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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C47

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C47: Alone with Mist in my room


I ask Mist, who is sitting on the bed with a pillow in her arms,

“Are you sure you’re in the right room?”

“I’m not mistaken.”

“Then I’m the one who’s mistaken. I’m sorry about that.”

“No, no, no. Don’t worry about it.”

I thanked Mist, who answered aloofly with a flutter of her palm, and walked out the door. Then I checked to make sure it was really my room. Yes, it’s my room.

I’m tired today, so I guess I’m seeing an illusion. If that’s the case, why don’t I worship illusionist Mist’s tits? I open the door.

“Welcome home.”

She hadn’t moved from the bed as before, and Mist was crushing the pillow with her bountiful fruit.

“Hey, I’m back. Your tits are big today.”

“Thanks a lot. Do you want to die?”

I was met with a very cold stare and harsh words. If this is my imagination, then I’m a hell of an M. I accepted the reality.

“I’m sorry……why are you here?”

“Huh. This room was occupied by another person before. Wouldn’t it be strange if there was at least a spare key?”

Security’s too lax! Are these dorms really safe?

“What about the guards?”

The dormitory is divided into a boys’ dormitory and a girls’ dormitory, both of which are forbidden to the opposite sex, so if a female student tries to enter the dormitory, she will be stopped by the guards. In this aristocratic society, virginity is so highly valued that a white sheet is used on the wedding night for confirmation.

“It’s normal at this time of day for a student who is late getting to the dorm to be putting in and taking out luggage. I just had a little acquaintance slip me in with the luggage.”

Mist said proudly, stretching out her ample breasts. No, it’s not a compliment. I mean, why did you come all the way up to my room?

“What are you doing here?””

“I just thought I’d complain.”

Mist glared at me with a frown.

“Do you hold that much of a grudge against me for my coming-of-age ceremony?”

“You’re not too far from the truth.”

Then Mist laughed, she’s being subtle again. What the hell was that all about……?

“I’m afraid you’re going to ruin my plan.”

“Your plan?”

“That’s right. You were able to get the two families to back off at the last coming of age ceremony, but if you show your competence, the other two will realize that the whole ruse was your plan.”

It’s true that the other two families left when they saw that Mist was the first to leave. If that was a strategy to get the two families to leave before they developed an interest in me, then it makes sense.

“Was it an act to be the first to leave that time?”

“Correct! Well, the other two seemed to have lost themselves in anger, but I’ve seen firsthand how capable you are. I think the other two think that the development of the Viscountship was the result of a young and talented vassal beginning to make his mark.”

I knew it was a mistake to get Mist’s attention in the social scene…….

“Was that cold stare of Mist also an act?”

“It was hard not to smile at the good fortune that came my way. But that comment was so gross that I stared at you, yes it was real.”

I wish that wasn’t true……

“So today you’ve come to nail me in order to keep the other houses from taking an interest in me.”

“Correct! All I had to do was reach out to Viscount Dreschord, who had no one left to rely on, and bring you on my side.”

“Oh, yeah?”

Mist was smiling and looked incredibly cute, but what she was saying scared the hell out of me.

“Chris Dreschord, when I ask you to follow my family, I don’t want you to act like a fool, but I also don’t want you to act competent so that the other families will look at you.”

Mist said cheerfully.

I still don’t know if her family is going to be a member of the King’s faction or the Prime Minister’s faction, and I don’t know which one is dominant, so I cannot determine who will win. I can’t go with the Countess here, considering the possibility that she’ll go with the losing faction.

In addition, in order to be treated well by the faction after a decision is made, you have to show that you are capable. Therefore, I wonder how to blow this situation out of proportion.

“Ah, yes, Viscount Dreschord, I wonder what would happen if anyone else saw us in this situation?”


“No? Well, if it’s okay with you, it’s okay with me, but what would people think if they saw a young girl in a young man’s room?”

That’s what this is about, this is the reason why she came all the way to my room! If they find out that Mist is in my room, they will think that I am related to them. That would be like saying that I have a connection with the Count’s family.

If that were to happen, the other houses would not only stop approaching me, but would happily unite and attack me. Even if not, if Mist were to scream here and say she was dragged in, I would be heavily punished.

However, Mist also has a negative factor. It would not be the will of the Count’s family to be attacked by the two families in coalition, and there would be disadvantages such as a narrowing of the range of engagements in this aristocratic society where virginity is respected if a relationship with me is suspected.

“By the way, I’m only the third daughter, so if the two families blame the Count family, they can easily cut me off. I’m sure you can take my request and the baggage handlers will happen to carry your stuff out of this room……”

I see. So, if she gives some kind of signal, the person who brought Mist here will come.

“I honestly think it’s odd that you would take such a risk.”

When I said that, Mist chuckled.

“The more risks you take, the more fun you have, and the more exhilaration you feel.”

I thought I saw a new side of this beautiful girl, whether it was her confrontation with Claire about the entrance exam or this statement.

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