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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C59

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C59: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (22)


He’s not an awe-inspiring strategist or a great character like Fran of Narja, he’s just a butcher.

“Attack! Annihilate the remnants of Bridget!”

When I gave the signal to attack, Lunan’s army, which had surrounded Bridget’s Royal Army, jumped out from everywhere. A one-sided battle soon began.

Yurasia also ran towards the King of Bridget. Her martial force was almost equal to his, however Bautor also had to deal with ordinary soldiers, so he was no match for Yurasia. In the end she pierced his throat with Rossade.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Cheers rang out all around as the enemy king died. Seeing this, the soldiers of Bridget began to surrender. No, they did not have the will to fight from the beginning. So, at the moment the king died, the war was as good as over.


Lunan’s soldiers shouted louder than before. And I shouted in the middle of them.

“All credit goes to you; the promised reward will surely be paid. I will allow you to drink today but you must never touch a Bridget citizen. Those who violate military law will be dealt with harshly!”


Fihatri slammed his fist down hard on the desk. The King of Lunan had ordered Erhin’s return. As a vassal of Duke Ronen, Fihatri had heard the news before Erhin and shook his head. He did not like the king’s decision.

With an additional 50,000 troops from Lunan, it was only a matter of time before the territory of Bridget would surrender. Therefore, it was the Lunan king’s idea to recall Erhin before he took over Bridget and give all the war merits to his own line.

“I never knew this country could be so corrupt.”

For Fihatri, Erhin was already a friend who had fought with him. He had treated him sincerely and entrusted him to the front line to make the biggest impact. That’s why Fihatri had changed his opinion of Erhin.

At first, he had only intended to monitor him, but he had completely changed his mind. He had fought with Demasin Elheat, who was also a vassal of Duke Ronen. He respected Elheat, of course, but there was something about Erhin that Elheat didn’t have. His ability to handle soldiers as well as his intelligence and charisma.

For this reason, Fihatri ran out of the temporary office with the intention of trying to persuade Erhin even if it meant going against the will of Duke Ronen.


I was preparing to leave. The situation changed abruptly when we captured the royal capital of Bridget. When the king of Lunan heard the news, he sent an additional 50,000 troops to protect Roserun and destroy Bridget. I guess it was an act of greed that put the huge prey in front of them as the top priority over the dangerous element of Narja.

Of course, that’s exactly what I wanted. This greed will eventually lead to the destruction of Lunan. If they use their forces against Bridget, it will be even more difficult to stop Narja’s great conquest.

If Narja invades and occupies Lunan’s royal capital, I will absorb the Lunan territory that will become chaotic! I’ll probably have to fight with the Narja Kingdom, but in any case, it’s all a battle of strategy. So there was no need to waste time here now that I had achieved my goal.

We did not take over the whole of Bridget. But that’s what the newly-deployed Royal Army of Lunan should do. I’m sure that’s what the King of Lunan intends to do.

It was uncommon to replace the general who had accomplished the most dangerous task, but the treatment was rather desirable now. The real enemy was Narja, an enemy so powerful that Bautor was no match for them. Now that I’ve accomplished my goal I can go home without any regrets. I can always get this place back later.

“The general is ordered to return to Lunan as soon as the 50,000 troops arrive!”

“If the king says so, I’ll have to return.”

When I answered without the slightest interest, Fihatri asked with a frustrated look on his face.

“After they remove the general who occupied Bridget’s royal capital from this war, His Highness Ronen’s men will be sent out in force. Don’t tell me you don’t know what that means?”

What it means. How could I not know that? It means that the king and the duke will seize all of Bridget’s territory and take the credit for it from me.

“Besides, you’re one of His Highness Ronen’s men, aren’t you? I’m surprised you’re worried about me.”


Fihatri shook his head, surprisingly.

Delphina Fihatri, a man of ability for sure. The problem’s that he was a vassal of Duke Ronen. He was an Earl, but he was a nobleman of a lower grade than me because he didn’t have a territory. There are a lot of nobles who don’t have territories even if they are Earls. In particular, there were many such nobles who were vassals of dukes, who were large nobles.

He would probably take this opportunity to get a fiefdom. Unlike me, who was not affiliated with Ronen, he was Ronen’s vassal. Most of the credit for my success should go to him. Even so, the fact that he would say such a thing to me indicates that he has had a change of heart.

It’s not a bad thing, talented people are always welcome. In a number of battles, Fihatri led his soldiers well. He had an excellent ability to follow and execute orders, but it was still early. Considering the situation he was in, it would be better to welcome him into my ranks a little later.

“Oh, well. I’m not going to get into a political fight, but I’m sure you’ll get one of Bridget’s territories. Congratulations.”

