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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C3

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C3: The King of Ostrode


When I woke up in the morning, I found that it was not my small, dirty apartment…….I woke up in a six tatami mat room, which is much nicer than my apartment.

………..I’m sure there will be a line here that says, “It’s a dream……” but I’m living in reality. It was last night that I and my 30 students were summoned to this other world, in the Ostrode Kingdom.

I stretched out on the bed and headed for the closet.


In the closet, there are some elaborately decorated clothes that look like military uniforms. And my cheap suit, which I took off and hung up because it was wrinkled. By the way, I’m wearing pants and a shirt, and I’d like to change my pants at least, but it’s impossible.

“Well, normally I’d wear a military uniform, but I’ll wear the suit for now.”

I changed into my suit and wondered what I should do. As I was wondering if I should leave the room, there was a knock at the door. I hurriedly opened the door and to my……surprise, a maid with cat ears (real ones) bowed her head. I’m not sure if she is a beastman or some other species.

“Excuse me. Breakfast is ready, so I’ll show you to the dining room.”

“Yes, yes!”

A cat-eared maid, probably about the same age as the student, led me to the dining room. I was led to a large door and the cat-eared maid opened it. Then I saw that it was not a military gathering…..but a gathering of students.

“Sensei……why are you wearing a suit?”

“Hey, you had clothes in the closet, didn’t you?”

All the students were wearing military uniforms. I’m the only one in a suit…I’m so embarrassed.

“Sensei, over here!”

“……Oh, sorry, Aoki.”

One of the students, Sena Aoki, buzzes and waves her twin-tails. If I look closely, I can see that the girls’ military uniforms are skirts.

I sat down next to Aoki. It seems I was the last one to sit down, and as soon as I did, maids pushing carts brought in trays of food.

“So cute!”

“I want to touch it.”

Mmmm, the students are excited. The tray was filled with butter rolls, stir-fried vegetables, grilled meat, apples from another world for dessert, and a glass of juice. It’s quite a well-balanced meal. The food was ready and the cat-eared maids stood back against the wall. I don’t know if I’m allowed to eat or not, since there’s no one to take the lead.

Okay, I’ll do it.

“Everyone put your hands together and……itadakimasu!”


Anyway, let’s eat our fill first.


When the meal was over and the maids again took away the dishes, Cassandra came into the room.


I couldn’t help but utter, because Cassandra’s dress was so sparkling. Besides me, the boys and girls were also surprised.

“It’s beautiful…….It’s big…….”

“You look like a princess, nothing like your robe from yesterday.”

You can guess what’s big. Her dress is bare at the shoulders and her cleavage is visible. Her long hair is tied up with a jeweled hair clip, and she wears expensive looking necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

“Good morning, everyone. Did you sleep well?”

She smiled like a saintess and greeted us with a smile. I think some of the boys were annoyed by the giggling, but I’m okay with that, because from my point of view, Cassandra is about the same age as my students. She’s cute, but I don’t see her as a sex object.

“Today you will have an audience with Van Houten, the King of Ostrode. After that, you will have your cheat training, lessons about the Demon Lord, and training in handling weapons according to your characteristics…….”

“Thank you……….”

Cassandra was surprised when she saw me. Well, everyone is wearing military uniforms, but I’m the only one in a cheap suit.

“Well, I believe there was a magic suit in the room……”

“Oh, is that the military uniform that everyone wears? Um, I was wondering if I could wear it…….”

“Yes. Those clothes are enchanted. It will be adjusted to fit the wearer’s body, so please change your clothes.”

“Yes, yes…..sorry.”

I’m embarrassed in front of my students. Some of them were giggling, and Aoki, who was sitting next to me, was poking me with her elbow while choking back her laughter. After that, the students were escorted out by the maids, and I went back to my room to put on my military uniform.


I took off my suit and put my sleeves on my military uniform, and for a moment it became warm and changed size. The pants stretched as well, and the shoes changed to the perfect size. So this is what you call magic, as expected of another world.

As I left the room, the cat-eared maid bowed to me. Apparently, she’s going to take us to the king. The king of the other world……I guessed correctly, is wearing a crown with a gorgeous cloak and has a beard.


“Chosen Lights, I am King Van Houten.”

A red bathrobe-like cloak, a jeweled crown, and a well-trimmed beard. Surprisingly, the king’s body was as well trained as a football player’s.

“……Hmm, they all have good faces and eyes. This looks promising. Cassandra, perhaps we will have a future king. Hahahaha!”

“Father, that’s…”

“Hmm. It means that my future son-in-law may be here.”

Hey……I want to go back to Japan. Don’t say anything strange. I want to warn them, but I can’t do it in front of the king of a country, I’m afraid of what he might say.

“So, Commander of the Knights, Commander of the Sorcerers, take care of the rest.”

“Aye, my king.”

“Aye, my king.”

In the exact same reply, the man and woman who were waiting next to the king hung their heads and moved forward. The knight captain is a blond man in his late twenties who wears ornate silver full-body armor……and is handsome.

The sorcerer leader was a beautiful woman with glasses, wearing a black robe and a triangular hat. She was probably about the same age as me, and her long black hair was tied up loosely. I think I like her a little.

The Knight Commander said.

“I’m going to ask you all to move to another room. We’ll discuss the details there.”


We all move together like a mobile classroom. The leader of the knights walked in the front and the leader of the sorcerers walked in the back. As the leader of the group, I wondered whether I should walk in the front or the back, but I took the middle ground in the end.

I noticed that the students were getting excited.

“It’s kind of fun, isn’t it?”

“It’s not like school.”

“Isn’t it cool to be a Knight Commander?”

The students seemed to be enjoying themselves, as if their initial anxiety was a lie. It’s better than being down all the time, but I think it’s dangerous to get too involved. But since I said, “Let’s do our best,” it’s not a bad thing to be enthusiastic.

“Sensei, are you okay?”


Shion Mikazuki, who’s wearing a Nekomimi hoodie over her military uniform asked. Mikazuki is a first year high school student, but she’s as small as an elementary school student, and yet she has an imbalance where she sticks out. It makes me want to pet her.


The place we were shown to was a room the size of a classroom. Horizontal desks and chairs were lined up, each with seating for ten people. Incidentally, I was standing next to Mikazuki.

The students sat in order of their attendance numbers, and I sat at the end of the last row. The Commander of the Knights stood in front of a table that looked like a teaching table, and the Commander of the Magicians stood close by.

“It’s nice to meet you. I am Ashcroft, Commander of the Knights of Ostrode. Today, I’ll be giving you all a lesson on cheats.”

Ashcroft, the Knight Commander, looks at the Magician Commander who is standing by his side. Then the Magician Commander went to the teaching table.

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Anastasia, and I am the leader of the Ostrode Magicians. My class is about the history of the kingdom and the Demon King…….”

Hmm, a bewitching smile. She won the hearts of the students (mostly boys) with her greeting. Ashcroft-san and Anastasia-san, are very otherworldly names.

“Now, I’m going to start teaching you about cheats.”

I’m a teacher and I’m going to take a class…….But well, I have to do it.

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