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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C4

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C4: Cheat study


When Knight Commander Ashcroft’s class began, the Commander……Mr. Ashcroft took an old fashioned wooden box from his teaching table.

“First, I’d like you all to put these on.”

When I opened the crate, there were rings neatly arranged in a row.

Mr. Ashcroft picked one of the rings.

“This is a magical artifact called the Ring of Possibility. When you wear it, you can make your cheats and abilities visible. You can also set cheats and abilities you don’t want to be seen to be invisible.”

The rings were handed out and the students put them on. I put mine on my right index finger, and the size of the ring contracted. Apparently, just like the military uniforms, it changes to the size of the wearer.

“Everyone, please remember to keep your rings on……”

Mr. Ashcroft lifted his right hand, and then a three-dimensional image appeared from the ring.


[Name] Seiji Aizawa

[Cheat] Repair Level 1

○ Able to repair broken objects.



Hmmm…I don’t know if it’s good or not.



A similar 3D image appeared in front of my neighbor.


Name: Shion Mikazuki

Level 1 Cat User

Cat Collector level 1

Feline manipulator “Susukinote” Level 1


Wow, that’s a cat-specific cheat.

The students were showing each other the 3D image and making a lot of noise. Then Mr. Ashcroft clapped his hands to silence everyone. It’s hard to get the class to be quiet in short homerooms, but to get them to shut up just by clapping his hands, that’s impressive.

“There are two main types of cheats: combat cheats and support cheats. Each cheat has a unique weapon, and a level, and as you gain experience, your level, abilities, and strength will increase.”


Unique weapon?

I look at my status screen, but I don’t see anything like that. All I see is a repair, a description, and a level of one.

“The cheat can be activated by willpower. First of all, let’s train you to use your cheat, and then let’s train you to fight according to the characteristics of your unique weapon.”

The students are having fun turning the 3D image on and off. The unique weapon……Huh, I guess I’m not really one of the chosen thirty, am I?


The next class is history with Anastasia-sensei. There are many things I want to know, such as why I was summoned to another world and why the Demon King appeared. Anastasia-sensei looks like a sorceress or a witch. She raised her triangular hat and narrowed her eyes behind her glasses.

“Now, let’s begin the lesson. First of all, why were you guys summoned? It’s because you, as otherworlders, appear to be given powerful cheats.”

The explanation of Professor Anastasia goes like this. Not only in this Ostrode Kingdom, but in the entire world, less than 30% of people are born with cheats. Therefore, a prophet long ago predicted that there would be a light of hope in a world different from this one. Then, a sorcerer with the power of summoning summoned otherworlders, and Japanese people like us were summoned.

“Actually, you all have powerful cheats. Hmmm, you all look amazing.”

Mmmm, Professor Anastasia’s smile is amazing too. Anyway, now I know why we were summoned.

“And there’s very little we know about the Seven Demon Lords…….What we do know is that the……Demon Lords have the power of ancient super-civilizations at their disposal.”

What the hell is that? I don’t understand. But it does tickle my fancy. Ancient super-civilization is a word that fascinates me as a social studies teacher. Anyway, in order to return home, we need to defeat the Demon Kings. I have to rely on my students, but I’ll do my best.


After that, we were divided into two groups, one with combat cheats and the other with support cheats, to discuss the training schedule for the future.

The location was the training center where the knights and sorcerers train. As for me, I don’t know what to do, so for the time being, I was mixed into the battle group.

“Teacher, are you okay?”

“Nakatsugawa, don’t underestimate your teacher, okay? Even though I look like this, I trained my body by working as a construction worker in high school and college. And after I became a teacher, I also went to the arcade as a hobby.”

“Ha, ha…….I thought the arcade had nothing to do with fighting.”

The battle cheat was half of the class, exactly fifteen people. Nakatsugawa and Shinohara are there, as well as Aoki.

“Aizawa Sensei, how are you going to fight with your cheat?”

“Shut up, Jojima. He’s a man. He’ll do it when he has to.”

“You’re so cool, sensei.”

“Iwaki, you too?”

Koutarou Jojima from the baseball team with his shaved head and Yota Iwashiro from the karate team with his short lion hair are making fun of me. Damn it, I’ll show them something good now.

Then Ashcroft-sensei came in front of the battle group.

“The first thing you need to do, ladies and gentlemen, is to manifest your ‘native weapon’. It’s easy to do, all you have to do is focus your consciousness inside yourself and hope for the best…….”

A cool one-handed sword appeared in Professor Ashcroft’s hand. I thought that her hand glowed for a second, but the sword already appeared in her hand.

“So let’s get to it, folks. Turn your attention inward to…….”


In the middle of her explanation, Nakatsugawa and Shinohara shouted. Then their hands glowed, Nakatsugawa hand holding a long sword decorated with gold, and Shinohara’s hand holding a purple, gory staff.

“No way, in an instant……”

Nakatsugawa and Shinohara looked at each other and laughed while I just stood there and did nothing.


A few hours later, all fifteen of them manifested their weapons. As expected, even Professor Ashcroft was impressed. She had expected it to take a few days for the weapons to appear.

“Very impressive. Now, let’s learn how to use the weapons.”

Then, a number of knights in armor entered the training center and started giving one-on-one instruction on weapons.

I was left behind and went to Professor Ashcroft, who was about to start teaching Nakatsugawa.

“………….Um, I’m…”

“Uh, you’re the teacher, right? Your cheat is…..”


“Repair…….Hmm, I’ve never heard of that cheat. It’s a cheat for fixing broken things?”

“Yes.” I couldn’t fix the broken vase, though. Thinking for a moment, Professor Ashcroft gave a small nod.

“Then you’ll do the basic training with Nakatsugawa and the cheat training with the support group.”

Oh, that’s great. I can see all the students and work on my body and my cheats at the same time.

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