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I was sold at the lowest price C237

I was sold at the lowest price C237: The Three Greats / Kiyone


The battle is evenly matched. No, it looks like we have a slight advantage. However, this is probably only temporary, as the three greats of Elysia have yet to appear. Once they appear, the war situation will change drastically. It’s impossible for me to stop them alone. I decided that it would be better to go check on my father and Scarfi, even if I had to force myself to do so.

Leaving the battlefield to Yuta and Brunnhilde, I headed towards the forest where my father was. Entering the forest, I looked for Excalibur and Arondite. However, what I found there was……Elysia three greats!

At the same time I spotted them, they noticed Kiku-Ichimonji. The air became tense in an instant.

There was Yuto’s Ajura, Rosetta’s Agnia and Emesis Gaia. Of the three only Emesis had subordinates with him, but it didn’t matter if they were present or not, those three alone were definitely more troublesome than dealing with a hundred enemies. The thought of the upcoming battle made my hands sweat as I gripped the control ball.

The first to move was Rosetta’s Agnia. She wielded a ring-shaped weapon in both hands. Then a pillar of flames came at me, the temperature of Agnia’s flames melted the armor of my machine. I didn’t hesitate to avoid it, however, Emesis’s Gaia was waiting for me at the end of the evasion.

Gaia attacked me with a large hammer. The attack was so fast that I couldn’t imagine it from the size of the hammer, and my reaction was a little delayed. The hammer touched Kiku-Ichimonji’s shoulder just slightly. But that was all it took for the magicraft to receive an unbelievable impact. As the hammer struck the ground further, a shockwave was transmitted and Kiku-Ichimonji was blown away as a numbing sensation hit me.

I quickly adjusted my stance and prepared to counterattack but three of them moved to surround me. I stepped in hard and slashed at Rosetta’s Agnia. I judged it to be the least durable of the three and easy to defeat, but the other two would not allow it. Before the sword could reach Agnia, it was caught by Yuto’s Ajura.

As I was pushed backward by Ajura’s sword, Agnia blew out a burst of flame at Kiku Ichimonji. I avoided it, and this time I received a follow-up attack from Emesis’ Gaia. His hammer gouges out the ground near Kiku Ichimonji and the earth is blown backwards. In addition, Yuto’s sword strikes me while I am in a bad position. Although I managed to block the attack with my sword, I could not withstand the power of the sword strike, and Kiku Ichimonji was blown backwards.

I got up to take a defensive stance, but I saw Yuto’s Ajura in front of me, he was ready to attack.

Oh, no! By the time I thought that, it was already too late. Ajura’s sword swung out sharply and sliced off one of Kiku Ikimonji’s arms.

My father would not have screwed up like this……Realizing the difference between master and disciple, I tried to find a way to get out of this predicament with one hand.

It’s hard to believe that a one-armed Kiku-Ichimonji can win against the three greats of Elysia. There was no other way but to flee, but none of the three machines showed the slightest sign of an opening.

 In order to create a gap to retreat, and ask for help from Brunnhilde……I thought, but I sought help from a different person than the one I was thinking about.

“Yuta……I’m sorry…….”

Yuta responded quickly.

“What’s wrong Kiyone? What’s going on?”

I hesitated to ask for help here. My pride was getting in the way. However, even though I didn’t say anything, Yuta sensed something.

“Hold on a second! I’ll be right there!”

I recognize Yuta’s ability. He’s not a bad fighter, but it is also true that there is a limit to what he can do with Namakra. If I had to guess, I would say that Brunnhilde, who rides the triple Highlander’s exclusive Onimaru Kunitsuna, would have been a better choice to ask for help than Yuta, but I relied on Yuta.

I don’t know why…….Maybe it’s because I feel a power in Yuta that is similar to my father’s.

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