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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C10

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C10: Calm down for now


First, let’s get the situation straight. My name is Seiji Aizawa. I’m a twenty-eight-year-old high school teacher. I’m in charge of the social studies department, and I’m the homeroom teacher of the first year class.

On my way home from school, I got transferred to another world with 30 of my students. I was summoned to a country called Ostrode Kingdom, and I was trying to work together with my students to defeat the evil demon king that exists in this world.

When we came to this world, we got a special ability called “cheat”. My ability is called “Repair”, which is the ability to fix things that are broken…….But apparently, the things that can be fixed are limited to “ancient things” that were made a long time ago, even in this world. I think. Well, as expected, I was a burden. I was just a drag on the students who were getting stronger and stronger.

Then, I was forced to accompany the stronger students to a real battle exercise and encountered a super strong monster called Minotaur……and sacrificed myself to save Mikazuki’s cat. Just as I was preparing to die, my cheat was activated. I repaired the ruins and used the power of the existence that was sleeping there to kill the Minotaur.

After that, I tried to escape using the transfer system, which is a function of the ruins, but the transfer system was infected with a virus, so I was transferred to a different place than outside the ruins…….Hahaha.

This is what has happened so far. And now, I was standing in the middle of an empty plain.



First, there’s this doll-like girl, Brunnhilde, who stares at me and doesn’t move. She is an android that appeared from the ancient ruins and was apparently repaired by my cheat. She has a beautiful, human-like appearance, long, shimmering silver hair, an excellent body style, and silvery white light armor, just like a “war maiden”. Her age is about 16, and she looks vaguely young.

I can’t feel any emotion from the fake expression on her face……Anyway, I have to do something about this situation.

“Oh, Brunnhilde, let’s move on.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Let me know if you find any signs or traces of people.”

“Yes, Master. My sensors have not detected any signs of human presence within a 300 meter radius.”

“Let’s go, shall we?”

“Yes, Master.”

Hmmm, I feel like I’m suddenly stuck. Anyway, in times like this, I should find a river. It’s important to secure water, and if there are fish, they can be used as food. Incidentally, I had some survival training in the otherworldly class of the Ostrode Kingdom. I mean, how can I die in a place like this?

“Brunnhilde, let’s find the river. I mean what kind of energy are you functioning on?”

“My energy comes from sunlight, which is absorbed by hair-like nano-fiber units and converted into energy. I can also ingest the same food as humans and convert it into energy.”

“Oh……that’s convenient.”

Your shimmering silver hair is like a solar panel. Besides, it’s nice to be able to eat. Whoever built Brunnhilde knows what they’re doing.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Yes, Master.”

Thus, Brunnhilde and I started walking.


Now, let me see what I have.

First, I’m wearing a military uniform provided by the Kingdom of Ostrode. It’s made of magic that conforms to the body of the person wearing it. The buttons and ornaments are made of silver and are of high quality.

Next, a one-handed sword provided by the kingdom. This was the sword that I had used in training, an ordinary iron sword that could have been sold in any weapon shop around. Well, it was a wooden sword during training, and I didn’t use it much, so it was pretty clean.

There was also a survival knife, some money for entertainment provided by the Kingdom of Ostrode, and a Japanese oil lighter that I kept in my suit and put in my pocket just in case. To be honest, there was not much I could use.

I walked around aimlessly and Brunnhilde followed me like a robot……….Oh, by the way, was she a robot?

“Huh, huh…….Damn, that’s not good.”

I couldn’t help but shout out. Because we’ve been walking for an hour now, and there’s nothing but an empty plain. From the height of the sun, it was probably past noon……….I was hungry and thirsty.

“Master, your body temperature is rising.”

“Yes, I know……….”

I don’t need Brunnhilde to tell me that. I’m going to get heat stroke if I keep walking like this. It was a mistake to walk aimlessly. If I had at least a map, I would have……been able to figure out where I was going. Oh, my head is starting to hurt.

“Phew. Phew…….”

“Master, I found a wooded area 280 meters northwest of our position. No signs of human activity.”

