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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C6

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C6: Unforeseen circumstances


Group 4 consisted of me, Nakatsugawa, Aoki, Mikazuki, Iwashiro, and Midori Shimoyama, a girl with pigtails from the handicraft club.

The battle group consisted of Nakatsugawa, Aoki, and Iwashiro. The support group consisted of Mikazuki and Shimoyama, our group was quite well balanced. The knight who leads the group is Ashcroft’s subordinate and the first captain of the Ostrode Knights, Knight Agertram. I’m not sure what to make of this, but I’m sure it’s a good idea. Damn it, all the knights in this world are good looking……..

“The first level is home to the Green Goblins. Please be careful.”

The handsome knight, Agertram, advised us.

With Nakatsugawa in the lead, we advance. I was walking in the middle of the line, holding a lantern.



“Teacher, be quiet.”

Nakatsugawa stopped and narrowed his eyes. Aoki and Iwashiro also sensed something, and that was when Mikazuki two cats let out a roar.





Aoki suddenly threw a knife towards the darkness, and then I heard a creepy scream of desperation.

“Huh, you little bastard!”

“What the hell?”

Then, as Iwashiro thrust his fist into the darkness, I heard the scream of desperation again. I turned on the lantern and found…….

“What the hell is this……?”

“This must be the Green Goblins.”

“Well done, that was a fine piece of work.”

On the floor was a green goblin with a knife lodged in his throat. When I turned the lantern to the other side, I saw another goblin with a broken neck lying on the floor.

Seriously, Aoki and Iwashiro, you took them down with no lights on? No, no, this was my mistake.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…..”

“Don’t worry, Sensei. I didn’t need lights to know they were there.”

“Yeah. We’re getting stronger after all.”

Aoki and Iwashiro smiled at each other. They really don’t seem to mind.

“More importantly, is this a goblin?”

“It’s kind of gross…….Oh, don’t touch it.”

Nakatsugawa looked at the goblin and gently pulled it away as Mikazuki cat was about to touch it.


Only Shimoyama was too nervous to move. It was understandable. She’s not the type to take the initiative, and she’s the quiet one in the class.

“So, let’s just move on…….”

To be honest, I felt like going home.


We then proceeded underground with trepidation. There was no problem with the monsters, as the two cats of Mikazuki, Nakatsugawa and the others had sensed their presence and dealt with them. I was the one who didn’t do anything.

“Oh, there it is.”

“Yeah. That’s the way to the lowest level.”

As we proceeded through the ruins, we came across an unusually long horizontal staircase. It’s the same staircase we took when we went down to the second floor, which means it’s the staircase to the third floor, the lowest level.

We planned to head down there and turn back after some fighting.


“Nakatsugawa? What’s up?”

“………No, there’s something on my mind.”

Unlike Aoki and Iwashiro, who were happily making a fuss about the easy victory, Mikazuki, who was walking while holding a cat, and Shimoyama, who was walking while looking enviously at the cat, Nakatsugawa was much more cautious.

Then the knight Agertram said.

“Dungeons are unpredictable, observation is the most important thing. It’s also important to speak up and share information with your allies.”


Nakatsugawa says, looking around at everyone.

“Um, we’re already at the lowest level, aren’t we………so why aren’t any of the teams coming back?”

The next moment, a roar shook our bodies.


We were in the fourth group, more than an hour behind the first group that came in. There’s only one staircase down to the basement, so we’re bound to pass each other at some point on their way back.

At the sound of the roar, the voice of knight Agertram changed.

“I’m heading to the lowest level, you evacuate to the surface. Meet up with the fifth and sixth teams on the way and inform Commander Ashcroft of this.”

“Hey……I’m coming with you!”

“No. This is an unpredictable situation. Your overwhelming inexperience is slowing me down at the moment.”


I understand how Nakatsugawa feels, but it’s better to follow his advice here. Yes, Nakatsugawa and the others are…….

“Nakatsugawa, do what the knight Agertram says and get out.”


“Knight Agertram, I’m coming with you.”

“No, you can’t.”

“My students are down there!”

I don’t have any power. I’ve been relying on my students until now, but just because I’m holding a lantern doesn’t mean I’m not of any use to them. If I’m going to the lowest level, it’s better to take Nakatsugawa and the others with me, of course, but I can’t do that.

