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I was sold at the lowest price C236

I was sold at the lowest price C236: Struggle


“Yuta-san, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can protect you this time.”

Brunnhilde seemed to be calm about this situation without dad and Scarfi, and decided that her role in this battle would be significant considering the enemy’s strength. Of course, I’m not asking her to ignore such a current situation and protect me.

“I know. I’ll be fine on my own, so Brunnhilde can fight to her heart’s content.”

I can handle any opponent other than the three greats, despite using Namakra. I’m going to do my best to be as effective as possible.

The battle between Barmihal’s army and Elysia’s army, which had deployed troops in the front line, began. Unfortunately, it was difficult for the Barmihal army to even play the role of a wall. Immediately, the magicrafts of the Elysian army poured into the Swordsmen’s group.

“The enemy is not infinite! Let’s make sure we destroy them one by one!”

The members of the Sword Clan respond to Kiyone’s instructions. Only this time, there were neither the Scarfi nor Kiyone clans. The Sword Clan united as one against the Elysian army.

In the melee, a magicraft from Elysia’s army approached my Namakra. The magicraft immediately attacked me with a long spear. I avoided the spear attack and swung my sword down at the spear from above. The spear was shattered in half, and the magicraft that was holding it threw the spear away. The machine was also equipped with a sword at its waist, pulled out its sword and slashed at Namakra.

I bounced the enemy’s sword right above it as if to entangle it, and sliced off the head of the unarmed enemy magicraft. Something spurted out from the sliced neck, and the enemy machine fell to its knees quietly.

I’ll start with one…

Two more enemy machines attacked me. The one from the right raised its large axe and at the same time, the one from the left attacked with a two-handed sword, swinging across like a baseball bat.

I saw the quality of trained soldiers in the seamless coordination of the vertical and horizontal attacks. But alas, it won’t work on me now that father has trained me. I avoided the large axe attack with my footsteps and at the same time, I used my sword to repel a two-handed sword attack that came at me from the side.

The enemy who swung down the large axe stopped moving, letting the axe sink into the ground. The gap after the attack was too big to compensate for the power of the big axe. I thrust my sword into the chest of the enemy holding the big axe.

After pulling the sword, I swing it at the enemy with the two-handed sword. The attack was caught by the enemy, but I immediately drew my sword and delivered a second blow. The enemy was unable to react to the sword strike and Namakra’s sword plunged deep into the enemy’s neck.

That’s three…

I saw that Tris was struggling since was surrounded by three enemy magicrafts. I couldn’t ignore them, so I decided to help.

One enemy is directly attacking him with his sword and two more are coming from behind him. I ran up to the two machines with my Namakra, hit one of them with my body and slashed the other with my sword. The arm holding the sword of the enemy machine was cut off, in addition, the enemy, who had lost his balance due to the body hit, was slashed down by my sword. The enemy magicraft, which had been slashed from face to stomach, fell to the ground, letting out a sizzling sound.

Tris pushed back the enemy he was facing with his sword, and then destroyed his head with a thrust. After finishing off the enemy he thanked me.

“Thank you for saving my life! You’re amazing after all, Yuta-san! I think all three of these things were Highlanders. I can’t believe you can overwhelm them with Namakra.”

Before father taught me, it would have been difficult for me to fight a Highlander with Namakra. I felt I had grown up and thanked father in my mind.

The battle seems to be evenly fought. That’s probably because we haven’t seen the three greats of Elysia yet. If the three of them showed up, Kiyone alone would be at an overwhelming disadvantage.

“Brunnhilde, Yuta, I’m sorry, but I’m going to leave this place to you for a bit.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Father is running late, I’ll go check on him now while the three greats of Elysia have yet to come out.”

The old man is certainly too slow. Moreover, the lack of response in the communication is also worrisome.

“Okay, sir. I will somehow defend this place to the death.”

Brunnhilde replied to Kiyone. Of course I agree with that.

To be honest, I think it’s going to be tough to fight without the three leaders of the Sword Clan. Hopefully soon, dad and Kiyone will be back……

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