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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C2

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C2: Cheats are awesome


Wait, wait, wait. I know it seems a bit shabby, but I’m the top batter, and everyone else might be like this, so let’s just smile to put the students at ease.

I turned around in front of the crystal and smiled at the students, “Okay, it’s no big deal. Don’t worry, everyone, just keep going.

The students looked at each other and Nakatsugawa was the next to step forward.

“I’ll go first.”

Nakatsugawa held up his middle and index fingers and waved them with a “beep”. His handsome face and self-conscious pose grabbed the hearts of the girls, and the atmosphere in the class was completely the same as in a regular classroom.

“Come on, Shosei!”

“Don’t let the teacher down!”

“Hahaha, you guys are annoying!”


Name: Shosei Nakatsugawa

Cheat: Hero of Light Level 1

○ Light magic level 1

○ Holy Sword of Light “Million Blade” Level 1


What the heck is this? My cheat looks like a small fish, the students were in an uproar.

“Wow! That’s Shosei!”

“Nakatsugawa-kun is awesome!”

“Cheat hero!”

“It’s Nakatsugawa after all!”

It’s a totally different……thing than it was for me.

Nakatsugawa went next to me, scratching his cheek politely.

“Oh, haha……is kind of awesome.”

“Yeah……haha, it’s nice to be young. Hey, Nakatsugawa, is being 28 considered old……?”

“Yeah, uh……sorry sir.”

“Don’t apologize!”

I felt so frustrated that I patted Nakatsugawa on the head. Next up was Akane Shinohara. By the way, the order is alternating between men and women.

“Akane, be careful.”

“I’ll be fine. Thanks, Shion.”

Shinohara is stroking the head of his friend, Shion Mikazuki, who is wearing her school uniform with cat ears. She was wearing a white hoodie, so from the outside it looked like she was petting a cat.

Shinohara then put her hand on the crystal.


[Name] Akane Shinohara

Cheat: Lightning Witch Level 1

○ Lightning magic level 1

○ Eclair Wand:  Staff of lightning Level 1


Sure enough, it’s an awesome cheat.

“Lightning, Shinohara fits the bill.”

“She’s a lightning witch, that’s scary.”

“But it’s cool.”

“I know, I’m jealous.”

“I can’t wait to find out too.”

Yeah, I’m sure you’re all amazing.


After everyone had been appraised, Cassandra stepped forward.

“I ask you again. Please save this world…….”

The tension among the students was rising. Instead of refusing, they were ready to do it. As proof of this, Nakatsugawa, the central figure of the class, and Shinohara, the leader of the girls, said.

“We’ve come this far, we’ve got to do it, right?”

“Yes, let’s do it. If we work together, we can do anything!”

The rest of the students shouted as the two top students of the class said.

“I’ll do it!”

“I’ve got this!”

“I’ll do it!”

I’ll do it!”

“I’ll do it!”

“I’ll do it!”

Loud and boisterous…….that’s youth.

But there’s something that’s bothering me. I was about to ask Cassandra-chan to confirm this, when a girl at the very back of the students, Nene Mikage, raised her hand.

“Um~…… a quick question.”

Mikage’s voice came through strangely well, and the commotion among the students stopped immediately. Only Mikage and I, who were not intoxicated by the atmosphere, asked the question that was bothering us.

“We can do it, but……can we go home?”

Cassandra-chan’s answer was silence.


Well, I had a feeling. The students become uneasy at once. But there’s also a guy who doesn’t seem to be, maybe he read novels about cross-world summoning.

I stepped forward like a teacher and asked Cassandra-chan.

“Cassandra, it’s fine that you brought us here, but can’t you send us home?”

“……………Unfortunately, with the current summoning magic…”

“I see…….”

As expected, it worked a little. I knew it was a common thing to be summoned to another world, but I didn’t think it would happen to me.

But students who are mentally young are more anxious…….In fact, some of the girls were in tears and desperately trying to get in touch with others using their phones. The boys are also fiddling with their phones or holding their faces and moaning.

I’ve got to get a grip here.

“Cassandra, you said ‘current’, didn’t you? That means there might be a way in the future.”


“Hey, guys, listen up!”

I said, looking at each of the students.

“It seems that we got caught up in something terrible. At this point, we can’t even contact our families, relatives, friends or club members, let alone go home.

I summarize the current information and explain it to the students. First, I make them understand that this is the reality. Then, I say.

“According to Cassandra, you can’t leave with the ‘current’ magic…..but you don’t know the future. I’ve been shown everyone’s cheats, and they are all great in their own right. Maybe one of you guys will be able to use summoning magic. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to help you because I’m a repairman, haha.”

Oh, I got a little laugh out of it. All right, let’s keep going like this.

“So let’s all work together. I really don’t want you to do anything dangerous, but you’re not alone, there are 30 of us. So let’s all work together to get home!”

Surely, this is what I’m supposed to do. I wasn’t summoned to get involved but I was summoned as an irregular to protect the thirty students.

My speech was more or less effective.

“Yes, Aizawa-sensei was right…….Let’s all do our best!”

“Aizawa-sensei is right.”

Nakatsugawa and Shinohara were the top two, and their motivation was contagious.

“Let’s do it, we can do it.”

“Yeah, we can do it.”

“Heh, I’m starting to enjoy this.”

“Aizawa-sensei, you’re so cool.”

In this way, the hearts of the thirty of us became one. I’m still a little nervous, but I hope I’ve done my duty as a teacher.


Cassandra-chan muttered in a whisper.


Afterwards, we left the audience hall and were led to a private room. It was late at night, and the king of this country was already asleep. To be honest, I didn’t feel sleepy, but now that I was ushered in, I had no choice but to sleep in the room.

The room was about six tatami mats, with a bed, a desk and a chair, and a closet filled with clothes that looked like military uniforms. The closet was filled with clothes that looked like military uniforms, maybe these were the clothes of a soldier of the kingdom.

“Haaa……. what a day.”

I didn’t feel like sleeping, so I sat down in a chair. There was a vase on the desk with a flower I had never seen before. I wondered if it might be a flower unique to this world…….I reached out for it.

“Oh, no!”

I dropped the vase….I just got here and this is what I do….Wait!

“I think it was Repair…….”

I suddenly became curious and reached for the vase. I don’t know how to do it, but I touched the vase and thought of it……….

“……I don’t know how to use my cheat.”

The vase did not return to its original state……Repair was not activated.

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