“I thought this was not the time to be laughing! Besides, it’s outrageous! I can’t accept it if the general can’t take anything!”

“That’s not true.”

I shook my head.

“If you think of me, you should stay in Bridget. If you are given a fief, take it. And you must remain loyal to Duke Ronen. As you build up your strength, there will come a time when you will be of great help to me.”


“I have more important things to do now, like rewarding my soldiers. I’ve always said I’d give them rewards to motivate them.”

“But will His Majesty pay for it? His Majesty’s character is…….”

Fihatri asked with a look of impossibility in his eyes. Well, that’s a fair question. There is no way that the king of Lunan will reward his soldiers.

“He probably won’t help me. But it’s important to keep your promises. If I don’t follow through with what I’ve said, the soldiers who served me this time will never follow through with me again.”

It is very important to win the hearts and minds of the soldiers. It is even more important if I want to absorb Lunan’s troops later on.

“If His Majesty doesn’t pay, I will do it. I’ll send you some money; can you give it to the soldiers?”

“Of course. In my honor, I will make sure that no other nobles can embezzle it. But are you sure you want to leave? It would be better for you to stay in Bridget……!”

“Look at the big things. If you get too attached to the little things, you’ll miss the big things.”

When I said this, Fihatri looked dazed.

* * *

There were others who were full of questions.

“Erhin, since you’re leaving here, I have a question.”

“A question?”

“Yes. I have a question I’d really like to ask. Can you answer me honestly?”

“Anything I can answer.”

“That’s a very vague answer.”

Yurasia looked at me sharply.

“Whoa, that expression! Even if you’re staring at me, it’s still better than your usual stiff expression.”


“Okay, okay. No more staring. I’ll answer honestly as a parting gift. What do you want to ask me?”

When I said that, Yurasia took a deep breath.

“What are your goals? Because no matter how you look at it, you don’t seem like the kind of person who would be satisfied with just being a lord.”

I’m surprised she can sense that. She’s more observant than I thought. Fihatri didn’t seem to be able to sense it at all.

“What are you dreaming of? Could it be……?”

Eurasian looked around, made sure no one was around, and said something shocking.

“The King of Lunan?”

I was honestly surprised to hear that.

“What can I say? It’s too small.”

“What……? Did you just say small? You think Lunan is small?”

“To answer your question, my ideals are not that great, just happiness for me and my friends. That’s all. The continent is in turmoil right now. Most of the countries are dreaming of war, that’s why the wars never end. To find happiness in such times? I think the only way to do that is through unification. Because once the continent is unified, peace will naturally come.”

This is just an exaggerated version of the truth. My goal is to conquer the game, in other words, the unification of the continent. Of course, if one of the things I obtain is peace wouldn’t that be great? History has shown us that a period of unification is better for the people than a period of war.

Comparing life in the Warring States Period and the Tokugawa Shogunate, or Edo Period, it would naturally be the latter. A world where war breaks out every other day and a world where peace still dwells superficially are two completely different things. This is even more so since the continent was originally a single country.

“So I’m going to fight, to end the wars. Of course, even if we are unified, war will happen again someday. But there will be a time of peace, and there will be a time of war. Doesn’t the former make more sense to anyone else?”

Once united, there will not be another war so easily. As long as the united kingdom has a decent government, there will be peace for several hundred years. In fact, if you substitute the history of the earth, it would be the same.


Yurasia just stared at me.

“The people of Roserun…….And everyone on the continent will be at peace…….Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yes, that’s right. Everyone, regardless of country.”

“How is that possible?”

“I don’t know. We just have to try. So, if you’re willing to drop the name Roserun and join me as an individual named Yurasia, I’m always open to that.”

Yurasia just blinked at my suggestion.

“The scale of the conversation is too large for me to follow. You’re……!”


“What is it? Don’t confuse me any more than you already have……!”

“When you get back to Roserun, things might get a little troublesome.”

“What do you mean ‘troublesome’?”

“Something bad will happen to royalty who becomes too much of a hero. Anyway, a royalty that is more popular than the king is a problem. If you can’t stay in Roserun, I’ll at least give you a place to stay in my domain. Of course, you may or may not share my intentions. So just remember, you have other places to go. You don’t have any friends, do you? I’ll be your friend.”

“Oh, no! I do have friends!”


“I have a good friend, the……lady-in-waiting!”

“Is that a friend?”


Yurasia began to tremble as if she had been hit by a bull’s-eye.

“But I don’t have any friends, either. We’re the same. That’s why we’re going to have to rely on each other. If you ever decide to come to Aintorian, I’d love to see what you’re really like.”


Did she just call me an idiot?

“I’ll think about it after I go through that nasty incident or whatever it is, I’ll also take your advice to heart. Your ideals it’s too big for me to digest, though.”

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