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I was sold at the lowest price C252

I was sold at the lowest price C252 – Breaking Through the Siege


The nearby town had been blockaded by the Valkyrie army, so we had picked up a large amount of food in a town a short distance away. All that was left was to deliver it to the main temple of Alice Abbey.

The main temple of Alice Abbey was located on the top of a small mountain, just as Sister Muzie had said. The entire mountain was surrounded by Valkyrie troops, and it looked like it would not be easy to get inside.

“How did you manage to escape through that siege?”

I asked sister Muzie.

“I was so desperate at the time……that even I’m surprised now that I’m watching this scene again.”

“What should I do, Yuta? I can move the Kiku Ichimonji if I push myself.”

I’ve heard that Kiku Ichimonji is only about 80% repaired. Even at 80%, Kiyone would be enough of a force to be reckoned with.

“Kiyone, Brunnhilde, and Tris, come with me. Let’s have Musashi stay here and escort Sister Muzie ride hover through the siege.”

It’s hard to break through that siege with the big hulled Musashi. Sister Muzie ride hover is not that big, so I think I can manage. We loaded all the food back into the ride hover and got ready.

“I’ll go in with Excalibur and confuse the enemy, while Kiyone and the others escort the Ride Hover to the temple.”

“That’s a pretty sketchy plan.”

“Do you have a better idea?”

“No. I think it’s the best plan for us, there’s nothing else we can do.”

I certainly agree with that. I can’t say it myself, but I can’t let others do such reckless things.

As per the plan, I went majestically towards the enemy army to confuse the encircling forces. However, there was no need to deal with the entire encircling army. I aimed at the troops guarding the route leading to the top of the mountain and moved on.

The Valkyrie army rushed toward me after confirming Excalibur’s appearance.

“You! Who do you work for? Alice Abbey is closed, you can’t get in!”

“I’m sorry, but I really need to get to the main temple. If you get in my way, I’ll have to cut you down.”

Perhaps thinking that I was outnumbered, the rider of the Valkyrie army did not take my words in consideration and laughed it off.

“Hahahahaha~ You’re funny. Do you know who’s in front of you? It’s Droidus Mekides, a top-ranking rider in the northern army of the Valkyrie Empire. You can’t talk like that anymore when you hear the name of the Iron-Blooded Droidus.”

“Iron-Blooded? Never heard of you.”

“All right……then I’ll carve my name into your body.”

The Iron-Blooded Droidus went into a battle stance with deadly intent and tried to slash at me. However, his companions tried to stop him.

“Wait, wait! Droidus! That white aircraft is the Excalibur of the Sword Saint!”

However, it was too late to remain still. I lightly avoided the attack of the Iron-Blooded Droidus’ magicraft, which slashed at me with a large sword, and the sword I swung easily cut off his head.

The name of Excalibur, the Sword Saint, and the sword technique that instantly killed the iron-blooded Droidus, caused unrest among the riders of the Valkyrie army that surrounded Excalibur. However, the battle had already begun. Without hesitation, I slashed down the enemy’s wobbly magicrafts one after another.

The attack of the Sword Saint must have been felt throughout the Valkyrie army, because the encircling army made a big move. A large number of magicrafts are closing in on me in order to defeat Excalibur.

There were so many of them. It would be difficult to escape if I was completely surrounded so I intercepted the enemies as I moved.

Fighting while moving was causing more confusion in the enemy army. They can’t read my aim, or they just move around in a disorderly manner, breaking up the formation. Kiyone, who had been watching, decided it was time to break through.

Seeing that the path to the top of the mountain had been thinned out, the Ride Hover, Kiyone and the others jumped out. The enemy forces were so busy chasing Excalibur that they didn’t notice the movement until too late. By the time the enemy noticed, the Ride Hover had started to climb the mountain.

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