classic scenario…


First of all, I heard that this girl is called Cassandra. This is a big country called “Ostrode Kingdom”, and Cassandra is a princess. And the reason why she summoned us was the Demon King.

In order to defeat the Seven Demon Kings that have appeared in this world, the oracle said that the power of brave men from other worlds is needed…….So 30 people were needed?

Cassandra-chan said.

“The oracle says that the Thirty Great Lights will be our hope.”

Uh, that’s the 30 students, right? Then……………what about me? The students calmed down and their private conversations became more noticeable.

“Hey, it’s another world.”

“This is a fantasy world, right?”

“Cassandra is cute, isn’t she?”

“The Demon Lord? That Demon Lord? Don’t tell me that we’ re supposed to defeat him?”

“Can we go home now?”

“I don’t know…….”

That’s not good. Some people are happy, but most of them are worried and upset. Furthermore, Cassandra-chan told a shocking and otherworldly story.

“I would now like to appraise the ‘skills’ that reside in you.”

Wow, that’s common. Skills or special abilities, could I have one? Then, the 30 students became excited at once.

“It’s a skill!”

“It’s a fucking cheat.”

“I’m scared.”

“Whoa, is this for real, or just a dream?”

“Fool, it’s real.”

No wonder they are so excited. You don’t see that in real life in Japan.

“Calm down, everyone, quiet down! Teacher, we need to calm everyone down.”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry, Shinohara.”

Akane Shinohara, a serious girl with excellent grades, fashionable glasses and long black hair, stood next to me and gathered everyone together. I understand the situation. For the time being, the people here don’t seem to have any hostile intentions, and I have no choice but to undergo an appraisal of my skills.

“Cassandra, are you appraising the skills one at a time?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“All right, everybody, line up in numerical order!”

I clap my hands and get everyone in line. Even if it’s a different world, I’ll do it the same way I always do. I have to be the one to take the lead here so as not to make everyone feel uneasy.

With everyone lined up, I turned to Cassandra-chan.

“Well, let’s start with…….”

“Yes. But, uh………”


Cassandra-chan said to me with difficulty.

“You see, you’re not one of the 30 chosen lights, and you don’t seem to be young either. Perhaps, though, you were just caught up in the summoning…….”

That’s right. I was in HR on my way home when I was summoned. It suddenly went completely dark, and I found myself in the audience hall.

“………So, do I have any skills?”

“I think you do……”

“………Still, please. I want to put my students at ease and show them how it’s done.”

“I understand. Now, please place your hand on this crystal.”

There was a huge crystal behind Cassandra-chan. I turned and said to reassure the students.

“Teacher will go first. Everyone watch closely.”

Then the students started to tease me.

“Don’t die, Aizawa-sensei!

“I’ll pick up your bones!”

“You’re so cool!”

“Shut up, damn it…….”

I chuckled and touched the crystal. Then the crystal emitted a faint light and an image appeared in the air.


Name: Seiji Aizawa

Cheat: Repair Level 1

○ Able to repair broken objects.





I, Cassandra, and the students looked at each other in a subtle way.

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