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I was sold at the lowest price C245

I was sold at the lowest price C245:[title at the end since it’s a spoiler]


“Somewhere in the back of my mind I didn’t believe that your Ludia value was over a million, but after seeing this fight, I have to believe it.”

Kiyone gave her impressions of the battle with the three greats. I was curious if the violent movements of the battle had affected father.

“Anyway, is my okay?”

“Yes, he’s……unconscious, but he’s still breathing slightly…….It’s okay…….We’ll make it!”

Kiyone said to herself. Then, as if she remembered, she began to give instructions to Musashi by communication.

“This is Kiyone. Musashi, can you hear me? I’m returning to the ship with Excalibur. We have a wounded man, please prepare the medical capsule immediately.”

Now we can get dad into the medical capsule as soon as we return to the Musashi. I thank Kiyone for her tactfulness.

When I entered the hangar, I saw the medical staff waiting for me, ready to receive dad. I parked Excalibur as close to the staff as possible and hurriedly opened the hatch. When the hatch opened, several medical staff rushed in.

“Grand Master! Is the injured man Grand Master?”

“Yes, he is. Quickly, into the medical capsule!”

The staff was surprised to see dad so badly injured. Kiyone pushed down her emotions and calmly gave instructions. Dad was immediately carried out and placed in a medical capsule. Treatment was started in the emergency recovery mode, a mode for seriously injured patients. However, the medical staff looked impatient as they watched the instruments and repeated the start procedure over and over again.

“How is father doing……?”

Kiyone asked, worried. The medical staff replied, sweat pouring down their foreheads.

“His vital signs are shutting down…….Recovery mode seems to be having no effect.”

The moment I heard that, my heart felt like it was going to burst. Kiyone’s face turned pale and she started to shake a little.

“Activate recovery mode again! He was breathing a moment ago!”

The medical staff operated the medical capsule again and again as they were told. However, the reaction seemed to be the same and the staff’s expressions did not change.

“Please! He can still be saved! Father won’t die from something like this!”

“Miss Kiyone. I’m sorry, but Master Veft is deceased. There is no resuscitation function in the medical capsule. So he will not be able to recover……”

“No! Father! Father! I’m still inexperienced, please teach me! Father!”

As much as I wanted to cheer up the crying Kiyone, the damage to me was also quite severe. My grief had created a sense of weakness and lethargy, and I was in a state of complete abandonment. If only I had hurried a little……more, regret was the only thing flooding my mind. Why did you die, old man?……Tell me more things about me…….Don’t die so easily…….

Why do people die in the first place? There are some people who live so long without dying, like Rafishal…….It’s strange that the slender Rafishal doesn’t die, but the strong old man died quickly!……Wait a minute. If he’s so strong that he can make himself immortal, maybe he can revive dad…….

“Can I ask you something? I know you said the medical capsule doesn’t have a reanimation function, but does it have a function to keep the body intact?”

I asked the woman from the medical staff. Even if I were to ask Rafishal to revive him, I was concerned about the condition of the corpse.

“Yes. In Eternal Sleep mode, the body can be kept in the same state as when it died, semi-permanently. Some partners who are very attached to the dead want to keep them in this mode and have them buried with them after their death.”

“Then I want you to put father in permanent sleep mode immediately.”

“Oh, yes. Yes, sir.”

I said to Kiyone, who was still crying.

“Kiyone, don’t cry. There’s still a chance we can save dad!”

Kiyone’s expression changed at my words.

“What do you mean, Yuta? Father is already…….”

“There’s a guy in my group who’s really smart. He knows a lot about life, and he might be able to revive him.”


“Yeah, he was capable of making himself immortal, so that’s pretty promising.”

When Kiyone heard this, she stopped crying for a moment, but then immediately began to shed tears again.

C245: Death of the Swords Sage

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  1. …Wait, so if achieving immortality made Rafishal a little girl, will the Sword Sage (can’t remember his name) be turned into a little girl? Or will he be a rough and tumble little boy?

    Will poor Kiyone have to deal with her dad as a literal child, instead of just behaving like one?

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