“Wooded area……Oh, yeah, there might be a water source!”

Brunnhilde said, looking at the thicket to the northwest. A thicket is a thick growth of trees. That means there’s a water vein.

“Brunnhilde, let’s go…….”

“Yes, Master.”

Okay, water first…….Quick, I need to hydrate.


I walked on, enduring a headache, and finally saw the thicket. My walking pace was very slow. Brunnhilde had warned me many times, but we finally arrived.

“Huh, huh, huh…….”

“Master. Temperature rising, vitals unstable.”

“I know. Brunnhilde, are there any rivers or ponds around here……?”

“……search complete. Found a spring 80 meters north of our position.”

“All right, let’s go…….”

My head is pounding and I feel nauseous. This is a mild heat stroke. If I hydrate and rest in the shade, I can manage……but I don’t want it to get any worse. Dragging my body along, I arrived at…….And then.


The spring in front of me was black and muddy. It looked more like a ditch than a spring. No matter how I looked at it, it was not drinkable water.

“Ha, ha…….”

I fall to my knees and look at the black spring. It doesn’t even look like a creature lives there…….I’m stuck.

“Sorry Brunnhilde, I need a break……….”

“Yes, Master.”

I leaned against a nearby tree and passed out.


It’s cold, soft, and comfortable. And strangely warm. What is this? I felt a cool sensation on my forehead, something soft pressed against my lips, and then some cool and pleasant liquid flowed from there…….Oh, this is water. My body absorbs it and at the same time, my consciousness awakens.

“Good morning, Master.”


“Your bodily functions have declined, so I have taken the liberty of rehydrating you. Please continue to rest for a while. You’re still not hydrated enough, so I’ll replenish.”


Brünnhilde’s face was right in front of me, then her lips met mine and cold water flowed and filled my mouth……….What? I’m not sure if I’m……kissing Brünnhilde?


“You are fully awake. How are you feeling, Master?”

“What are you doing?”

“I took the water from the fountain into my body, purified and cooled it, and sent it into the Master’s body.”


“I struck down a bird that was flying nearby with a stone, and captured it.”

“………Oh, yeah.”

It was shocking, but Brünnhilde didn’t seem to think anything of it. In her hand, was a bird that looked like a black duck. Apparently it was still alive, and it was twitching. I didn’t have such a strong desire to eat it, but my stomach rumbled as I drank some water to calm down. Anyway, I had to eat in order not to die.

“Thank you, Brünnhilde.”

“I’m glad I could be of service.”

I took the bird from Brunnhilde and picked up a knife to drain the blood.


After draining the blood, removing the feathers, and gutting it, Brunnhilde starts a fire with the branches and dead leaves she has collected. Then she roasts the duck with gusto. I’ve only seen something like this in a manga. After all this time, I realized that it was pretty dark. It seems that I had been unconscious for a few hours…….

“So we’re camping here today…….Brunnhilde, let’s take turns resting.”

“I don’t need to rest, my body’s nano-units are in constant maintenance. Theoretically, I have unlimited operating time.”

“That’s really high-tech.”

“Thank you very much.”

Brünnhilde doesn’t even need to eat the duck. She can eat and drink, but it’s only a way to replenish her energy for emergencies. Normally, she can store the sunlight she absorbs through her hair as energy, so it’s no problem at night. The juices dripped from the duck meat and it was starting to brown nicely.

“……Ugh, that looks good. Brünnhilde, are you sure about this?”


Hmm, emotionless. She just sat there staring at me and didn’t move. Anyway, I’m hungry…….It’s time to eat.

“Let’s eat…………….Yum.”

When I tore the duck meat with my knife and ate it, my mouth was filled with tender, juicy and flaky meat. This……is the best meat I’ve ever eaten!



I nibbled on the meat with single-minded devotion. I didn’t care about Brünnhilde, I just kept biting into the meat. Before I knew it, I had devoured two-thirds of the duck meat by myself. Now that I’ve finally calmed down, let’s talk about the future.

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