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I was sold at the lowest price C246

I was sold at the lowest price C246 – The Disbanding of the Swordsmen


The entire Elysian army retreated while I was taking dad to Musashi. With the three greats defeated, they won’t have the strength or energy to fight for a while.

However, the damage to the Sword Clan was tremendous. Especially Scarfi’s clan, many riders lost their lives. What would Scarfi think when he saw this result? Does he know that his own disciples had been scattered so cruelly?

The survivors of the Sword Clan were told of the death of the Sword Saint Veft. Everyone listened to it with a complicated expression. The members of the Sword Clan, whether they were from Kiyone’s clan or Scarfi’s clan, had all joined because of their admiration for the old man. Their disappointment was unbearable to watch.

Kiyone and I talked about the possibility of dad’s resuscitation and decided not to tell them. It wasn’t a sure thing, and if I let her get their hopes up too high, they would be even more disappointed if it didn’t work out. Furthermore, Kiyone had a big decision to make.

“I’m disbanding the Sword Clan!”

“Are you serious, Kiyone?”

“Yes. The Sword Clan was established as a place for those who adored my father. Now that father is gone, it has no meaning or significance.”

“But he might come back to life, you know.”

“I can’t involve everyone in that expectation. Besides, I’m going to be acting on my own personal feelings from now on. I can’t ask you to follow that…….”

“You mean Scarfi?”

“Yes. I’ll avenge my father’s death, but more than that, I can’t forgive what he did to my own disciples! I will make sure he gets what he deserves!”

I feel the same way about Scarfi, but I can’t make the same decision as Kiyone. That’s why I felt a strong will from Kiyone.

Immediately, the members of the Sword Clan were told of the dissolution. Everyone was confused at first, but they accepted the news without saying a word, as they were still very disappointed by father’s death.

However, there were those who refused to leave Kiyone even though the Sword Clan was gone. Brünnhilde, Tris, and a few of Kiyone’s disciples chose to stay with her.

“Master! I’ll follow you, Master!”

“I have no intention of leaving either.”

She was a little troubled, but I think she was really happy with their words. In the end, she accepted them.

Kiyone cashed in all of the Sword Clan’s assets, with the exception of Musashi and a few magicrafts. The money was then distributed among all the surviving members of the group. The amount was enough to live on for the rest of their lives if they didn’t spend extravagantly.

The members of the group must have had mixed feelings about this, but they seemed to be somewhat relieved. Kiyone also wanted to share the money with me, but I politely refused, as I could not take it.

“In order to revive dad, I need to join up with the Iron Knights, but the only countries or organizations that share communications are the Amurian Union and the Kingdom of Meltaria.”

“I understand. From here, the Amurian Union is closer, so let’s head that way.”

If we can get to the Amurian Union, Nagisa and Ranelle will be there to help us. I don’t know where the Iron Knights are now, but I think it’s only a matter of time before they join up with us.”

“Grand Master is going to come back to life!”

On the way to Amuria, I talked to the remaining members about the possibility of reviving dad. As expected, Brunnhilde and the others reacted with surprise and joy.

“So Brünnhilde. It means there’s that possibility……”

“But if he really does come back to life, then we can revive the Sword Clan.”

Tris continued to talk happily.

“Tris don’t get your hopes up too high. It’s like Kiyone said, it’s only a possibility.”

Even though I warned him, Tris didn’t change his happy expression. I guess he was very happy to have hope.

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