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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C7

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C7: Cool to the end

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A monster, that was all I could think of. A minotaur is a bovine beast that is commonly used in many monster movies and now it’s right there in front of me as a real being.

“Agertram, give me a hand.”

“Yes, sir.”

Knight Agertram jumped out earlier than Nakatsugawa and linked up with the leading knights of the other squads. If there were four knights, could they handle it?

“Team 4, get the other teams away from here, quickly.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Aoki and Iwashiro, who were more than a little intimidated by the minotaur, saluted and went to the side of the fallen student with their weapons.

“You can do it.”

“Don’t worry——can do it.”

“———I understand. But your mission is to support us. Okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

That guy is ridiculously brave. Or is he just an overconfident idiot? Anyway, I pull the students and lead them near the door that Knight Agertram kicked open so that they can escape quickly.


“Thank God you’re okay, Shion——”

“That’s my line, idiot.”

“I’m sorry——“

I check the status of everyone’s injuries. For the time being, it seems that none of the students are seriously injured. I’m really glad. In the meantime, I asked Shinohara, who was hugging Mikazuki, about the situation.

“Shinohara, what’s going on? I thought there were only G-class monsters here?”

“I don’t know——That thing just appeared out of nowhere. When we, the first team, tried to turn back after fighting the monster on this lowest level, it appeared in this space without warning——”

“How is that—–?”

Shinohara’s body is trembling. It’s not unreasonable for a girl of sixteen forced into a situation where she has to fight a monster that has suddenly appeared.

“Anyway, leave that minotaur monster to the knights⁉”

Suddenly, I felt a heat in the right pocket of my pants. It quickly subsided, but I was curious and stuck my hand in the pocket.


It’s a gem I found earlier, a crystal that looks like clear, star-shaped glass, it’s like it’s alive.

“Sir, what do we do?”

“Uh, oh——just get to a safe place.”

I see the knights and Nakatsugawa fighting the Minotaur.

“Nakatsugawa, take it easy, come back here.”


Nakatsugawa usually does mock battles with Ashcroft-sensei, but even I can see that he’s not moving fast enough. That’s right, he may be able to move well in training, but this is a real battle. It’s an exchange of lives. In fact, Ashcroft’s subordinates, the knights, were moving better than Nakatsugawa.

“Back off, Nakatsugawa. We’ll take care of this.”


“Don’t you get it yet?”

“I’m sorry.”

Knight Agertram tells him ruthlessly.

He was doing this for Nakatsugawa’s sake. I could clearly understand his kindness. But the fact that he was confronted in the middle of battle slowed down Nakatsugawa’s movements.


“Oh shit…”


The Minotaur’s great axe strikes Nakatsugawa.


Knight Agertram slipped in between the great axe and Nakatsugawa and kicked Nakatsugawa away. Then, in a precarious position, he intercepted the great axe with his sword.



In the next moment the knight’s left arm was severed from his shoulder. Fresh blood flowed and soaked Nakatsugawa’s face.

“Knight Agertram, retreat, we’ll seal this place off.”

One of the knights came to my side with Nakatsugawa in his arms.

“Sensei, please take care of him.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Retreat from here. We’ll trap the Minotaur in this space and seal the door with magic. After that, we’ll have no choice but to organize a strike force and take care of him.”

I listened as I supported the stunned Nakatsugawa. Surely, that’s the only way.


“Agertram, get a grip.”

Another knight came to support knight Agertram while the remaining one is restraining the minotaur with some kind of glowing chain. Perhaps that’s a cheat, too.

“Agertram, the sealing spell…”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do any magic in this condition.”

“It’s going to have to be you, me, Zayd, and Gain.”


It seems that the knight who pulled Nakatsugawa is Zayd, the one who is restraining the minotaur with a glowing chain is Gain, and the knight who is lending his shoulder to knight Agertram is Ravyn.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, we have an emergency. The door will be sealed with magic soon, please remain calm and leave the room.”

Knight Zayd tells us.

“Everyone calm down, calm down and listen to the knight. Come on, Nakatsugawa, stand up and walk by yourself.”

I said to my students.


“Nakatsugawa, stand up straight!”


Then knight Gain who was controlling the chains came over to us. The minotaur is strangled by the chains, but there was a creaking sound.

“We can’t hold out much longer, leave quickly!”

The students dove through the broken door into the next room while the three held up their hands.

“Okay, let’s do this…breathe in sync…sealing magic is not my area of expertise.”

The hands of the three knights glowed faintly, and the magic circle that appears when they activate magic unfolded. It seems that the sealing magic cannot be activated by one person.


The minotaur flailed and the glowing chain made a tinkling sound, then it burst into pieces and disappeared.

” My Tartarus has been destroyed.”

“Concentrate. We’re almost——“

“Once it’s sealed, it’s——“

The minotaur turned and looked at me. The seal is not yet complete and if they don’t finish it we’ll be in trouble.

“Almost there, almost there——What?”

Knight Gain saw something unbelievable. It wasn’t just Knight Gain, but me, the students, and the severely injured Knight Agertram, were all surprised to see it.


It was a white cat. Mikazuki’s cat slipped through the door while the knights were performing sealing magic, and entered the room where the Minotaur was.


Mikazuki’s despairing voice was heard. She seemed to have just realized that the cat was no longer at her feet and the sealing spell was nearing completion.

