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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C46

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C46: Entrance Ceremony


“Chris Dreschord, where are you?”

I tried to keep quiet so that I wouldn’t get caught, but my classmates started looking around and I knew it was only a matter of time before they found out, so I slowly raised my hand and opened my mouth.


The eyes of my classmates were focused on me, not with the appropriate jealousy or envy, but with pity for the one who had won first place in the entrance exam. I was afraid to look at the faces of the two people who had never doubted that they were in first place.

Claire was still pouting, and Mist was glaring at me with fierce eyes. In addition, when I looked at Alice, I saw that she had clenched both fists and looked as if she was about to jump up and down with joy.

“Okay, Chris, Dreschord, I want you to think of a speech for the new students.”


“Let’s start the attendance check. So, attendance number one is…….”

While Mr. Karrall was taking attendance, everyone’s eyes never stopped looking at me. Now, what should I say? And what will Mist and Claire say to me? How would I manage Alice? I tried my best to turn my brain around, even though I felt a terrible stomachache.

“Then we’ll move to the ceremony hall for the entrance ceremony. Amelicia-sama and Chris-kun, you will follow the instructions during the entrance ceremony and give your speeches on the stage.”



Alice replied happily, but in contrast to her my mood is low…

“Then follow me! Also, after the entrance ceremony, we’ll disperse, so anyone who brought luggage can take it to the ceremony and go home!”

We made our way to the ceremony with Ms. Karrall leading the way. I was the last to leave the classroom, and watching Alice walk slowly, glancing in my direction, I re-tied my shoelaces several times to keep my distance and arrived at the ceremony.

As I walked into the ceremony hall, I saw upperclassmen looking at the new students curiously. To escape their gaze, I sat down on an empty seat that had been prepared for me. As I did so, the seats filled up, and when they were finished, the ceremony began.

During the ceremony, the new and current students were fed up with the long speeches of some pompous people. After the speeches were over, the words that I didn’t want to hear were announced.

“Now then, freshman representatives, please come up to the stage.”

Alice and I stood up and followed the instructions to go up to the stage. When we got up and looked around, everyone was staring at us as though they were glued to the stage.

Ugh. I’m so nervous. I wondered if Alice would be okay. I looked over at Alice and saw that she was standing tall and proud. She’s a princess, I guess she’s used to this kind of scenery. A girl like her is standing tall. I can’t let her see me looking so pathetic.

“I hereby pledge to spend my school life without regret.”

I finished my speech with the same dignity as Alice. Next, it was Alice’s turn to speak, but for some reason she didn’t start.

I whispered to Alice.

“My turn is over…”


Alice made a pitiful sound as I spoke to her. It wasn’t that she wasn’t nervous, it was that she was so nervous that she froze.

“Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay.”

We whispered without looking at each other or changing our positions. The audience began to whisper as Alice didn’t start her speech.


“Please, hold my hand.”

Alice suddenly said to me,

“What do you mean…..?”

“Please, hold me like before…….”

I could see tears welling up in Alice’s eyes, and I held her hand so that others could not see. As I held her hand, she began to speak more eloquently than I could have imagined from her previous attitude. When she finished her speech, the audience erupted in magnificent applause.

“Thank you, Princess Amelicia. Now, please return to your seats.”

Hey, I also had a speech, but you only thanked Alice. I felt a little uncomfortable, but obediently listened to the moderator’s instructions and let go of Alice’s hand.

Alice looked very regretful, but returned to her seat with me. When I returned to my seat, I took out my handkerchief and wiped off my soaked hand. Alice, how nervous were you……?

In the meantime, the principal announced the end of the entrance ceremony and the students began to leave.

I walked out of the ceremony hall and headed for the dormitory. A long day is over!  I’m so tired, let’s take a bath and go to bed early!

I walked faster and followed the path to the dormitory. I arrived at the dormitory, opened the front door forcefully, ran up the stairs and turned in the key to my room. It doesn’t open, probably because I’m impatient to get home. I turned the key again in the opposite direction, and the door opened, and I was about to plunge into bed with great force, but…..

“Hey, why is Mist here?”

“Welcome back, you’re early. Don’t worry about the details, Viscount Dreschord.”

On my bed, a girl with cherry-red hair laughs hysterically as she holds her ample mounds up on the pillow. It seems that my day is not over yet.

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