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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C53

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C53: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (16)


It took longer than expected to burn it all due to the large amount of food they had. When I returned from the warehouse, I found Zint in a terrible state, his clothes and hair had been burned off. However, his skin was relatively undamaged in comparison. The enemy he was dealing with was Pohorizen, one of the Three Swordsmen; it was natural for him to struggle.

“Zint, are you okay?”

Zint nodded.

“All right, let’s kill him and get out of here!”

I’ve done what I had to do. So now the priority is to get out. I pounced on Pohorizen with Zint. He swung his sword around with a frenzied look on his face. However, I equipped Daitouren, and my martial force rose to 95. I could’ve ended the fight quickly by using [Crush] but there was no need since Zint was here.

As I used the [Attack] command to cross swords with Pohorizen, Zint, who was now free, took advantage of the opportunity to get behind him. Although he was not as fast as Ganev, Zint’s speed was also quite high.

“When did you get there?”

Pohorizen turned around, distracted by Zint. He turned his back on me, as expected of someone with less than 10 intelligence. While ridiculing his behavior, I immediately stabbed him in the neck with the [Attack] command. He fell down after being pierced from the front and back by our swords and never got up again.

“Kill them quickly! Whoever kills them will receive knighthood! Do whatever it takes to kill them!”

(TLN: Official knights are minor nobles)

Then, from afar, I heard Bautor shouting furiously. He even mentioned a title. At these words, soldiers jumped at us from all directions. To give a title to a commoner is such a great thing, but for us it was more of an opportunity. Bautor was now fully in my sights. If I could kill the king here, that would be my greatest achievement in this war.

[Do you want to use Crush?]

I didn’t hesitate to throw Daitouren at Bautor. The soldiers in its path were all bounced out of the way by the white light of the sword.

“Block them…”

Bautor hurriedly drew his sword; however, he couldn’t stop my attack. His martial force was 93 and [Crush] power was 100.

The moment my attack was about to hit a blade of light appeared and collided with [Crush]. Daitouren that was going towards Bautor was stopped by the blade of light with 103 power.

I looked in the direction where the blade of light came from. As I expected, there was Ganev. Of course, he was missing one arm and his body was wrapped in bandages, but his skills were still as powerful as ever.

I didn’t think that the person I wanted the least to see would appear here. As expected of someone with 98 martial force he was already awake even with those wounds.

“Zint grab a horse, we’re leaving!

“Yes, sir!”

I decided to retreat.

“Your Majesty, that guy uses strange skills, so I think it would be better for you to stay back. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything!”

“Yes! Now that you’re awake, there’s nothing to worry about! Especially that general’s man, don’t let him leave alive!”

I heard a voice from behind me. As I turned around while riding my horse, I saw that Ganev, who had leapt into the air, had jumped even higher with the propulsive force he had created by swinging his sword.

He blocked the way in front of us, and now the rushing soldiers started blocking the way behind us. War is always unpredictable but no matter how I look at it, I should have killed Ganev in the last battle.

Even though he only had one arm, Ganev used his sword to attack me.  I re-summoned Daitouren and fought him with a series of [Attack] commands, but it was too much for me. No matter how many times I hit him, there’s a difference in strength between him and me.

I managed to hold my ground with a series of [Attack] commands, but I couldn’t overcome the difference in power, his attacks pushed me over the edge and I fell to the ground.

As I rolled on the ground pain seeped through my entire body. But that was not the point right now. Zint also attacked Ganev; they were both A-class warlords anyway. So, although they crossed swords, the difference in strength was a whopping three, he was immediately overpowered. Zint, who was well aware of this, made the worst decision of his life. He tried to make his attack successful by offering his chest and aiming for the moment when Ganev would stab him.

Zint grabbed the blade that had stabbed him in the chest with his bare hand and swung the sword at Ganev with his other hand. However Ganev gave up on the sword that Zint grabbed and immediately drew his other sword, blocking Zint’s attack. He then kicked Zint in the chest with his foot. That extremely fast sword drawing was Ganev’s greatest weapon. The moment Zint was stabbed in the chest, I got up to help him, but before I could run to him he fell on the ground.

“What, are you done? Try using that skill again. Why don’t you cut off the rest of my arm?”