“I don’t care if they are powerful, they are my precious students. I promised I’d get them home……so I’m going even if I have to fight you.”

This is my determination. This is the resolve of Seiji Aizawa, the teacher who swore to bring his students home.

“…………you are a wonderful and honorable man.”

“Thank you. Shall we go?”


“Sensei Aizawa, you’re too cool for your own good!”

“Sensei, you’re shining so bright.”

Mikazuki, Iwaki, and Aoki stand next to me, and Nakatsugawa too.

“Aizawa-sensei, you may not know it, but the 30 of us all feel the same way. We’ll go home without missing a single person……So we’re coming, too.”


This guy’s got guts for a handsome fellow, but that’s not something I would say.

“But you can also contact…….”

“I can do that. With my cheat, I can meet up with everyone without encountering any monsters…….”

Shimoyama raised her hand cautiously, and everyone paid attention. Perhaps embarrassed, she curled up.

“Okay, Shimoyama, you’re in charge…….please.”

“Yes, sir.”


Knight Agertram held his head and let out a sigh.


Down to the lowest level, even I could tell.

“Ugh……..I’m so tense.”

“Knight Agertram this is……”

“…………you idiot.”

I have a really bad feeling about this because the handsome knight said “idiot”. Nakatsugawa and the others were also alarmed, and proceeded down the passageway guided by knight Agertram.


I was observing the passage as I went along. I noticed that there were almost no damaged parts, even though it was called a ruin. It was dark so I couldn’t see much, but the passage was smooth like tiles and the walls were made of the same material.

It was not a tense situation, but I asked a question to Knight Agertram.

“Um, what are these ruins?”

“……The details are unknown. It seems to have existed at the time of a super ancient civilization, but as you can see, there are only three levels and it is not an intricate labyrinth. The monsters that live there are the weakest of the G class, so it is a ruin for new knights and adventurers to test their skills.”

“I see…….”

Adventurers, do they exist in other worlds after all? I don’t care about that. Now is not the time to be thinking about ruins.

“This is not a drill, and from the looks of it, there are probably monsters of D class or higher.”

Knight Agertram draws the sword at his waist. Nakatsugawa and the others also materialized their unique weapons and took the utmost precaution.

“Sensei, please be careful.”


We arrived at a slightly larger circular room.

“It’s a big place…….”

“Yes. This is the farthest you’ll go. There’s a sign of…….”


While everyone was getting ready to go, I staggered and put my hand on the wall. Then a burst of static electricity flashed, and a piece of the wall fell.

I found something strange there. There was a hollow in the back of the circular wall, and there was something embedded in it. Looking closely, I could see that it was made of a sparkling jewel-like material, and it was shaped like a star.

“Um, what is that……?”

“…….I don’t know. I’ve never seen it before.”

Knight Agertram was also surprised, but he quickly turned his face back to the innermost entrance. I could see that he wasn’t interested in that…I on the other hand couldn’t help but notice the jewel.

“What is…..this?”

I reach for the starry jewel. It’s strange, it’s as if I have to take this…….


The moment I touched the jewel, a strange geometric pattern ran across it for a moment. Then the jewel embedded in the wall fell, and I caught it.

“Sensei what are you doing?”

“Oh, my bad…….”

Iwashiro called me and I put the jewel in my pocket.


This was the moment when the Knight Agertram kicked down the iron door.


There was a monster out there. It was over three meters tall, covered in muscles and hair, with a crazy face like that of a mad cow. In his hands, he held an axe of ridiculous size and shouted menacingly.


Knight Agertram grunted.

I saw the students fighting in the vicinity of the beast. A total of fifteen students from groups one, two, and three, along with three knights leading them, were fighting with wounds all over their bodies.


I shouted, and some of them turned around, looking surprised.


“Hey, Nakatsugawa, give me a hand!”

“This bull’s strong!”

“Damn it!”

Mikazuki shouted.


“E……Shion! Don’t come!”

Akane Shinohara, Mikazuki’s best friend and one of the strongest of the 30.

I hurriedly pushed Mikazuki to the ground.

“Idiot, don’t go in there without thinking!”

“But Akane…Akane!”

“It’s okay…….”

Nakatsugawa stepped forward with his unique weapon, the “Million Blade,” a holy sword of light.

“I’ll take him down.”

And so the battle began.

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