I was sold at the lowest price C242

I was sold at the lowest price C242

I was sold at the lowest price C242 – Returning Home


“Elysia’s Yuto……is too strong! Sword Saint, Sword King, and Sword Emperor……how come none of the three greats of the Sword Clan are here! I’m not sure what to do.”

I can hear the grief-stricken screams from the communication of the Sword Clan. It seems that Elysia’s three greats are running rampant on the battlefield, and many members of the Sword Clan have been defeated.

“Master! Master Scarfi! Where are you! We’re completely surrounded!……Please help us, Master! Aaaaah!”

That was the voice of Modred of the Scarfi clan…….Doesn’t Scarfi think anything of his own disciples being defeated?

“I’ll have to challenge the three greats to a single battle…….My name is the Sword King’s first disciple, Diablo! Let’s do this the hard way!”

That was Diablo’s last communication. He had probably been defeated by one of the three greats.

“No! I don’t want to die!”

“Teppei! You can’t run!”

“I’m sorry! I’ve still got things to do!”

It seems that Teppei has escaped from the battlefield. I don’t like the idea of him abandoning his friends and running away, but I don’t blame him. Everyone has the right to protect their own life.

After passing through the forest, I could see the battlefield where the Elysian Empire and the Sword Clan were fighting. At a quick glance, it was obvious that the Elysian Empire had the upper hand, and the Swordsmen were overwhelmed in terms of both quantity and strength.

There were about a dozen or so survivors of the Sword Clan, and Bokuden and Kagehisa had already been destroyed. The survivors of the Sword Clan had gathered around Musashi and were making their last stand.

“Stick ……everyone…….”

Kiyone looks at the situation and is distressed. She was frustrated that she couldn’t do anything to help her friends in their time of need.

There are more than a hundred enemies, plus the three greats of Elysia and now’s not the time to fight. My first priority is to get dad to Musashi…….

The enemy machines seem to have noticed that Excalibur has appeared and swarmed towards me. I was worried about father’s condition and annoyed at being interrupted in my haste.

I couldn’t help but scream.

“Get out of my way!”

I swung my sword angrily and with a single strike several magicrafts were shattered.

“Get out of the way! I’m in a hurry!”

A violent horizontal flash of the sword cut in half the enemy who was blocking the way in front. But at that time, a bang resounded in the cockpit.


A powerful voice called out to me. The owner of the voice was a dad.


“When did I ever teach you to use such a foul sword? Anger amplifies power, but dulls skill. If you want to be strong, stay calm! Ugh! ‘m not saying don’t get angry, but you have to control it…….Cough!”

When he finishes saying that, dad coughs up a lot of blood.



“Huh……Ki……Kiyone……sorry……I’m a dumb parent…….”

“Father! Take care of yourself!”

“Yuta……please……once again protect Kiyone……she’s my precious……….”

“What the hell are you talking about? Dad, don’t die! You can protect your own daughter!”

“Father! Father! Yuta! Please hurry!”

“I know!”

I headed for Musashi in a straight line. More enemy magicrafts approached, but I cut them down as I ran, never stopping my hurrying feet.

“Grand Master! Everyone, the Grand Master is here!”

At the sight of Excalibur, the members of the Sword Clan shouted with joy. This changed the atmosphere of the battlefield. The riders of the Sword Clan regained their energy and began to move better.

There was no way that the three greats would stand idly by as Excalibur made his appearance. Gaia stood in the way, blocking his path. Agnia approached Excalibur from the left and Ajura from the right.

My frustration peaked at the intrusion, but the old man’s words from earlier came back to haunt me. Rather than suppressing my anger, I kept a level head, understanding it.

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