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I was sold at the lowest price C243

I was sold at the lowest price C243: Overwhelming


“Damn it, Sword Saint, how are you still alive!”

Emesis asked this over the external output sound. What these words meant was that the enemy knew that dad had been defeated by Scarfi. There was a possibility that Scarfi and the enemy had been in cahoots.

However, there is no time to pry into the enemy’s intentions here. I’m well aware of how well the three greats work together. I believe that their individual strength cannot be underestimated. But right now, no matter who they are, I don’t want to take the time to fight them.

Feeling a sense of urgency and anger towards Scarfi and the enemy, I calmly watched their movements. As I expected, the three greats did not attack carelessly against Excalibur, but Rosetta’s Agnia was the first to move.

Agnia launched a flaming strike. The swirling flames attacked Excalibur. It’s not worth the time to avoid it, so I swung my sword and slash the flames. The swirling flames split in half and dissipated as if melting into the air.

“Ugh, no way!”

Ignoring Rosetta’s surprised reaction, I moved on.

Seeing Emesis’ hammer swing up, I spin my body around to approach Gaia. I don’t want to wait for him to swing the hammer down. I concentrate my energy and swing my sword at the raised hammer, releasing a shockwave. The sharp mass of air sliced through the solid hammer and blew it away.


Emesis seems to be unable to hide his agitation as his hammer is destroyed.

Yuto moved to take advantage of the opening of my attack on Gaia. He stepped in sharply to close the gap with Excalibur, and then he attacked, with his sword. I slammed my sword back with all my strength. Yuto’s Ajura, perhaps misjudging the power of the sword strike from Excalibur, was sent flying backwards.

I’m sorry, but I have to finish…

I took a step forward and flashed my sword at Gaia, who was stunned by the shattering of the hammer. The thick armor of Gaia was easily sliced through, and it blew out something that looked like steam. Gaia stopped and fell back like a toy doll that had run out of batteries.

As soon as Gaia was defeated, I closed the gap with Agnia, who was about to unleash a flame strike again. Agnia hurriedly shot flames at Excalibur but I took a step forward without paying attention to the flames and swung my sword at Agnia.

Agnia’s head was blown off by the sword strike and the magicraft slowly fell forward.

Yuto didn’t seem to be upset that Rosetta and Emesis were defeated. Slowly, he readied his sword to engage Excalibur. It is obvious that there is no gap between the two, and there is no denying that he is the strongest person I have ever fought……but……

It’s not a bad idea to cross swords with the continent’s strongest at leisure, but for now I’ll refrain. I’ll be concentrating on the greatest…..sword that can slaughter Yuto’s Ajura with a single blow…….One Flash is not enough…….If one is not enough, make it ten. It was a simple idea, but it gave me an idea of the technique. I’m not sure what to do, but I’m sure it’s a good idea. It was a simple idea, but I was able to visualize the technique and released all the energy that I had accumulated.

“Ten Flashes!”

To Yuto, it might have looked as if Excalibur’s sword had disappeared and Ajura did not move an inch.

As soon as Excalibur raised his sword, ten rays of light shot towards Ajura. His arms and head slashed off, his torso was instantly replaced by rags, and his legs disintegrated as he crumbled.

Seeing the continent’s strongest being defeated so easily, the Elysian army began to panic. The three greats must be very significant to the enemy. Some of them ran away, others collapsed on the spot. In this short battle, the enemy had completely lost their will to fight.

It didn’t matter what the enemy did, I ignored them and headed for Musashi.

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