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Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C12

Teacher caught up in class summoning, repairs mechanical girl with unorthodox skills C12: The End of the Bandits, and Question Time


It was a very simple ‘dismantling’. She approached them, cut off their limbs from the base, and then cut off their heads. No blood came out from the cross section of the cut limb. Probably because the one-handed sword stopped the bleeding at the same time as it cut off the limb.

Brünnhilde was a silvery light. The moment five of the 20 bandits were cut down and there were only 15 left, the bandits’ hearts broke and they began to flee. The relentless dismantling, the unfathomable technology, the all-too-real scene, the beautiful Brunnhilde like the Grim Reaper, nothing was possible. The bandits fled in disarray.



“It’s a monster!”

“What the hell is that?”

The bandit’s cry is perfectly legitimate, even I would run. However, once an order is accepted, she will not stop until it is fully executed.

“The bandits are on the run. Target multi-lock-on. Fire the Pendragon.”

Then, the feather-like armor that had coalesced on Brunnhilde’s back opened stupidly, and a colorful geometric pattern of mosaic light flew out. It was a bullet of light.




Their limbs were scattered all over the place. Both legs of all fifteen bandits who had escaped were neatly severed. There was no urgency now. All that was left was to behead them one by one.








Brunnhilde carefully chopped off their heads.


After all is said and done, the bandits are now just pieces of meat. The villagers forgot their own injuries and stared at the silvery warrior maiden who saved them——Brunnhilde ignored the villagers and went to me.

“Master, annihilation complete.”


I couldn’t answer right away. Once again, I understood that Brunnhilde was a machine. She didn’t hesitate to kill humans, she just did what I ordered her to do: save the villagers.

Brünnhilde went to me, who was hiding behind a house. That meant that all the eyes of the villagers were on me.

“Master, I suggest we assess the surrounding geography and replenish our rations.”


I look at the dismembered bodies of the bandits. It’s a sight so out of this world that my stomach feels like it’s going to burst. But there is no time for that. What I need to do is….

“——First, let’s treat the villagers.”

“Copy that.”

Brünnhilde went to the villagers at the same pace as before.

“Can you stand up?”


She reached out to the villager who had been struck and had fallen. However, Brunnhilde’s outstretched hand was easily avoided. It was not kindness, but fear. But Brünnhilde didn’t care at all. It looked too, too——sad.


I’ve made up my mind. I would let Brünnhilde have my heart. I’m a teacher. No matter how much of a bandit they are, killing is wrong. I have to teach that to Brunnhilde.

I proceed to the fallen villagers.

“I’m sorry, sir, you’re hurt.”

“Oh, what the——hell are you?”

“I’m a——traveler. I need to know something.”


I’ll take it from here.


Brünnhilde and I were led to the house of the chief of this village.  They are wary of us, but there is no doubt that we saved the village. As soon as I was shown in, I was approached by a man in his late fifties.

“The chief was killed, so I’m taking his place. First of all, I’d like to thank you for……saving my life.”

I can tell by the way he talks. Apparently, I’m not welcome here. Well, it was such an unbelievable parade of technology. It was only natural that they would be wary, and perhaps even unwelcoming.

“If you have a question, ask it quickly. And I’m sorry……but I’m going to need you to leave as soon as possible.”


I’m not sure what to make of it but Brünnhilde stands there with no expression on her face. Well, I wasn’t expecting a welcome party. I’ll ask questions, get some food, and go back to the Ostrode Kingdom where my students are.

“Uh……where is this place?”


Oh man, that was kind of a dumb question. The man frowned and tilted his head.

“It’s a settlement in Ledo, the westernmost part of the Astro Continent. Aren’t you from the eastern town of Ledar?”

“…………Uh, yeah, well…”

The westernmost point of the Astro Continent? The settlement of Ledo? The town of Ledar in the east? All words I don’t know. That’s funny, I didn’t learn that in class, did I?

I’ve learned about the history and culture of the Kingdom of Ostrode……but I’ve never seen a map-like object of this world. I thought the Ostrode Kingdom was the center of the world, but apparently it’s not? Anyway, let’s fake it here and just ask how to get home.

“Well, actually, we’d like to go to the Kingdom of Ostrode, but we need a map if you have one.”

“…………Ostrode Kingdom?”


“…………Are you insane, brother?”


The man said with a look of disbelief in his eyes.

“What business do you have in the Kingdom of Ostrode……a country like that, ruled by a demon king?”


I didn’t understand what was going on. The Kingdom of Ostrode is ruled by a demon king?

“There are seven Demon Lords in this world, right?”

“Seven? What are you talking about? There are eight Demon Lords. The Kingdom of Ostrode is a great nation ruled by the Immortal King Van Houten, isn’t that common knowledge?”


Van Houten is……no way is he lying to me? No, there’s no reason for this person to lie to me. So it’s the……Kingdom of Ostrode that’s telling the lie?

