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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C62

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C62: The Road to King (2)


It’s a pity that there were no treasures from the Ancient Kingdom era in the Bridget Kingdom treasury, in other words, no [Items] of the [Unnamed Sword] class that Roserun kept. The treasures which should have been shared by the Twelve Families were not in Bridget’s possession.

Since Bridget was one of the Twelve Families, it was certain that they had a share of the Ancient Kingdom treasures. It was likely that they were lost due to neglect. Even the King of Bridget didn’t use any special items.

Later, when I asked the chamberlain and maidservants who served in the royal palace of Bridget, they also didn’t know, the same went for the other royals. Well, it was true that even in Roserun; the abilities of the ancient treasure were unknown. I guess it can’t be helped since so many years have passed since the Twelve Families each founded their own countries.

To me, the treasures of the Twelve Families have great significance. It could be a secret or, given the nature of the game, another perk. I wanted to find them even more, but the fact was that there was no way to do so right now. I had no clue whatsoever.

There may be some clues in Lunan’s royal palace. The end is near for Lunan and if all goes according to plan, I should get a chance to check out Lunan’s treasury, I can only hope to find some clues then.

Well, with that said, the next step was to distribute the items. There were no Ancient Kingdom treasures in Bridget’s treasury, but there were several treasures that could be recognized as [items]. Of these, there were two treasures that could raise ability values.

[Jade sword]

[Martial force +1]

[Sword made of ancient jade]


[Black armor]

[Command +2]

[The black color enhances the user’s dignity]


Since neither of these items were necessary for me, I decided to use them to raise the ability values of my vassals. I immediately activated the system to display the attributes of all my vassals in front of me.

[Merja Haddin: 60 Martial force, 57 Intelligence, 70 Command]

[Bente: 49 Martial force, 38 Intelligence, 82 Command]

[Zint: 94(+2) Martial force, 41 Intelligence, 52 Command]

[Yusen: 82 Martial force, 69 intelligence, 90 Command]

[Givens: 70 Martial force, 34 Intelligence, 76 Command]

[Roserun Yurasia: 89(+3) Martial force, 57 Intelligence, 95(+2) Command]

Sword effects can’t be overlapped so neither Zint or I can use the [Jade Sword]. Yusen is someone who will play a major role in the future. His abilities are high overall, and his loyalty to me is also high. So it was better to use the [Black armor] to enhance Yusen’s dignity and improve his command.

I decided to keep it for now because I can get stronger vassals in the future.

If there is any inconvenience, it is that this is reality and not a game, so abilities do not automatically increase.

* * *

Hayna went to visit a slave trader in the capital. Even in the world of slaves, human trafficking as a main business was strictly forbidden, on the surface, of course. As in any age, the more forbidden something is, the more powerful people are attracted to it. Slavery was also the greatest pastime for the nobility.

In Lunan, where the greed of the aristocracy was shaking the country, there were quite a few large-scale slave traders working in the dark. Of course, even the slavers who enjoy the patronage of the powerful class can’t operate with impunity. Their headquarters in the capital was located in a top-secret location.

“Well, well, well.”

Although it was called the Doro Chamber of Commerce, it was a group that specialized in underworld affairs such as human trafficking, kidnapping, and assassination. It was also a huge business organization whose power extended to the whole of Lunan and Narja.

Gensema, the owner of the Doro Trading Company, was stationed in Lunan, where the main customer base gathered. He was a man who could be called a dark slaver, and he was famous for making slaves out of any noble or lowly person and offering them to his clients as long as they paid him. And the greatest power of the Doro Trading Company was its group of assassins.

The aristocrats could not get their hands on them because they used them for all kinds of requests. Gensema recognized Hayna at a glance. He welcomed her with that devious look on his face.

“Do you know me?”

“Information is the power of business. Of course I know you. Heh heh.”

The sneer made Hayna raise an eyebrow, but she held her ground and spoke her purpose.

“You seem to be using that power to do something else behind the scenes?”

When Hayna asked directly, Gensema nodded his head.

“I don’t know what you mean. Hahahaha.”

Gensema, who had been laughing, suddenly turned serious and said with a ghastly look on his face.

“But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? I’m at your service Lady Hayna. If you’re interested in a male slave, all you have to do is tell us your preference……”

“I’m interested in something else. There is someone I want to kill at all costs!”

“I see.”

Hayna clenched her fists. The stares from Ronen and the scorn of the nobles, she had completely lost her chance to advance.

Hayna blamed Aintorian Erhin for her failures. She could never forgive him for destroying her and her family. However, it was impossible to challenge him in a straightforward manner. This fact deeply hurt her pride and made her even more determined to kill Erhin.

Without him, she would have another chance to be Lunan’s strategist. There was also a glimmer of hope that Ronen would call her back. That was why she had come to visit Gensema, despite her disgust.

“There’s no one you can’t kill?”

“Huh. What are you talking about? There are people we can’t kill. We can’t kill the five rising stars on the continent. Well, if it’s not them, then it’s possible.”

The five strongest people on the continent, in other words, there were only five S-class people on the continent. At the top of the list was the King of Narja.

“We are running a special assassination organization and have many excellent assassins that we have trained from an early age, so there is no difficulty.”

Gensema smiled, showing absolute confidence.

“It is not necessarily to kill with a knife. There is also poisoning, you know. However, the cost of the request will be high. Even so, there aren’t many noblemen in Lunan who would request it.”

Gensema brought up the subject of the strongest warlord in the Lunan Kingdom. Elheat was strong, but he was not one of the five rising stars, so he could kill him, he said boldly. Of all the underworld groups operating in the dark on the continent, the largest was truly the Doro Trading Company.

“So, who do you want me to kill? The amount of money will vary depending on the grade, so can you tell me from the target?”

Gensema said as she rubbed his hands together, and Hayna didn’t hesitate to open her mouth.

“Erhin Aintorian. Kill him.”

“Oh ……isn’t this another person who has surfaced recently?”

Gensema chuckled and rubbed his hands together again.

“Earl Erhin Aintorian is quite a brilliant strategist, isn’t he?”

“I don’t give a damn about his reputation! So, can you kill him or not?”

“As I said earlier, if I can kill Elheat, why can’t I kill the lesser Erhin? War and assassination are two different things Lady Hayna. Of course, the higher the grade, the greater the cost.”

“How much?”

“Yes, it is……”

Gensema held up five fingers with a creepy smile on his face.

“Five years of earnings from the territory, I estimate.”

“What are you talking about?”

Hayna frowned at Gensema’s demand for a huge sum of money. One year’s earnings would be used to run the territory for one year. In other words, he wanted five years worth of operating funds.

“A man of great wisdom, it’s no wonder he’s expensive. The reason why we, the Doro Chamber of Commerce, are so rare is precisely because we can always accomplish what is expensive. Well, if you can’t afford it, please give up. I’ll pretend I never heard of it.”

Gensema’s decisive attitude made Hayna tremble with anger. But now, her wounded pride came before money.

“Are you sure you can do it?”

“Of course I can.”

Gensema nodded strongly and Hayna bit her lip.

“The money will be paid after you finish the job.”

“You’re absolutely right. We at Doro Trading Company are famous for our thoroughness in paying after the fact. Kuhk.”

Erhin Aintorian. While he was known to be an excellent strategist, his military prowess was not well known in Lunan. The people of Lunan did not see the battle between Bridget and Roserun firsthand. Nor had he used force in the war with Narja, except when fighting alone in Linon Castle.

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