Knight Gain said.

“Give it up————“

I must be an idiot. I really want to return my students to their homes. Even if they make fun of me, I am still a teacher who protects my students. Protecting them means more than just saving their lives. I don’t want them to look sad, so I protect their smiles. I think this is also the duty of a teacher.


So I jumped out. It didn’t matter if it was the seal at the entrance or the Minotaur. I jumped into the Minotaur’s room to save Mikazuki’s cat.

I caught the cat and threw it towards the entrance. Throwing animals is not a good idea, but it’s an emergency, so give me a break.

“Sorry, you’re on your own now, Nakatsugawa.”

Then the seal was complete, and I was left in the minotaur’s room.


The sealed metal door hadn’t faltered. I wasn’t trying to open it, I was trying to make sure it wouldn’t be breached by the minotaur great axe. I wondered if I could have remained a teacher until the end.



Strangely, I was not afraid of the Minotaur in front of me. Was I so scared that my head was screwed up? I was more worried about the students than afraid.

“———I need a beer.”

I sat down on the floor and put my hands on my head. If I had any regrets, it was that I would have liked to have eaten more of the delicious food of the other world. The ale wasn’t bad, but it was thin, and I could have found some whiskey or soju.

“Well ——can’t help it.”

The minotaur is coming towards me, it’s going to eat me or kill me. I want to be eaten so that my students won’t see my dead body.

“———ha ha.”

The distance between me and the minotaur is less than ten meters. I’m starting to cry. Is this the end of my life?

The next moment, my hand, which was touching the floor, emitted light.


The hand that touched the floor glowed, and geometric letters and numbers were colorfully drawn all over the floor of the room. Mosaic-like light and aurora-like rippling light filled the space.

“What the hell is happening?”

This is not a magic circle that appears when magic is used. This can’t be it.

“This——–is English, Japanese, and numbers are also the language of—–Earth.”

The words that fill the space are unmistakably a language I know.

『BOO⁉ BOOOOーーーッ⁉』

The minotaur is confused.

Is it really possible?

“You don’t mean———‘Repair’?”

I “repaired” something in this room by running it across the floor. The cheat that was never activated has been triggered here.


Suddenly, the room became bright, a bright white light, like a fluorescent lamp. And that wasn’t the only change in the room. The floor in the middle of me and the Minotaur cracked open like a mechanical device, and something came up from the ground.

“What the hell is———?”

It was a cylindrical container, made of clear glass, like an incubator. There was something inside——what?


It was a naked girl.

She had long silver hair and a nude body without a stitch of clothing. She was probably about 16 years old, and quite stylish. But that’s not the most surprising part.

“You’re kidding——This is…”

The girl’s right arm was not human. From the right shoulder to the fingertips, it was a machine-like arm. The thinness of the mechanical arm made it look as if it had been stripped of its skin. I was fascinated by the girl, but the Minotaur was no fool.


He raised his greataxe and rushed toward the incubator containing the girl.

“Oh no!”

“Defense system activated. Electromagnetic restraints initiated.”


Then four pillars appeared to surround the Minotaur, and electricity flowed through them like a cage. As I watched in amazement, a voice came from the incubator.

Repair rate 65%. Automatic repair system shut down. The Valkyrie Heart mental core has been lost. Cannot reboot.

“Could it be that——this girl is a robot?”

I slowly approached the incubator. Strangely, I wasn’t afraid of the Minotaur. I looked at my right hand——and gently placed it on the console part of the incubator and reminded myself. The thought that it might be possible drove me.

“Special cheat confirmed. Cheat name “Repair” confirmed.”

Then, the girl’s right arm began to change. White skin covered her arm from the fingertips, as if it was a video playing backwards.

“Repair rate 100%. Cannot reboot. Please activate the Valkyrie Heart.”

“Oh———-could it be?”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a clear star-shaped gem. Then, the console part slid out, revealing a hole to insert something.

“It’s———All right.”

I put in the jewel, and it was swallowed by the hole.

[“Valkyrie Heart” confirmed. Electronic brain check. Memory circuits partially lost. The “Maiden God Sword Excalibur Acceptance” is ready for use. Final confirmation complete, code04 warrior maiden android “Brunnhilde” activated.]


As soon as the voice of the incubator ended, the pillar of electricity that held the Minotaur in place was shattered by the great axe.

“Oh, shit.”


The minotaur made a straight line for the incubator, causing me to fall on my butt. And then the great axe swung down on the incubator.

“Danger G. Exterminate.”

The girl caught the large axe that destroyed the incubator with her bare hands.

“Summoning Special Armament.”

The girl held out her right arm to the side. Then the geometric patterns and mosaic-like light converged to reveal a single large sword.

“—— it’s huge!”

It’s a huge sword, about two meters long. But the decorations were strange. It didn’t look like a sword that had been hammered by a blacksmith, but a mechanical sword that had been created by a group of engineers using the best of science.

“Maiden Divine Sword Excalibur Acceptance Activated. I will destroy the G monsters.”

The girl swung her sword horizontally. With that, the Minotaur disappeared.

I don’t know what the logic was, but the Minotaur disappeared as if it had evaporated.

“Battle is over. Check all parts. No problem.”


I looked at the naked girl with my buttocks on the ground. This is the first time I’ve met the warrior maiden type android Brunnhilde.

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