So the kingdom of Ostrode, which summoned us, is the kingdom of a Demon King? Why would the Demon Lord’s country want something like the “30 Chosen Lights”? Is Cassandra a servant of the Demon Lord? Then what about the students?

“Hey, brother, hey!”


What’s wrong with you? Are you finished with your……questions?”

My head was on the verge of exploding. The kingdom of Ostrode is ruled by a demon king. So we, the students, are being lied to……?  Wait, there’s something else I need to ask him.

“Um, what kind of country is the Kingdom of Ostrode?”

“What kind of country is the Kingdom of Ostrode?……The Kingdom of Ostrode is a powerful military state. But what they do is just plain evil. In the event that you’ve got a lot of money, you’ll be able to buy a lot of things. Rumor has it that they’ve used forbidden magic to bring in a group of monsters with incredible cheats…….”

“………group of monsters.”

“Ah. The goal of the Ostrode Kingdom is to kill the seven Demon Lords and take control of this world. I mean, I’m sure the other Demon Lords have the same idea.”

“………which means that the purpose of the Ostrode Kingdom is………”

The reason why the Kingdom of Ostrode summoned us is to secure their war potential.

“But, but the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Ostrode are……”

“Residents? What are you talking about? The inhabitants of the Ostrode Kingdom are all enhanced magic soldiers.”

“Yeah……but, like, normal people.”

“Normal people? Haha, enhanced magic soldiers can’t be distinguished by their appearance. In addition, if they are not turned on by magic, they will act as they remember before they transformed. Even though it’s the country of the Demon King, they still have to distribute and trade.”


That’s ridiculous, because the castle town of the Kingdom of Ostrode was filled with ordinary people. They ate, drank and shopped. I even greeted them when I passed them, and cooked for them.

Don’t tell me those are all……enhanced magic soldiers? That’s right, a nation can’t exist without money and people, but——

Finally, I got my head around it.

“Oh, no…….”

“Are we done here? Then I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave.”

“………Yes. I was wondering if you could sell me a map?”

“……I’ll give you that much. Is there anything else you need?

I got some food and water and left the house with a broken heart.  Brünnhilde didn’t say anything until the end.


When I went outside, I smelled a savory odor.

“………Oh, I see.”

Apparently, they were gathering up the corpses of bandits and burning them. In the center of the village, there was a big fire. In my hand, I held a bag of food and water and a map of the continent. Brünnhilde was staring at the map I was clutching.

“Master, I have scanned the map. There is a town east of our current location.”

“Town…….Oh, the town of Ledar, right?”

“Yes, Master. Master’s first priority is to meet up with his students. It’s a good idea to head to that town, resupply, and then head to the Kingdom of Ostrode.”


“Master, your brain waves are unstable. What is troubling you?”


I don’t know what’s bothering me, but I’m not thinking straight. The Kingdom of Ostrode is a land of enhanced magic soldiers, a parade of human experiments. The materials are supplied from the neighboring villages. What the heck is that?……Is it true?

If that’s true, he’s not the king, he’s the Demon King. Cassandra-chan, Ashcroft-sensei, and Anastasia-sensei are the minions of the Demon King. The group of monsters called up by the forbidden magic, that is, the students, are the forces……of the Ostrode Kingdom.



“Is the Kingdom of Ostrode a bad country?”

“It is impossible to tell at this time. We don’t have enough information.”

“Do you think the students……are safe?”

“It is impossible to say at this time.”

“……helps, it should be…..right?”

“As you wish, Master.”


There’s not enough evidence to conclude that the Ostrode Kingdom is “evil”.

“I can’t do it alone…….”

“Master, you have Brünnhilde.”


Brünnhilde, a super ancient weapon created by super advanced technology. Wait……?

“Brünnhilde, there are other ‘battle maiden types’ besides you, right?”

“Yes. According to my memory, seven of them are in maintenance pods at various locations and have stopped functioning.”

“I mean, is there any chance I could wake them up like I did with you?”

“Master’s ‘Repair’ can do it.”

With my cheat, it’s possible. There are six girls like Brunnhilde left. If I had that kind of power, I’d be pretty dependable.

What will happen if I go back to Ostrode’s kingdom? They probably think I’m dead. What would happen if I returned there and said, “Yes, I’m actually alive”…….I’d probably be asked a lot of questions. Since I’ve been in contact with the world outside of the Ostrode Kingdom, I don’t know how I’ll be treated.

In addition, I wonder how the students are reacting to my death…….Perhaps Nakatsugawa is saying, “For the sake of sensei, we must return alive.”

I don’t know what would happen if I returned and said, “The Ostrode Kingdom is the land of the Demon King——“


Maybe it’s best not to go back now. I need to gather more information. I’ll do what I can to help the students.

“Brünnhilde, let’s gather more information first. Let’s go to the town of Ledar.”

“Yes, Master.”

I’ve decided what I need to do. Gather information and secure a fighting force in case of emergency. I might be able to use my cheat for that purpose.

“Everyone wait for……”

With that, I unfolded the map I was holding.

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