Ganev had a confident look on his face. He did not think that he was going to lose against us. No, he was clearly enjoying the situation.

Is there a way out of this situation? Of course there is. Always be prepared for the worst. That’s what you have to do when you’re making plans. That’s why I had prepared insurance. The pendant-shaped treasure I borrowed from Yurasia! At first, she refused to lend it to me, but I borrowed it for this mission.

This treasure creates a powerful explosion and its smoke completely blocks the vision. If used on Ganev, he would have to protect himself from the treasure’s explosion. In such a situation, the surrounding area will be covered with smoke and he will not be able to see our movements.

“What’s the matter? Did you run out of mana? Then I’ll let you die. Of course, I won’t kill you so easily, so don’t worry. First, I’ll cut off your arm!”

I rushed to Zint’s side while preparing to activate the treasure.


Fortunately the sword missed Zint’s vitals and he was still alive.

“Don’t worry, I’ll kill you both.”

As he watched me, Ganev raised his sword to the sky. I knew it was time to take out the treasure from my pocket.

“Screw you……!”

But then Zint, who had been writhing around, screamed and finally sat up.

“I won’t let anyone touch……No one!”

Zint held the [Unnamed Sword] in his hand and ran towards Ganev before I could use the treasure.

“Zint, come back!”

I shouted, trying to get Zint to come back.

“You’ve given me so much!”

But he crossed swords with Ganev with a rash reply.

“The world has always been a test for me and Mirine. But you accepted us. I’d give any amount of my life for that! I like……you. And without……you, Mirine can’t live safely. So it doesn’t matter what happens to me. Run away!”

Zint said and ran towards Ganev’s legs. He was trying to buy time by holding on to his legs.

“Pfft! Cut the crap. You’re both going to die here. That fact remains unchanged!”

Zint desperately swung the [Unnamed Sword] as he ran. He was ready to die while stalling Ganev. At that very moment the [Unnamed Sword] he wielded began to glow. The earth shook and the surrounding soil turned into earth-colored swords identical with the [Unnamed Sword].

The soldiers who were standing within the range of the swords were pierced through their feet and all fell down. Even Ganev, who tried to shake off the earthen swords, couldn’t withstand the endlessly generated flurry of swords and leapt up into the sky. Then, the earthen swords chased after Ganev as if they were guided missiles.

The earth swords made many small wounds on Ganev’s body, even though he was able to shake them off. In addition, even when he escaped out of range, the earthen swords that were already aimed at him continued to attack him.

The power of each sword was not that great. But in large numbers, even Ganev couldn’t handle them. It was the kind of skill that could definitely kill him if he stayed within the range.

Zint’s martial force has increased with +1. Zint hadn’t been able to use Mana Skills even though he was a class A warlord. When Elheat had sparred with Zint, he had asked him why he didn’t use his mana skill. Since that day, Zint had been struggling with it a lot, but in the end, he hadn’t been able to use it.

I’m not sure if it was because of the [Unnamed Sword] or because he was prepared to die but this much I know for sure, Ganev was stranded and we had the perfect opportunity to escape.

“Zint get on!”

I rode my horse over to Zint, who was standing there with a surprised look on his face. The soldiers, startled by the power of the skill, were unable to stop us and we were able to flee smoothly to the south gate. Ganev, who had managed to get out of the skill range, tried to follow us, but we were too far away. I abandoned my horse and jumped straight onto the castle wall. This was quicker than opening the closed gates of the castle. The longer we delayed, the more we would have to deal with tens of thousands of soldiers as well as Ganev.

“Zint! Get on my back!”


“I don’t have time to explain! Just get on!”

With Zint on my back I jumped down the castle wall. Then, I activated [Invincibility for 30 seconds]. Normally, the bones in my legs would shatter the moment I landed on the ground, but with [Invincibility for 30 seconds] I was able to land without difficulty. Ganev and the enemy soldiers who had followed us to the top of the castle were astonished and did not pursue us any further.

Because in front of us was our army, which had completely surrounded the area around Rhonav Castle. I had killed Pohorizen and gained another level, which gave me points but I put their use on hold and met up with Fihatri, who was running towards me.

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