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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C54

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C54: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (17)


As soon as I jumped down from the castle wall and joined the army, I sent Zint to the military doctor and then gave orders to my army.

“Form a horizontal formation and surround the castle! Do not approach without my orders!”

It was impossible for the enemy to hold out in the castle. There was no food for them, and they would only starve to death if they persevered. So they had no choice but to come out. With sustenance available, they would have tried to save their strength before coming out but they have been starving for 5 days. In other words, besieging them would not make any sense.

But without provisions, it was the other way around. It was the enemy who was in a hurry. Moreover, the fact that there were no rations made them panic even more.

[Bridget’s Royal Army]

[Morale: 10]

As a result, their morale was down to 10. Naturally, the enemy would come out to break the siege and escape. If that happened, we would have the advantage. No matter how much of a difference there was in the training level, if there was this much of a difference in morale, we could win even on level ground. The situation was reversed, in other words, we could aim to annihilate the enemy that was coming out of Rhonav Castle.

Of course, the Royal Army of Bridget knew that the longer they were inside the castle, the more disadvantaged they would be. So their decision was quick. The enemy eventually came out of the south gate. Perhaps they realized that it would be reckless to march on the capital again without food, so they went in the opposite direction. They were probably trying to retreat to another occupied territory to get food.

“Maintain the formation at the south gate. The troops in the other directions should rush from behind and flank them!”

The horizontal formation is not a difficult formation. The soldiers were able to use it even with a low level of training. Fortunately for us, we only need to use the easiest formations for now.

“Fire the arrows!”

With a morale boost, they could hold the line, but with a morale of only 10, it was impossible. The enemy’s numbers began to dwindle as they were hit by arrows without being able to set up a defensive position.

[Kingdom of Bridget’s Army]

[Troops: 19,231]

[Training level: 80]

[Morale: 5]

The number of remaining enemies is 19,231.

“We will destroy the enemy! They are just hungry soldiers, there is nothing to fear!”

I gave the order to charge after I had showered them with all my arrows. Then, my army and the enemy clashed head-on. The momentum of the Royal Army of Roserun was tremendous as they fought with gritted teeth, determined to avenge their dead comrades who had followed Eurasia. After about three hours of head-to-head confrontation, the outcome was already in sight.

[Royal Army of Bridget, 4,311]

[Allied forces 24,931]

The enemy lost the will to fight and ran away, as the gap widened, a one-sided pursuit began. It was truly an overwhelming victory. The strategy this time was to deliberately trap the enemy in Rhonav Castle with the aim of annihilating them. Of course, I wasn’t going to let it end here. I didn’t intend to let Bautor and Ganev get away so easily.

* * *

I didn’t join the team that had been formed to pursue the retreating Bautor since it was impossible to kill Bautor because of Ganev. If we blocked his retreat and attacked him with tens of thousands of soldiers at once, we would have nothing to fear from Ganev. However, it was not so easy to chase after him on the open plains.

I decided to use another strategy to end this war. In fact, it was the first strategy I came up with when I made a big speech in front of the King of Lunan about taking over Bridget. It was a strategy that I had planned to use when the enemy retreated, as long as I could raise morale in Roserun and win the war.

Of course, it was a gamble. Without a gamble, it was impossible to destroy the Bridget Kingdom in a short period of time. No matter how many great victories I obtain, if I pursued the fleeing enemy and attacked the Bridget Kingdom head-on, I would have to take over many territories one by one.

My strategy, unlike such a straightforward attack, if successful, could take down Bridget in one shot! Even though it was a gamble, it was a gamble worth taking. I summoned Lunan’s reinforcements and held a meeting.

“As I’m sure all of you know, the Bridget Kingdom is further south than Roserun, and there’s a huge mountain range on the border between Roserun and Bridget.”

After the fall of the ancient kingdom, the founding families of Roserun and Bridget drew their border in this mountain range. This mountain range is called the Kuril Mountains and it’s a rocky mountainous region.

“The border between the Kingdom of Bridget and Roserun is in the southeastern part of Roserun, the end point of the mountain range, and Bautor retreated to that very spot.”

The royal capital of Roserun is in the northwest. This meant that in order to get there, we had to go to the southeast. Furthermore, the royal capital of the Bridget Kingdom is in the southwest. They built their royal capital in a natural fortress with the Kuril Mountains to the north and the coastal terrain to the south. Therefore, the king of Bridget had to move to the southeast and then move further west. The terrain is such that he would have to make a large detour to reach his own capital.

“I’m planning to overtake the retreating enemy army. From here, the royal capital of Roserun, I will march straight south to the royal capital of Bridget, take it, and then meet the retreating enemy army.”

I was planning to enter the enemy’s royal capital first, pretending to be the retreating army of the Bridget Kingdom by using the countless enemy uniforms scattered at the site of the fierce battle.

“But, General! The Krill Mountains are famous for their steepness and difficulty. Isn’t it well known even in the Lunan Kingdom?”

Fihatri asked in a concerned tone.

“If we can cross the border fast enough, we can seize the royal capital of Bridget, kill the king, throw the whole of Bridget into chaos, and easily destroy it. Isn’t the purpose of our Lunan army to conquer Bridget? It’s a challenge that’s worth trying, considering what will happen if we succeed. And with the current morale, I believe we can pull it off. Listen, Fihatri, it’s up to the commanders to lead their men across the mountain range. Aren’t you willing to test your limits?”

At my words, Fihatri stared at me for a while, thinking about something.

“……I’ll give it a try. If this method succeeds, it is only a matter of time before the destruction of the Bridget Kingdom.”

“That’s the way it is. Report it to His Highness the Duke as such.”

“It’s ……! Did you know that?”

Fihatri asked back with a surprised look on his face.

“Considering your position, it is only natural that you report to Duke Ronan. Do what you have to do and be prepared. It will be cold on top of the mountain range, so don’t forget your warm clothes. Our battle begins here, Fihatri.”

“I will use all my military experience to prepare the troops.”

Fihatri nodded his head and left the conference room with the other commanders. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy. But Hannibal had also crossed the Alps in the Punic Wars and won. Besides, it was hard to believe that the Kuril Mountains were steeper than the Alps. For the sake of my goal of making this world mine I have to do it. As I was thinking about this, Yurasia opened her mouth as if she had been waiting for the other commanders to leave.

“In that case, can I come with you?”

“Your Highness?”

“Please let me come!”

Yurasia nodded strongly but I was against it. This wasn’t the kind of war she should participate in since she was still injured.

“The war in Roserun has been won, so there is no need for Your Highness to take any more risks. Your Highness is injured and exhausted, it would be too reckless to follow an army that would have to cross a mountain range in such a condition. Your Highness, from here on, this is Lunan’s war.”

“No, sir. Bridget is as good as an enemy to Roserun. There have been many massacres in the border town before. Considering all that, I think it is my duty to see Bridget’s end. Please. It will be enough for me to rest my body afterwards!”

Well, that’s true, no matter what anyone says, this war was largely won due to her efforts. If she hadn’t raised morale, it would have been difficult to motivate the soldiers of Roserun, and we wouldn’t have been able to push the enemy into a corner so easily. There was no need to refuse her if she wanted to come so badly.

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