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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C44

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C44: Entering a dormitory


The early morning gives me a fresh feeling. Leaves wet with morning dew glisten as if celebrating the birth of the new sun, delighting the eyes, and the cold air that usually sticks to me as an abomination somehow gives me a sense of comfort only at this time of day.

There are many people who love the early morning. Most of them have work or school to do afterwards, so they may feel comfortable because this is a space where they can escape from reality to face the unpleasant things. I wish this time could last forever.

Today is the entrance ceremony of the school. The sun is rising, as if to mock my fear of time moving forward. As the sun rises, my luggage and I move closer to the school.

The entrance ceremony was in the afternoon, and the dormitory admission was in the morning. Nobles like me, who cannot commute to the capital, have two choices: either to enter the dormitory or to live in a mansion in the noble quarter of the capital.

To start with the latter, there is an aristocrat quarter in the royal capital, and large and influential nobles have their residences there. Building a big house here is a kind of status, and the big aristocrats are willing to pay a lot of money for a house that is rarely used. And nobles with relatively low family status who do not have a mansion in the capital will be lodged in the dormitories of the capital.

But don’t underestimate the importance of a dormitory. It is a dormitory where the children of noble families live. They are different from ordinary lodgings.

First of all, it’s big, and every two people are given a room. Two people per room may sound small, but it’s not. In fact, lower- and middle-class nobles who do not bring their own servants can use the larger rooms, because the room is set aside for two people, including the maids and butlers they bring with them.

In addition, there are dozens of knights guarding both the men’s and women’s dormitories at all times, and meals are provided for everyone in the dining hall, so there is no need to worry about poisoning or assassination. In addition, I’ve heard that it’s a luxurious place that’s been remodeled again and again, so I think it’s a very comfortable environment to live in.

When I finally arrived at the academy, the guard told me to stop the carriage by holding one arm in front of the horse, and then asked me in an emotionless voice, as if he had done it many times before.

“Excuse me. If you are a new student, please show me your acceptance letter.”

“Oh. Yes.”

I pulled out the letter of acceptance from my bag.

I had successfully passed the entrance exam. Well, I was sure that I had passed, and I felt good about it, so there was no surprise. Even though I told my retainers that I had passed the exam, I was a little sad that even people who had experienced the exam, such as Zeon, Hal, and Yulis, were not surprised one bit and let it slide.

The guard opened his mouth after looking over it carefully.

“Congratulations on your admission! To get to the dormitory, go through the gate, turn right, and go to the end of the school. There will be a staff member in front of the dormitory, so please follow his instructions and complete the dormitory procedures.”

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

Then the iron spiderweb gates of the school were opened and the horses began to walk, the carriage wheels scratching the ground. As I passed through the gates of the school, I broke out in a cold sweat as I felt as if the gates were a satire of aristocratic society, where if you were not careful, you could be caught in a spider’s web and eaten alive.

The carriage continued on, and I arrived at the dormitory. The dormitory was a large, two-story building with an exterior made of red bricks, and was as luxurious as they said it would be. It was more luxurious than I had expected, and I wondered how I could live in such a place. I’m glad I was born a nobleman.

“Are you a new student? May I ask you to come here with your acceptance letter and your student ID so that we can complete the admission procedures?”


I followed the instructions and completed the procedures to enter the dormitory.

“This is the key to your room. All you have to do is bring your luggage to your room and you’re done. Have a good dormitory life.”

Then the attendant went to talk to the next student. I then forced him to help me carry the luggage, which he was reluctant to do because it was outside of his job description, and when he was finished, I thanked him and asked him to leave.

The room was big enough to do some exercise, with a fancy desk, chair, candelabra, and bed. Yeah. It’s a lot nicer to live in than my house. And with my heart filled with anticipation for my new life, I put on my school uniform and headed for the entrance ceremony.

When I arrived at the lobby after a long walk from the dormitory to the school, I found a group of students in their school uniforms milling around the bulletin board. I became a part of the group to see what the paper said. On the board, there were names and attendance numbers divided by class.

There it is, I’m in the first class. Well, let’s head to class. I climbed up the stairs and found the classroom for my class. There may be many difficulties, but my rosy school life is about to begin! I have to enjoy it! I’m going to have fun while I’m at it!

I opened the door with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation for my new school life.

In the doorway, there was a girl with black hair and a girl with cherry-red hair that I’ve seen before was staring at each other, there was also a blonde girl looking at them.

I slammed the door shut with a jolt of anxiety that tinted my expectations. Oh, my school life is……

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