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I was sold at the lowest price C239

I was sold at the lowest price C239 – Unexpected


I felt a sense of urgency in Kiyone’s communication. Apparently, she had some kind of strange pride, and although she didn’t say it clearly, she seemed to be in a very bad situation.

The battle situation over here has been fierce with a lot of melee fighting going on, but with the three greats of the Elysian Empire not here, the loss of me alone will have no effect on the battle situation. Namakra quickly made his way to the forest where dad and Kiyone had gone.

Kiyone’s situation was worse than I had expected. Or perhaps I should say the worst. Kiyone’s Kiku-Ichimonji had lost one arm and one leg. The lower half of the fuselage was torn to shreds. There was damage here and there, and it didn’t look like she could move. It was the three greats of the Elysian Empire who had driven Kiyone to that point and were now about to finish off Kiku Ichimonji.

“Kiyone! Are you okay?”


Thank God, there was a reply. Relieved to see that she was alive, I jumped in front of Kiku Ichimonji with my Namakra. With the obvious difference in performance, the three greats were not wary of Namakra. I wondered if I had a chance to win if I exploited the gap in their minds that there was no way they could lose.

“I’m sorry, Yuta! My father’s Excalibur is……not in sight, nor is my father’s or Scarfi……I can’t move Kiku Ichimonji anymore, so I am going to abandon the magicraft and go to my father!”

“All right. I’ll take care of this, Kiyone can go to dad!”

I need to at least buy Kiyone time to get out of Kiku Ichimonji. I hold up my sword to intimidate the three greats.

“Hahahaha~ This is just too funny! It looks like he’s really trying to fight the three of us. Oh yeah, I remember now. This is the guy who scratched my Gaia in the last fight. Looks like I gave him the wrong impression.”

“Emesis, don’t let your guard down. Even though he’s on a magicraft like this, he’s definitely a member of the Sword Clan.”

“I’m not going to let my guard down. I’m only here to repay you for that time.”

I put my energy and concentration into my sword and released it.


The blow aimed at Emesis’ Gaia abdomen, he didn’t dodge and a piece of metal flew off, creating a gash in Gaia abdomen.

“Ah! That’s it. I almost forgot! You’ve done it not once, but twice!”

Gaia counterattacked with a large hammer. It would be reckless to take this with a sword. I leaped to the side to avoid it.

Agnia’s flames attacked me as I tried to avoid the hammer. I’m not going to allow the flames that could easily melt Namakra’s armor to touch me so I leapt further and rolled to avoid them. But there was Yuto’s Ajura waiting for me.

Ajura attacked with an irregular uppercut-like technique but I blocked it with my sword. I also felt a heavy thud, but I managed to take it. Yuto also pushed his sword and tried to overpower Namakra.

I could hear the creaking sound of the magicraft. It’s impossible for Namakra to resist with its strength so I drew my sword and stepped back. Then I aimed for the moment when Ajura stepped in and came at me. I saved my energy and released it all at once.

I wouldn’t get many chances so I wanted to defeat Ajura with this one blow.


But the moment I put my mind to it, I heard a buzzing sound, and my body became weak. It was difficult for me to stand, let alone wield a sword.

Even though they were in the middle of a battle, something in Namakra’s body seemed to have broken.…

With Namakra barely able to stand, there was no way I could compete with the three greats. The head of the Namakra was cut off by a swing of Yuto’s Ajura sword, then blasted by Gaia’s hammer, and finally burned by Agnia’s flames.

The heat from Agnia’s flames could be felt inside the cockpit. As I began to fear that I was going to be burned to death, the flames seemed to subside and the temperature dropped.

I couldn’t see what was going on around me because my head was destroyed, but it seemed that they didn’t want to further attack Namakra. The heat from the burning flames seemed to have cooled down and I decided to go outside.

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