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I was sold at the lowest price C238

I was sold at the lowest price C238: The Great Sword That Doesn’t Move / Kiyone


The three greats of Elysia would not wait for Yuta to come to my rescue and their relentless attacks continued.

Rosetta’s Agnia sprays flames to attack me but I moved out of the way to avoid the flames spreading over a wide area. Yuto’s Ajura saw this and followed Kiku Ichimonji perfectly.

In order to restrain Ajura’s movements, I swung my sword while moving. My sword was not strong enough and it was easily flicked back. This did not slow down Ajura’s pursuit, so it was meaningless. Furthermore, a large lump of earth suddenly rose up in front of me. I jumped to the side to avoid it. It seemed that he had read that move, and Emesis’ Gaia was waiting for me.

A large hammer is brought down and I dove to the side to avoid the powerful blow. As I avoided it, Agnia’s flames rained down on me and the sound of hail hitting the roof echoed, damaging Kiku Ichimonji’s body.

I retreated to avoid the flaming debris, however, Yuto’s Ajura pursued me. As soon as he closed the distance between us, he swung his sword horizontally and attacked. I quickly parried the powerful blow with my sword. However, I could not withstand it with my one-armed Kiku Ichimonji and the sword left my hand and was flung away.

Ajura swung his sword further at the unarmed Kiku-Ichimonji and I leapt backwards to avoid the attack. I couldn’t avoid it completely and my body started to feel numb from the impact. The three greats were approaching me slowly and without haste, as if thinking that the battle was already won.

I won’t last until Yuta arrives……Even if Yuta arrives in time, Kiku-Ichimonji will not have the strength left to escape…….Then Yuta, who comes to help, will be in danger. I noticed that and tried to tell him not to come to my aid but then I spotted Excalibur in the corner of the screen…

For a moment, I thought that father had come to my rescue, but Excalibur was just standing there. Father was not on it, I knew that right away.

It’s abnormal for him to be out of his magicraft in this situation. In addition, I can’t see Scarfi’s Arondite, who is supposed to be with him. My heart palpitated violently and my anxiety was spreading….An unpleasant sensation filled my mind.

Something has happened to father, something so serious that he couldn’t even get on his magicraft. I wanted to rush over there right away. However, the three greats would not let me do so.

I was about to give up halfway through, but I couldn’t just let them take me down. I decided to get up and make a last ditch effort.

Perhaps thinking that I had already lost the will to move, they showed some agitation when they saw Kiku Ichimonji standing up. But it was only for a moment, and they immediately moved to finish me off.

I could barely avoid the blow of Emesis’ Gaia hammer, but I couldn’t even react to Yuto’s Ajura sword. Ajura’s sword easily cut off Kiku Ichimonji’s leg. Losing one of his legs, Kiku Ichimonji lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Rosetta’s flames sprayed on it and the high temperature gradually melted down Kiku Ichimonji armor. I escaped from the flames by rolling away but Gaia kicked me with no mercy. In addition, the hammer struck the lower half of the Kiku Ichimonji violently. The blow deformed half of his body into a squishy shape, and he was no longer able to stand up.

It’s over.

Just as I thought this, I heard Yuta’s voice.

“Kiyone! Are you okay?”

At the same time, Namakra leaped in front of the three greats.


The little Namakra holds his sword up to Yuto’s Ajura. It was a small machine, but to me it looked big.

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