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I was sold at the lowest price C241

I was sold at the lowest price C241 – Father and Child. Master and disciple




After a long period of silence, I finally spoke up and ran up to father. Perhaps he heard me and Kiyone, but he reacted a little. He’s alive! I had been despairing from the impact of his appearance, but now that I knew he was still alive, I felt a surge of hope.

I slowly picked up my. Kiyone brought her face close to dad’s and spoke to him.

“Yo……yo……Kiyone……and Yuta with you, too……just wanted to talk to you two.”

“Well, I’m happy to report that……Scarfi and I had a serious match, and……he landed a brilliant blow…When did he grow up like that….?”

“Damn……father! A serious match……a brilliant one……what are you talking about!”

Kiyone said in a hushed tone, as if she had doubts about father’s words.

“If it’s……then why is father’s scar on his back? In a serious match, no matter how many spectacular techniques you receive, there is no way you would show your back!”

As Kiyone had said, dad’s sword wound was on his back. It would be impossible for my father to be attacked in the back in a serious match.

“Nothing makes me happier than the growth of my apprentice…….Scarfi has a difficult heart, but he’s grown up beautifully……”

The old man didn’t answer Kiyone’s question, but talked nonchalantly about Scarfi. He seemed to have lost a lot of blood and was in a daze. The memory of the serious match might be a false one, created by his dazed consciousness.

Either way, it’s not safe to go on like this. We need to get him into a medical capsule right away…….

“Kiyone, let’s carry father to Musashi.”

As I said this, I put father on his back. Kiyone nodded deeply and supported him from behind.

“Then let’s use Excalibur’s communications to have someone come and get us.”

Kiyone said as she walked over to Excalibur.

“No, we’ll never make it. Let’s take Excalibur and go straight to Musashi.”

“Yuta, Excalibur’s activation Ludia value is 50,000. I’m sorry, but even I can’t move it.”

“It’s okay. I’ll take care of Excalibur. Kiyone, hold the wound and stop the bleeding.”

Kiyone looked surprised when I said that. Then she asked me,

“Yuta……how high is your Ludia value?”

“Over a million. There’s no magicraft I can’t move.”

“Damn, did father know about that……?”

“I’ve told father.”

When I said that, Kiyone burst into ragged tears and began to cry. When I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, she said,

“Maybe father asked you to protect me because he really wanted you to protect me, regardless of……gender. I think father knew this would happen……so he thought about what would come after he was gone…….”

“Kiyone! Dad’s not dead yet!”

Dad’s still alive. I have no intention of giving up.

“I’m sorry…….”

Kiyone apologized with more tears streaming down her face.

“Just talk to father. He’s in danger of losing consciousness!”

Kiyone stopped the bleeding and talked to father, that’s how we managed to get to Excalibur. The two of us carried father into the cockpit of Excalibur.

Kiyone held the old man next to the seat so that he wouldn’t move. She was talking to him while continuing to stop the bleeding. I sat down in the pilot seat and placed my hand on the control ball of Excalibur. A high-pitched squeal sounded, and power was supplied to the equipment in the cockpit.

“Kiyone, let’s go! Hold on to father!”

Kiyone nodded silently. Perhaps sensing that his master was in danger, Excalibur stood up vigorously and responded to my feelings.

It’s okay…….If we can get him to the medical capsule, he’ll definitely survive. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

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