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I was sold at the lowest price C235 – Another Attack

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Reports came in from Barmihal’s intelligence unit that the Elysian Imperial Army was on the move. There was a high possibility that they would invade again, and the Swordsmen prepared for battle to defend the city.

“According to the reports, the enemy seems to have received reinforcements and their strength has been increased. They’ve probably finished repairing Yuto’s Ajura, so the battle may be tougher than the other day. I urge each of you to coordinate with your comrades and fight with caution.”

At dad’s words, everyone waiting in the magicrafts agreed. This time, the Scarfi and Kiyone clans have joined forces from the start. The enemy seems to have been strengthened, but I don’t think there are many reasons for us to lose.

I was standing by with my magicraft, ready to fight at any time while searching for the enemy’s movements, when suddenly I received an individual communication from my dad.

“Yuta, Kiyone, can you hear me?”

Apparently, it is connected to Kiyone as well and she immediately replies.

“What is it, Father? You’re only communicating with me and Yuta…….”

“I’m sorry, but I have to leave the battlefield for a while.”

“At this time?”

“It’s going to be a big fight, and I want to deal with Scarfi issue before it starts.”

“It would certainly be dangerous if there was a major split in the middle of a battle, but no matter what, the enemy is closing in.”

“I don’t see any enemy troops yet, so we should be good for a while. You’ll be in charge while Scarfi and I are gone, Kiyone.”

“I understand. But please be quick.”

“I know. Yuta, I’m counting on you too. Protect Kiyone for me.”

“What are you talking about, old man? Kiyone is much stronger than I am in Namakra. I’m the one who needs to be protected.”

“Hahahaha…strength is irrelevant. Since ancient times, men have always been supposed to protect women.”

When I thought about it, it was an absurd theory, but I somehow agreed with it.

“I’ll do my best.”

“I can take care of myself and father will probably just leave for a while. Just finish your conversation with Scarfi and return quickly.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I’ll be right back.”

With that, the old man’s Excalibur slowly made its way toward the forest, to the east. He probably met up with Scarfi there.

Kiyone took over the command of the Swordsmen as instructed by dad. Anticipating the enemy’s invasion route, we entered formation and prepared for battle. The Scarfi clan also followed Kiyone’s instructions honestly since their master, Scarfi, was not present.

“Master, what happened to the Grand Master?”

Brunnhilde asked, noticing father’s absence.

“He’s away for a while. Don’t worry, he’ll be back soon.”

“Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Mr. Scarfi’s Arondite either.”

Tris also noticed something strange and pointed it out.

“They’ll both be back soon. I don’t see any enemies yet, so we should be fine.”

However, Kiyone’s words were quickly dismissed.

“Report! The troops of the Elysian Empire have invaded from the south! They number around 200 magicrafts and five ride carriers!”

The information from Barmihal’s army made the members of the Sword Clan unsettled.

“Master Scarfi! It’s the enemy army! Where are you?”

Scarfi’s first disciple, Modred, asked his master if he was worried about the enemy attack in this situation without Excalibur and Arondite. However, there was no reply from Scarfi.

“Father! We’re under attack! Please come back at once!”

Kiyone also asked father, but there was no reply from him. I wonder what’s wrong, neither of them even answered the communication…….

“We have no choice! Neither father nor Scarfi are here, but the enemy won’t wait for us! Sword Clan, all members, get into battle stance!”

As I looked, I could see the Elysian army at the end of the southern plains. The battle was about to begin in the absence of the two large pillars of the Sword Clan.

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  1. Uhl

    Anyone want to bet that Scarfi set up a booby trap and crippled, if not killed, the old master, but the master didn’t die quietly and they’re both dead? Or that Scarfi sold him to the enemy “to prove he’s better and doesn’t need him any more”?

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