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I was sold at the lowest price C250

I was sold at the lowest price C250: Absolute Neutral Target

I’m feeling better today so I managed to finish some chapters. Normal releases will resume in 2-3 days.

On the way to Amuria, I was resting at the foot of a high mountain range. I couldn’t see Kiyone, so I assumed she was at her usual place and went to visit her.

“You’re here again.”

The doctor’s office where dad was placed to rest.

“Yuta too, right?”

“I’m just here to find you. Why don’t you come and join us?”

“You’re right. Maybe that will make me feel better.”

When the two of us had decided to leave for the dojo together, Brunnhilde called us over the ship’s announcement.

“Master Kiyone. Yuta-san. Please come to the bridge immediately.”

When I heard the broadcast, Kiyone and I looked at each other.

“What’s going on?”

“Something’s wrong, I guess. Let’s go.”

When I got to the bridge, I immediately understood the situation. On the large screen was the image of a ride hover being chased by a dozen or so magicrafts.

“Are they under attack?”

I asked, and Brünnhilde answered.

“Yes. It seems that part of its core has been destroyed and it can’t gain any speed to shake off the followers. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before they get caught.”

Just because they are being chased doesn’t mean that the ones who are chasing them are the bad guys. I thought there was nothing I could do to help them because there was no reason to help them, but Kiyone had a different view.

“According to the light cross on the body, the ride hover belongs to Alice Abbey, right?

“Yes, it does. That is why I am in trouble…….What should we do? We can’t just abandon them……”

“What is Alice Abbey?”

The ignorant me asked the unfamiliar words.

“Alice Abbey, like the Radle Company, is an organization that has been designated as an absolute neutral target. All nations on the continent are forbidden to use force against Alice Abbey.”

“If that’s the case, then……”

“Yes. That attacking magicraft squadron is committing an illegal act.”

“Then let’s get out there and save that ride hover.”

“All right. Tris and I will be ready.”

The reason why Brünnhilde did not mention Kiyone’s name was to take into account that the repair of the Kiku Ichimonji had not yet been finished.

“No, I’m fine on my own. Kiyone, let me borrow Excalibur.”

“Yuta, I’m sorry. I’m putting so much pressure on you.”

“It’s easy to understand since you’re so clear about right and wrong. I think of it as a training exercise.”

With that, I ran to the hangar.

As soon as I got into Excalibur, I went out and headed towards the ride hover that was chased.

The enemy numbered twelve, and they were surrounding the Ride Hover. As Excalibur approached, several enemy magicrafts headed toward me.

The enemy magicrafts attacked me without question. The fact that they attack without warning suggests that they are aware that they are doing something wrong. In that case, there was nothing to be afraid of. I cut down the first enemy machine that came at me.

Accelerating even faster, I approached the enemy and ripped off the necks of two hostile magicrafts.

Perhaps angry or upset by the defeat of their comrades, the enemy machines paused their ride hover attacks and rushed towards Excalibur. However, it was more convenient for me because I didn’t have to approach them.

The first thing I did was to swing my sword sideways at the enemy magicraft that came from the front, splitting it from the waist down. I stabbed the left one in the throat with my sword. In addition, three enemy magicrafts attacked at the same time, but they all moved slowly. The quality of the enemy’s riders doesn’t seem to be very good. I dodged all of the attacks with ease and destroyed all three at the same time with a single swing of my sword.

The enemy became aware of the difference in strength after this attack. The rest of the enemy magicrafts stopped attacking Excalibur and started running away.

There was no reason to pursue and destroy them, so I approached the ride hover that was being attacked to check on its safety.

“Ride hover over there. Is everyone okay?”

I said over the external output sound and the reply came back immediately.

“Thank you for your help. This is a ship belonging to Alice Abbey. I pray that you may receive the blessings of Alice.”

The owner of the voice seemed to be a young woman. Her voice was so clear and beautiful that I imagined what she looked like.

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