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I was sold at the lowest price C244

I was sold at the lowest price C244: Fear of the Unknown / Yuto

Sorry for the late release, I’ve been very busy yesterday and today.

It was only after it had already been carried out that I heard from Emesis that the Sword Saint was going to be deceived and killed. I was even more surprised when I heard that the person who carried out the deception was the Sword Saint’s disciple, Sword King Scarfi, one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters.

“Is that the end of the charade?”

“Oh, the Sword Saint is no longer with us.”

“It’s not something to be proud of, but I guess it’s war…….So what’s Scarfi going to do now that he’s tricked the Sword Saint?”

“He wishes to serve Elysia under the terms of the Highest Rider. He is one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters. The upper echelons of Elysia’s military will not turn him down.”

“I see. I’m not sure I’d want to get along with someone who would kill his own teacher and then turn on the enemy, but that’s the way of the warring states…….So what are you up to now?”

“Even such a traitor seems unwilling to fight his own disciples, and has refused to participate in this battle.”

“I see he still has some humanity left in him.”

“So, Emesis. I understand about the assassination of the Sword Saint, but can you tell me why the three of us are waiting here?”

As Rosetta said, me, Emesis and her were waiting in the forest a little far from the battlefield.

“The Sword Saint was killed deep in the woods up ahead. If someone from the Sword Clan came to save him, we were going to block their rescue, but it looks like no one came.”

After Emesis’ explanation, Rosetta noticed something and said,

“No……I think we caught a big one.”

When I looked, I saw that one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, Kiyone’s magicraft, Kiku Ichimonji, was coming this way. A big one, indeed……The Sword Saint has been killed and the Sword King has disappeared. If we can defeat the Sword Emperor here, there will be no more opponents in the Sword Clan to fear.

As expected of the Sword Emperor, even the three of us, myself, Rosetta, and Emesis, were not able to defeat her easily. However, we still managed to disable Kiku Ichimonji in the end. I approached Kiku Ichimonji to finish it off, but a new enemy interfered with that. It was a small magicraft that looked more like a civilian than a fighting machine. The little magicraft held its sword up to the three of us. I can feel a strange energy coming from that simple machine that is not designed for combat. This is a sign that I sense from the strong…….

“Hahahaha~ This is just too funny! It looks like he’s really trying to fight the three of us. Oh yeah, I remember now. This is the guy who scratched my Gaia in the last fight. Looks like I gave him the wrong idea.”

“Emesis. Don’t let your guard down. Even though he’s on this plane, he’s definitely a member of the Sword Clan.”

“I’m not going to let my guard down. I’m only here to repay you for that time.”

The battle began, and at first I was wary because of the presence of a strong man and the fact that Emesis’ Gaia had been damaged, but it seemed I was imagining things. It seemed to have the fighting power of a Highlander, but it was no match for us and we quickly destroyed it.

“Rosetta. I’ll leave you to it. We need to get to the battlefield soon, because without the three of us, the battle situation is very delicate.”

“Yes. It’s no fun burning trash.”

With that, she turned off the flame.

Both sides had fought well on the battlefield. But that was only until the three of us arrived. Without the Sword Saint, the Sword King, and the Sword Emperor, there was no way for even the most powerful group of Swordsmen to resist and we defeated them one after another.

I had sunk two of the three enemy ride-carriers and also destroyed most of the enemy magicrafts. Just when I thought victory was assured, the Sword Saint’s Excalibur made its appearance.

“Emesis! That’s not what you said! The Sword Saint is alive and well!”

“That idiot…..said he took care of him properly…….”

Without a doubt, the Sword Saint is still alive and well, and the magicrafts on our side are being destroyed one after another. I can’t just ignore that Sword Saint like this. I, Rosetta, and Emesis approached Excalibur to surround it.

Not satisfied with the situation, Emesis leapt in front of Excalibur and shouted,

“Sword Saint, why are you still alive?”

Of course, there was no reply to those words. Either way, our greatest enemy was right in front of us. The three of us faced off against the Sword Saint. Perhaps it was because I had been defeated once before, but I felt tremendous pressure from Excalibur. I felt a tightening in my chest, and my breathing became irregular.

First, Rosetta made her move. She attacked with her signature flame strike, but to her surprise, Excalibur sliced through Agnia’s flames. He also crushed the hammer that Gaia raised to attack with a strange technique.

“Oh, my God!”


I was surprised too, but I thought now was a good time to attack. I closed the gap between me and Excalibur, and then I swung my sword up from the bottom and tried to slash it down. However, Ajura and I were blown away by a numbing sensation as if we had been struck by a meteor.

I knew when I touched it, but I felt unbelievable power. I’ve never experienced power like this before…….I feel something from Excalibur that is even more powerful than the Sword Saint that I’ve fought once.

In one blow Gaia was destroyed and in another breath or 2 Agnia also fell prey to that powerful strike.

I need to calm down……calmly……no matter how skilled the Sword Saint is, I should be able to win……find an opening……and focus on Ludia…….

As I looked, I saw that Excalibur had already drawn his sword. By the time I noticed it, it was too late, and a powerful impact hit me. I could feel that Ajura was being broken into pieces. It was as if he had been caught in a tornado, and there was nothing I could do about the incomprehensible impact.

What the hell……is this……what happened……what was I fighting……

When the shock subsided, Ajura stopped moving.

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