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I was sold at the lowest price C249

I was sold at the lowest price C249 – Restraint/Nagisa

I’m very sick so for the next few days releases will be irregular, or might not come at all. After I recover I’ll post all the chapters that I’ll miss these days.

I was told it was a small welcome party, and I was invited too. Like Yukiha, I was offered alcohol, but I politely declined.

“In this world, you’re an adult at 16. It may not be legal on Earth, but it’s legal here, so you should drink with us.”

Alana told me this, as if she really wanted me to have a drink.

“Oh, Yuta doesn’t seem to like drinking either, but he’ll do his best to keep us company.”

Linnecarlo said that to me in a sarcastic way. Just imagining that Yuta is drinking alcohol makes me smile a little. For a long time, Yuta has always preferred cider and other sweet carbonated drinks. I can imagine that he absolutely hates alcohol.

“I’ll just have one cup then.”

Alana and Yukiha began to rejoice at my words. I don’t understand why people who drink alcohol want others to drink……but I thought that if they were this happy, a little bit of alcohol wouldn’t be so bad.

The liquor poured to me was a clear liquid, similar to sake. But the aroma was very fruity, like fruit juice.

“It’s fermented liquor made by squeezing the juice of the lago fruit. Even people who don’t like alcohol can drink it. Yuta usually drinks it when he accompanies us.”

Wasn’t lago’s fruit the payment for Yuta’s purchase at the auction? I wonder how Yuta felt when he drank the alcohol from the fruit that was exchanged for him. Well, it’s that Yuta. I think he’s forgotten that he was sold for 2 lago fruits.

Lago’s fruit wine is surprisingly easy to drink. It’s so easy to drink that I could not tell it was alcohol until I was told it was.

“How’s it going, Nagisa? Does it taste good?”

“It’s delicious. It’s so easy to drink, like juice.”

“Come on, drink up.”

Alana then poured more of Lago’s fruit wine into my unfinished cup.

I notice that Alana, Yukiha, and also Linnecarlo are looking at me with creepy smiles. I wonder what’s so fun about…….As I was thinking this, Emina, who was drinking alone at her own pace, warned me.

“Nagisa, you better watch out. That drink is also known as lady killer. It’s easy to drink, but its alcohol concentration is stronger than ale or gym. You’ll be dizzy before you know it.”

The moment I heard Emina’s words, I felt my head start to spin. My body became hot all over, and my thoughts were a bit stagnant.

I’m not sure how much time has passed since then. Not listening to Emina’s warning, Alana and the others offered me the lady killer. And as they had hoped, I was getting quite drunk. There was a lot of excitement around us, and before we knew it, the number of people had increased to the point of a banquet.

“Hey Nagisa! Tell me about Yuta when you were living on Earth!”

Linnecarlo asks, a little angry, perhaps because of the alcohol.

” Linnecarlo. Do you hate me? What did I do to make you so angry?”

I asked Linnecarlo, who I didn’t know that well, strongly, partly because I was drunk and my thoughts were fuzzy.

“I never thought about hating you. I just wanted to hear about Yuta time on Earth.”

Even with my fuzzy thoughts, I understood Linnecarlo’s feelings. She likes Yuta. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t think well of me, his childhood friend. When I realized that, my heart started to ache a little.

“It’s okay. I’ll tell you about Yuta.”

Feeling a bit mean, I said so and started talking.

“Yuta and I have known each other since before I can remember, partly because our parents were childhood friends. We were always together and even took baths together when we were little.”

And when he bragged about Yuta’s body features, Linnecarlo’s expression turned grim and she shivered. I’ve completely won. That’s how I felt…….

“Nanami knows too – Yuta has a bruise on his back too, right?”

“Nanami-chan……how do you know that?”

“Because Nanami has taken a bath with Yuta before.”

What’s more, Nanami-chan said that she used to sleep with Yuta before……and started talking about the warmth of their bodies and their habits when sleeping. I didn’t know any of those habits…….No matter how small Nanami is, when she talks about a Yuta, which I don’t know, I feel uncomfortable.

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